sissy slave sluts rules

Sissy sluts rules, how to obey Mistress, cocksucker rules

Sissy Slave rules/ The sluts

The rules that all Little sissy Bitches need to learn

Since you have found your way onto this page slut, it can only mean one thing and that is that you are a cock sucking bitch and need to learn your place at our online Academy for whores like you. We thought it be a great plan to dedicate this page to all you cock hungry sluts who need to learn how to obey a Mistress/Master/Owner so this page is for you to learn you can also read more of our sissy rules here
Sissy humiliation rules - sissy cam shows
So let’s begin whores and get your pad, get dressed, and take notes of everything listed on this page and make sure to visit often to see if they have been updated with new rules added- Which they may be at any time, it is your job to check this site on a daily basis.
Sissy humiliated

You will always ensure you are dressed which includes sexy lingerie

Ensure you address your owner respectfully at all times ( Sir, Miss, Mistress, Master)
Understand your holes belong to the owner
You may not EVER touch your little clitty without permission

No eye contact with the owner unless permitted
Always be on your knees with your mouth open ready for cock at any time
You will always swallow
You will pout your ass at all time ready to be fucked
cum eating sissy slut online
Black cocks are a reward – Ensure they are treated as such
Cum is part of your every day food
You crave it, you are addicted to it, you can not live without it.
At all times you will compliment the Alpha male
You DO NOT open your mouth to talk or sing it is only for sucking and taking cum loads
You entertain Your owner and their friends
You will love bukkake parties
You will work for your owner on webcam or walking the streets as a common prostitute
It is never EVER about you
You have no say
You will wear a chastity if You are ordered to and you will sign a sissy contract
Cock sucking whore
Shave at all times – we want our bitches smooth. if we find any hair we will pluck it out with tweezers
You will have sex outdoor at any time
Attending the Academy is not an option it is a MUST
Learn to do your sissy make up properly
Fuckable panties with easy access are always a must
Butt plug in at all times when not being used

Sissies will never fuck a Mistress or a woman – Women always fuck the sissy
No cock is ever to big
Be trained in cuckolding so you can lick cum from your Mistresses Pussy
Your breath always smells like cock or cum
Will take hormone tablets if ordered to
Your owner is your world
You will have a time of the month the same as every other Women and you will wear a tampon in your girly hole for a week You may be made to suck a tranny cock and have it videoed to be put online for all to see

Our bdsm camsBlog will be updated on a daily basis with new rules, pictures and videos
If you want to submit your pictures to us then be sure to go to main page and submit to us from there

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