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Have a phone chat with me and see just how good I am at humiliation. Kinky Scottish/ British, Femdom.Mistress Domina, Dominatrix, who enjoys all areas of humiliation phone sex chat.

Busty, controlling and always ready to give you tasks. Uk I call you or you call me, NO PREMIUM RATE. Worldwide i do audio via skype with you


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There is no end to the things I will do to a slave when they come to my femdom cam room. In the past I have
– Made them lick the toilet seat after using it without flushing
– Drink their own urine
– Wear puffy sissy dresses and stand outside
– Stand at their bedroom window and wank
– Eat dog food from a bowl
– Spit in their hand and rub it all over their face
– Forbid them from talking, only allowing them to squeak a rubber toy
– Write degrading slogans on their bodies
– Eat their own cum
– Make them beg to orgasm

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We love cock humiliation, if you have a little member come in and let us laugh at it

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One thing I love doing to all my subs and slaves is humiliating them and degrading them till they are in tears and nothing more than broken down blubbering piles of crud on the floor, begging me to stop.

I love seeing the look of fear in their eyes when they enter my femdom video chat as they have no idea what I am going to do to them, what kind of mood I am in or how far I am going to push them.

All they know is I am one heartless mean bitch with sadistic nature and my biggest turn-on is seeing a male slave’s face as he is humiliated to the fullest extent.

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I love getting deep into a slave’s psyche and finding out what makes them tick. I love finding out their biggest fears and then using them against them. For example, if a sub has a fear of enclosed spaces, I will threaten to make them lock themselves in a cupboard if they do not do as I tell them. I enjoy domination and Humiliating Webcam slaves and whores. Enter the humiliation cam section and see for yourself just how much pleasure I get from degrading you  

 I enjoy pushing them further and further to their limits.

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Our site really does offer the best humiliation cams online with interactive Dominas who enjoy pushing boundaries and exploring all things kinky, they enjoy making you grovel at their feet as they laugh at you and tell you what a loser you are, and they enjoy live humiliation on webcam especially when it is a cam to cam and they can see you at the same time

Things like sissy humiliation are a particular favourite of most online Mistresses. We adore making submissives get all dressed up in frilly panties, puffy dresses, high heels, and makeup and making them parade around, dance about and flash their knickers.

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The way their cheeks burn always amuses us but they keep doing it for fear of what we will do to them if they refuse
A go-to degradation for any Mistress is always small penis humiliation.

Having some tiny dicked loser stand there with his cock on display while I rip into it, calling him every nasty, hurtful and horrible name I can think of actually turns me on. 

I love watching them stand there with tears in their eyes and their bottom lip trembling as they stammer something about “can’t help it”.

Ripping a guys manhood size to shreds, telling him how he could never satisfy a woman, how no female would ever entertain him with a dick like that and how he will always be a maggot dick virgin loser is a powerful turn-on and watching them cry is highly amusing.

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Of course, I keep going with the insults till they DO break down and cry!
The best way to keep slaves in line is to humiliate them on a regular basis. It keeps them focused on who is in charge. Making them do horrible, degrading things keeps them down where they belong. Under my bootheel

The best Humiliation webcams

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