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Over the years, I have exposed many sissy sluts, either online or in public. I love exposing these slutty girls and cock suckers, faggots, bitches, and whores.

So if you are ready and need to be exposed, please mail me so I can add them to the list on this site.Sissy exposure is one of my top 5 things to do online in phone chats, webcams, real-time or text services

I have spent time with thousands of different sissies sluts over the years and have a great collection of pictures that I enjoy showing off to humiliate and degrade them. Either through Blackmail scenarios or just sheer humiliation.

   Humiliation and exposure on webcam 

Now onto exposing and laughing as all of my faggots who always end up on my sissy exposure page where they belong. Fags are exposed for all to see and use. The best exposure site by a Mistress who has thousands of sissies in training who have earned their place on this page. Check out the live fetish cams online here for real fetish and sissy exposure play

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Calls are £1.50 a minute so find the one nearest to your call length. Please note a couple of pounds extra have been added on top to cover their fees

so a tip of £18 is a 10 min call

So a tip of

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Please email me once you had made the payment and I will contact you straight away to arrange a session, either email me ( ukmistresslive (@) or fill in the booking form with your transaction receipt.

I also accept bank transfers, cash apps and Amazon gift vouchers


You can also feel free to spoil me from my list and be a good boy or girl!


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Skype Mistress Cams, click here

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Nothing makes me laugh more than having my bitches exposed online, and once you are here, you stay here. No mercy for sissies It’s time you took your place on this page and let everyone see what a dirty cum slut faggot you are. Learn more about sissification

If you know a sissy who needs to be exposed, then message us so we can have her added to the pages throughout our websites and we have many of them.

Time to have their pages cached by Google, time to put them to the world, get these little cock suckers out of the closet and take pride of place on our many websites. View our  shemale cams here.



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All  cross-dressing sluts must be exposed and used

The manifesto for full exposure, both public and online. All sisses need to be objectified. A sissy’s details should be in the public domain. View our top Uk phone sex girls here.


All sissies need to follow the sissy rules.

Check out 50 ways to humiliate your sissy slut /slave.


Sissy exposure Pictures – Humiliate a bitch today.

If you have a slut that needs to be humiliated and outed and exposed to the world,  then make sure you email me to have her added to my hundreds of websites.

Please also ensure you post your  whore everywhere, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, FetLife, locanto. I have made many ads on classified sites for my sissies and have had many out meetings and sucking cocks for the first time. Make sure you fully expose, degrade and humiliate the cock sucking faggots and don’t just play at it. The best domination phonesex lines for faggots exposure


Exposing Sissie girls is what I do best, and I enjoy every second of it.  From a standard picture on my various sites to exposing them all over Twitter or making them their sites and ensuring they are ranked high in googles search results, all pictures having alt tags with sissies’ real names on them, and even using their pictures to make my Facebook profile and adding them as a friend using their pictures…  Ready to have your ass stretched on our live anal cams? Then click the link and chat live now. Make sure to also check out the Joi techniques and ideas

Cock humiliation? How small is yours?

These are just some of the ways I will expose one of my bitches. I also enjoy phone chats, webcams and taking pictures of you in various poses while we cam or when I’m on the phone with you and watching you via skype. I have been exposing sissies for 13 years and will continue to share pictures all over the internet.

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Best Ways to expose the slut

Make them pose for pictures holding their real name on a piece of paper when dressed.

Find lots of sites with high-volume traffic and post their picture on all of the websites.

Use social media and make sure to have them retweeted, reblogged

Use alt tags in the pictures so that google & bing cache them

Make them a website with their real name, or make a page on your site   ( always ensuring you use the real name)

Once they are posted, it is permanent no pity for whore, no mercy for sluts

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We love to share all the pictures, and we have thousands more to add, so keep checking back to see our fags exposed, permanent public exposure,  outdoor risky humiliation tasks, and real pics with real names. Copy the pics and make sure you repost them all over Twitter for everyone to see, humiliate them and expose them.

Femboy humiliation at its very best, degraded in chastity, becoming a cum dump, spit-roasted, pimped out by Mistress. I have many ideas on how to degrade, own, control, expose and humiliate any crossdressing whore. From maid in public situations to outdoor masturbation. Exposed sissies SHOULD always be dressed, and have makeup on, high heels, lingerie, and glossy red lips.