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This cuck is being told by his Mistress that he must now sit in a corner and watch as she gets fucked by a real man – One who will make her scream and that she will enjoy.

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Some men do not deserve to inflict their horrible sweaty bodies and their piss poor sexual technique on any superior woman.

Some men (and I talking about YOU since you would not be here if you were a real man who could satisfy a woman) do not deserve pussy or blow jobs.

They deserve to be her skivvy. Her slave. To run around after her and pamper her. To do all her housework, buy her presents and to make her life comfortable.

But to sleep with her? Get real. She can have any hung, fit-bodied hunk she wants?

What the hell would she want with a dweeb like you? You do not deserve sex or even orgasms with a tiny little pinkie dick like yours.
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