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Cuckold cams with cruel humiliation are by far one of the top favourite sessions of any dominant female. Making her cuck watch as she sucks the dicks of real men. Ready for cuckold webcam humiliation with Mistress?


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Proper men with big cocks who can satisfy them, unlike their useless little small-dick loser cucks.


Making them squirm as they sit watching her with her lover, forcing him to watch on crestfallen as this guy gets what cuck desires more than anything else in the whole world. It is a living hell for him, but so much fun for her. Our kinksters are waiting on their cuckold webcam to begin humiliating your live


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There are dozens of superior women online right now who love nothing more than tormenting inferior males by sucking and fucking other men in front of them, or making them listen to every excruciating detail of what they do for real men with real cocks who know how to satisfy a woman. The best cuckold cams online with cam to cam

If you are one such lowly, inferior man who knows he is incapable of satisfying a woman properly and doesn’t even deserve the privilege of trying then these ladies are on this live femdom webcam site right now, and ready to treat you just as you deserve. Get ready to be trained on our live cuckold webcam chat

If you are thinking to yourself how do I get my wife interested in cuckolding me then read this for more insight

They love nothing more than teasing and tormenting you with what you will never get and making sure you know it will NEVER happen.

These cruel cuckoldrix Dominas are heartless and will stop at nothing to make you suffer. Check out the faggot cams online as well as we have cruel women waiting to destroy, degrade and laugh at you. Enter the live webcam chats now and begin your training with a cruel Mistress who enjoys demanding you entertain her bull

Cuckold Cams where you need to be dominated and Humiliated on a Live Webcam

You are nothing to these women. You are not even worthy of being called a man and are only good for abusing, torturing and tormenting. They enjoy taking useless little dicked losers like you and turning them into feeble, obedient cuckolds who do their bidding. Visit my cuckold cams and be ready for my verbal abuse of you

So if you are an inferior male creature looking to be humiliated by females who only want real men who can satisfy them and know what they are doing in bed and who will look at you as nothing but a loser wimp who barely even deserves their attention then you are on the right page.

Whether it is with your wife, your girlfriend, or with an online Mistress, these ladies all have one thing in common and that is that they want great sex with men who have massive dicks and who know what they are doing between the sheets. The fact you are on this page says you already know that AI isn’t you. looking for femdom chat rooms  to test out your naughty kinks



Cuckold Cams – Cuckolds Are Wimps & Need to Be Humiliated on Webcam  

With your small cock and inability to give a woman pleasure,  you know that you will never be taken seriously as a man. You will forever be the lowly cuckold loser. Locked in chastity, unable to get hard, forced to watch the bull’s erection disappear into her mouth as she gives him a blowjob or into her soaking wet pussy as she rides him hard as they both grunt, groan and scream as you forced to watch. You are so utterly pathetic that you deserve to be humiliated and treated like dirt. 


When you enter into our free cuckold chat, you will see for yourself just how ruthless these women/cuckoldress can be. They expect to be satisfied in a sexual relationship, and you will know instantly you will never make them happy because they will tell you. Bluntly and cruelly, you will be forced to listen to her tell you that you will NEVER be good enough for her.

Our webcam models live the cuckold lifestyle and love making their pathetic slaves watch them have sex with their male bull lovers and telling you how pathetic and weak you are as they both laugh and verbally abuse you. Licking the cum off his cock, cleaning her pussy of the hot load that was dripping out.


You will be desperate to wank as you are that pathetic, but you won’t be allowed, and even if you are your orgasm is ruined as grubby little cucks don’t deserve pleasure. You can’t satisfy a woman; why should you be allowed to satisfy yourself?


Our cuckold queens want you to be as humiliated as possible, for you to see just how much of a loser you are that you can not even satisfy your own wife, so she needs to go find herself a real bull to make her feel fulfilled.

They will make you sit and listen as they rip into you and force you to listen to them tell you how you don’t measure up, that you can’t satisfy a woman and that your wife is out getting dicked right now.

Our Cuckold WebCams Section is one of the Busiest for Domination

Cuckolding by their wife or girlfriend is one of the most popular and requested webcam sessions in the cuckold genre. To be made to feel inferior and inadequate as their other half is out on a date or in a hotel room with another man, getting the seeing too and orgasms she deserves and that he is incapable of giving her.

