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20 Ways For Cam Girl Humiliation

 Ideas &Ways for cam girl humiliation.

A guide for those who enjoy dominating and abusing female slaves on webcam for their own amusement and enjoyment.
Whilst most BDSM activities are from the female domination viewpoint, there is also a large market where males can dominate submissive females.



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On this live BDSM webcam site, you will find dozens of submissive females who need a firm hand from a dominant master to keep them in line.

They need to be used, abused and above all else, humiliated. It keeps them grounded and stops them from getting any silly ideas about women being equal.

They are your toy. Your plaything to torment and degrade. And they are online right now for the specific reason of letting you do it.


So what can you do to them when you have them at your mercy?

The short answer is, anything you like! These are pain sluts with unbelievably high pain thresholds and a desire to be humiliated by a dominant male.

It is the perfect combination for men like you who want to control them.
There are countless ways to humiliate a cam girl slave.

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Here we have listed the most popular 20.

1 – Spank Her
Get her bum cheeks nice and red by getting her to pull her shorts down, bend over and spank herself hard. Make her go harder and harder no matter how much she begs for mercy. Although you could also make her beg just for your own amusement

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2 – Change her name
Changing a slaves name is always a good way to humiliate them. They have had their name since birth. Nice and normal. So change it to something totally degrading. Little Cindy cock sucker, cum swallower Janice, Alice blowjob or Jessy slut are good names to start with. Of course, you can go with simple things such as slut, whore, bitch or if you are feeling really nasty, margarine thighs (because they spread so easily), piggy, cunt or cheap

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3 – Make her spread her ass cheeks

Vulnerability and exposure are both humiliating and degrading at the same time. Make her bend over, pull her ass cheeks apart and expose her slut hole. For added effect, make her tell you how much she wants a big cock up there. Make her stay like that while you browse Amazon, check your Facebook or generally ignore her.

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4 – Have her clip clothes pegs to her body
Have her get a whole tub of clothes pegs and then make her clip them to her nipples, the flesh of her boobs, her nose, her lips, her tongue, her ear lobes and her pussy lips.


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5 – Forbid her from speaking
Take away her most basic of rights. Force her to stay mute and raise her hand if she wants to speak.


6 – Make her stand in the corner
Effective after a sound spanking and a stinging backside but also good just for the hell of it. Make her stand in the corner facing the wall with her hands on top of her head. Keep her there till her legs start to ache.


7 – Get her to demonstrate her oral skills
Make her get on her knees, open her mouth and stick her tongue out. Then see her demonstrate how she sucks cock.

Watch her use her hand, lick the balls, the tip, jerk the shaft and admire it. For added humiliation of a slave girl, make her do this WITHOUT a dildo or vibrator and have her show you with fresh air!


8 – Force her to beg to suck cock
From her knees, make your pet slave beg and plead to get cock. Make her tell you how desperate she is for a dick in her mouth, how much she wants to cum and spunk down her throat and how it is all she can think about. Really make her plead for it, almost to the point of crying because she wants it so badly


9 – Call her names
Slut, whore, skank, office bike, cock sucker, bitch or cheap fuck are degrading and embarrassing names to be called. You can also go after her imperfections such as gap tooth, tiny tits, wonky tits, chubby or hairy

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10 – Tie her tits
Have her get the rope and tie it tightly around her boobs till they are squashed and distorted. Then make her stay like that till she is on her knees begging to be allowed to take them off because it hurts so badly. And refuse

tie her tits up, tit bondage


11 – Make her eat from the floor
Being forced to eat from the floor is one of the most humiliating things for a sub to have to do, so make her do it. If you are looking after your pet it can be fruit or vegetable or if you get off on being mean, make it slops and scraps.

Either from a bowl, a plate or directly from the dirty floor itself, it will all be degrading for her. Don’t let her up till it is all eaten and make her thank you for her meal as well. For added effect, make her wiggle her ass as she eats.


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12 – Have her write on her body
Writing degrading slogans on her body is always a good way to make a slave girl feel humiliated.