This can be a role-play where the Domme will act the part of the unsatisfied partner or a fantasy where she and you can talk and chat about your partner being unfaithful and whether she will humiliate or degrade you about it or it can become reality where the Mistress will bring in a lover to your session and make you watch as he has sex with her and they both humiliate you.

We have hundreds of kinky ladies online waiting to discuss this with you and act out the fantasy.



Are you a small cock sissy girl?

Dressed in frilly panties and a sissy dress?

Many male subs who fantasise about cuckolding are also prissy sissies who get humiliated and degraded in front of the Bull and the cuckoldrix.

All Mistresses love dealing with sissies and humiliating them in a cuckold webcam session. A sissy isn’t a real man and you will be treated as such.


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We have the cheapest and most amazing cuckold cams online available right now. Starting from 33c per minute, there are hundreds of Dommes online right now who have all the experience and expertise required to give you the very best cuckold fantasy session that you dream and fantasize about.

They are all perfectly equipped to make you feel just as inferior and lowly as you deserve

Are you ready to be the fluffer? To get the real man (THE BULL) nice and hard? To suck him, stroke him and get him ready to satisfy your dream woman?

Well, that’s what is going to happen to you.

Are you ready to meet the bull?

To meet the man who can make her cum and give her multiple orgasms and can last all night instead of the two bumps and a squirt then roll over to go to sleep that you manage?

You can be introduced to him if this is in your fantasy

No matter how simple, complicated or specific your fantasy is, there is nothing that can’t be fulfilled for you right here. 

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The cuckold was chained and collared

Some men do not deserve to inflict their horrible sweaty bodies and their piss-poor sexual technique on any superior woman.

Some men (and I am talking about YOU since you would not be here if you were a real man who could satisfy a woman) do not deserve pussy or blow jobs.

They deserve to be her skivvy. Her slave. To run around after her and pamper her. To do all her housework, buy her presents and make her life comfortable.

But to sleep with her? Get real. She can have any hung, fit-bodied hunk she wants. What the fuck would she want with a dweeb like you? You do not deserve sex or even orgasms with a tiny little pinkie dick like yours.

The very best cuckold webcam sessions are here on our live adult cam chat site where we degrade, humiliate, and force you to suck the bulls cock for us 

No, what will happen is you will become her little cuckold. She will lock your cock in chastity to prevent any unauthorized erections or sneaky little wanks by you without her knowledge.

You will be made to watch as a real man paws at her, touching her breasts and running his hands all over her body.

These Online Mistresses will demand to see your webcam, so if you have a cam be sure to let them know, they enjoy watching the reaction you have when they are laughing and degrading you. Just advise the femdom Cams Mistress

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Your Cock Will get hard but you’re locked in chastity

Your own cock will try to stiffen in its cage, but instead of the pleasure of an erection, you will feel pain as the plastic prevents it from getting hard.

As his cock grows, she will put her hand down and stroke it, massaging the tip and putting her whole hand around his thick shaft. It will be too thick for her to fit around though, unlike your little twigglet that is about the same size as a spaghetti strand.

As they kiss deeply, she will wank his dick, and his groans of pleasure will make you green with envy.

As her cuck, she will never touch your cock like that or give you the pleasure of wanking you off. You will be in agony as you watch her drop to her knees and take his member in her mouth.

The Cuckoldrix thinks you’re a limp dick loser – Ask her on the Cuckold Cam what she thinks of you?

She will probably look at you sadistically as she does so. With a wicked glint in her eye and licking her lips and smiling, you will know that you are nothing to her but a pathetic little cuckie with a tiny little limp dick who could never get a woman like her in a million years.

His moans as he gets the best blowjob ever will serve to remind you of just where you belong in her life.

The slurps and sounds as she greedily sucks his penis like she’s mad at it will make tears form in your eyes.

It will get worse, however. Standing up, he will throw her roughly onto the bed in front of you and pull her to her knees. Taking her doggy style, you will be in front of her as she looks you in the eye and throws the nastiest, most hurtful insults she can think of at you.

 They will verbally abuse you

Calling you a tiny cock loser, a pathetic cuckold wimp, a two-stroke joke. You will have no choice but to sit and listen to her berate you and ridicule you as she gets ploughed from behind. He will join in the bull loves verbally abusing losers like you so be ready for insults and to be belittled

He will enjoy the wetness and her dripping pussy as she gets turned on more and more by your frustration.

He will probably give you a smile and a little wink to let you know as he gives her his full shaft.
As they both cum loudly and in a sweaty puddle, your night can go one of a few ways

Will you be summoned to get them drinks and serve them?
– Will you be made to clean the cock of his cum and her pussy juice?
– Will you be forced to lick out her cunt of his real man cum?
– Massage her feet as they relax and laugh at you?
– Or all of the above?

This is what you can expect from our – Live Bdsm Cams 
As her cuckold bitch, it is your job to dutifully oblige and do whatever your cuckoldrix and Master command without hesitation.

All pathetic loser males like you deserve the humiliation and degradation of being forced to watch as a real man gives her pleasure and satisfies her like you never could.

There are dozens of Mistresses on live cuckold cam sites, and they all love making you see them get fucked roughly and watching you cry tears of frustration with your desperation and wish to be as good as her bull and be allowed to have sex with her.

It will never happen, however. You are too pathetic. So go online now and show just how much you are worth to her and try to be of some use. Not that you can be tough.


So what is a cuckold?

A cuckold is a man whose wife or girlfriend is intentionally unfaithful to him and enjoys having sex in front of him as well as telling him he does not satisfy her anymore.

It’s a form of humiliation. A man who is willing to have his wife sleep with other people because it brings him excitement and pleasure.

It is known as a fetish or a type of kink in the BDSM world, it overlaps with things like domination, Humiliation, submission, degradation and even bondage

Cuckolds exist between two extremes. At one end of the extreme, you have the masochist who enjoys and gets off on cuckold humiliation, degradation, and other degrading activities then on the other side is the wife and her lover.

Cuckolds are usually known to be sexually inadequate partners, they are ridiculed by alpha males and involved in the cleanup job, or watch another male satisfy their partner as they are verbally abused.

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There is many different aspects and reasons behind the cuckold fetish 

The submission site – Submitting to a superior female. Letting her dominate and control you by forcing you to watch her with another man.

The Humiliation Side – Being humiliated by this dominant woman. Dressed in panties, spat on, laughed at, made to kiss her feet, etc

Made to feel worthless – Called names such as pin dick, useless, and maggot whilst also being ridiculed for being unable to satisfy her and no good for women except as a plaything

The erotic side of it Watching your dream woman have sex with another man. Sucking him, wanking him and riding his big thick dick 

The whole Taboo It is almost as taboo as it gets fantasising about seeing your partner pleasuring another man and of him having sex with her

The domination Aspect – Many women get turned on by controlling and degrading weak men and it doesn’t get much more degrading than making him watch you with another male

What is a cuckold

“Cuckold” is a term that is often used to describe a man who is married to a woman who is having sexual relations with another man.

The term is often associated with a fetish or fantasy in which the man derives sexual pleasure or excitement from watching or hearing about his partner being intimate with someone else.

In some cases, the cuckold fetish involves the man being present during the act or being humiliated or degraded in some way.

This fetish can be incorporated into BDSM or other forms of power play between sexual partners.

It’s important to note that the cuckold fetish is not universal and not all people find it appealing.

Additionally, it is important to engage in open, honest communication with your partner before engaging in any sexual activity, especially if it involves power dynamics or fetish elements.


How to be a good cuckold?

A list of 20 Humiliating things to say to your cuckold?

1 – His cock was SO much bigger than yous

2 – He stretched my pussy so much and like you never could/would

3 – Aww look at your little dick all hard at seeing me with another man. How pathetic

4 – Sex with him is like Lobster. Sex with you is like chopped liver

5 – My ex-boyfriend was so much better in bed than you

6 – My lover is ripped and like an adonis. You are fat and like a balloon

7 – Even a blow-up doll would cuckold you

8 – You’re such a fucking pussy. Imagine getting turned on by your wife fucking another man?

9 – Come here cucky, and put your tongue where real men put their cocks

10- Put a condom on. My lover gets to fuck me without one, you don’t

11- God your oral skill is pathetic. And you wonder why you don’t get sex?

12- Can you be called my husband if another man has sex with me?

13- Are you even a man if you can’t satisfy your wife?