The usual suspects such as slut, whore, cum dump are always good but you can also have her write “cheap blowjob giver” and “Have your cock sucked by me for $5”. Other slogans can be “I’m a total cock hungry slag” or “I’m the local bike”.

Of course, you can really use your imagination and make her write the most degrading and humiliating things you can think of


13 – Have her wear clothes far too small
This works especially well if you have a chubby female slave. Make her put on clothes that are at least a size too small, maybe even two. A blouse where the buttons strain across her tits, threatening to burst if she breathes out too far.

Gaps between each button that expose flesh are always humiliating for a woman. Make her wear trousers or jeans that are too small and smirk t her shame as fat hangs over the sides or laugh as she tries to squeeze them past her thighs.

A very small skirt that hardly covers her big ass is also a good choice. This humiliation also works for non-chubby slaves since no female likes to look fat and clothes that are too small gives this effect.

Be sure to comment on how tubby their clothes make them look. Also forcing them to stand in front of a mirror and look at themselves works


14 – Make her dress like a complete slut
Micro skirt, stockings, suspenders, a tiny pair of skimpy knickers, knee-high fuck me boots, crop top, far too much makeup, huge hooped earrings and lots of fake tans always create the effect of a total slut. Make her dress like a cock hungry tramp.

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15 – Don’t let her cum without permission
Make her rub her clit, finger herself, use a dildo, a vibrator, a Hitachi wand, show her images or videos of what turns her on and get her mega excited and turned on but don’t let her cum until you give her permission.

After a few minutes, she will beg, plead and promise anything but refuse to say yes, keep saying no. She will get more and more desperate as time goes on but keep making her masturbate till she is so desperate she is promising anything!

Being forced to ask for permission from someone else for an orgasm is extremely humiliating.


16 – Gag her
Either make her put her panties in her mouth, put tape over it, use a ball gag, a rubber bone gag or even just a piece of cloth or rope. Many of the slave girls on webcam have spreader and spider gags that hold their mouth open, ready for a cock.

This stops her annoying you by talking but also has the added humiliation of making them drool. They can try to fight it but eventually, it will start to drool from their gags and all over their tits. Very degrading and humiliating.

gagged female


17 – Force her to act like a dog
Crawl around on all fours, eat from a bowl, drink from a bowl, lie on her back, begging for treats and, of course, bark as her only form of communication.

Puppy play is a very popular activity for BDSM enthusiasts. Take it up a notch and make her wear a collar, a lead of even a butt plug with a little tail on the end of it.


18 – Pour food over her
The messier the better. Cold custard, spaghetti Bolognese, gravy or anything gooey work best. It will get in her hair, run down her face and cover her entire body.

Make her roll around in it and rub it in. Have her smear it on her face and shove it up her pussy and in her ass.


19 – Make her spread her pussy lips
Might not sound like much but this is deeply humiliating. Have her lie on her back, spread her legs and then spread her pussy lips wide.

Make her stay like that while you “examine” your property. For added humiliation, comment that it looks well used


20 – Flush her head down the toilet
Having your head flushed down the toilet doesn’t get any more humiliating so force her head down there and make her pull the handle. Listen to her gurgle and cough.

Make her keep her head down there as the cistern fills back up then have her pull the handle again. You can also make her lick the toilet clean beforehand as well if you are feeling particularly sadistic.


So there you have it. 20 ways to humiliate slave girls on webcam. You can add to this list and expand, of course, nothing is set in stone. Also, be sure to check out the BDSM Ideas for Kink

The only limit is your imagination and the female slaves on this site can and will accept anything you throw at them.

Their cheeks might burn red with embarrassment, they might feel degraded and want the ground to open up and swallow them, but ultimately they will do as they are told and you can humiliate them as you see fit.

Dozens of cams slave girls await a Dom now. These girls need to be dealt with. Join now and make these sluts beg for mercy and have their cheeks burning bright red with embarrassment.

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