14- Us adults are going upstairs to have fun. You stay down here and tidy up

15- I’ve seen mini cocktail sausages that were bigger than your cock

16- It’s a good thing you know how to lick pussy because your dick’s tiny

17- I don’t know why you’ve got an erection because you won’t be getting sex

18- No more pussy for you ever. It’s wanking for you only from now on

19- Ok cucky, you can go now. We don’t want you cramping our style

20- I bet you consider 5 minutes to be a long time for sex don’t you? 

How to cuckold your husband?


Here is a list of some of the Most Popular Questions Mistress gets asked on webcam


1 Is it weird that you enjoy the Idea of watching your wife with another man?

Not in the slightest. Many men fantasise about it, with many couples taking it to the next level. An MMF threesome involves your wife being with another man.

There is something deeply erotic and a big turn-on about watching your wife fuck and have an orgasm with another man, and it is not weird at all and is actually incredibly common

2 Can you have a male involved so I can be verbally abused by Mistress and her partner?

Yes absolutely. Not all online Dommes have a man they can bring, but lots of them do. Use the free cams chat option to ask if she has a real man lover she can bring to the session who will mock you with his thick cock and she and he can verbally degrade and insult you.

3 How does cam-to-cam sex work in the live private?

Basically, you are linked via webcam to stream live. You can ask for specifics (her to suck him, to call you names etc) and can direct the session to go the way you want it too

4 How long will my webcam session last?

As long as you want. It is entirely up to you. It can be 2 minutes (a record for you probably!) or 2 hours. You get to decide based on how long you can last

5 Do I need to bring anything with me for the show?

Only whatever props you want to include. If you want to be restrained by cuffs or ropes, then bring them. If you want to be locked in chastity or blindfolded, have them ready.

Discuss your session with Mistress beforehand, and she can include these items in your session (mock you for being in chastity or for being blindfolded and not allowed to see); she can also “force” you to use these items (anal toys on yourself  for example)

6 Will I be given slave tasks?

Again, if agreed during the discussion. Tasks such as always complimenting Sir on how well he is pleasuring Mistress, telling Madam how much he desires her, of how pathetic and useless slave is etc are all popular slave tasks for cuckolding

7 Is it only little dick loser that comes to a cuckold cam show?

Not at all. Many men who enjoy cuckolding cam shows are average or above with regard to cock length. Small-dick losers and cuckolds are common together, but normal-size cocked guys also enjoy being cuckolded. Having a big or normal size of cock does not mean you can automatically satisfy a woman!

8 What can I expect to happen in the session?

Absolutely anything you ask for. You can be degraded, spat at, called names, gagged, forced to watch her with him, made to turn around and not allowed to see, Roleplay the cruel hotwife and the meek husband, ordered to lick up the cream pie, locked in chastity and much much more

9 Will I have to buy a chastity device for the shows?

Only if you enjoy chastity play. It is not compulsory for cuckolds to be locked in chastity.

10 – How does cum eating work? – do I eat my own as part of the fantasy or do you send me some cum? 

No, you will not be sent any. If you are allowed to wank and cum, you will then be forced to eat your own in a CEI scenario. Of course, after you have cum, the thought of eating it (which was a huge turn-on beforehand) now seems disgusting so it can just be a pure fantasy with the actual act not required to be done.

However, depending on the session and sub or sissy you may be required to book a real session with a gay guy or shemale and eat their cum loads or even sent mistresses stained panties through the post after she has had sex with her partner.

11. Can I buy Mistress’s Panties after her man has had sex with her?

If she is willing to sell them to you then yes. Maybe of the Mistress online Dommes sell their used panties still smelling of their sex. They can be sent to a PO box if this is what you would prefer.

The idea of sniffing and wearing Mistress’s panties can be a huge turn-on for a cuck as he knows another man has been close to them. I have sent out thousands of pairs of used panties over the years and love watching my cucks or loser slaves enjoy them as I watch. 

12. Will I be ordered to crossdress and become a sissy?

Only if being a sissy and crossdressed is something you tell Mistress you want. Many submissive men are sissy cuckold crossdressers, but it is not necessary if this is not something you are into. 

Hundreds of live Dominatrix webcam hosts are waiting on you now, and cuckolding you is what they love to do the most so join the site now and get ready to watch as the woman of your dreams fucks another man or rips your self-esteem to shreds by making it blatantly clear you have zero chance with her

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