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The Sissy rules Cams chat – that all Little sissy Bitches need to learn

Since you have found your way onto this page slut, it can only mean one thing and that is that you are a cock sucking bitch and need to learn your place at our online Academy for whores like you. Are you ready for your sissy slave cams show with a kinky Mistress who knows how to push your buttons?
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We thought it is a great plan to dedicate this page to all you cock hungry sluts who need to learn how to obey a Mistress/Master/Owner so this page is for you to learn you can also read more of our Sissy slave rules below, get familiar with them before you enter our online webcam chats, we expect you to be ready to begin your training.

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sissy slave rules

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So let’s begin whores and get your pad, get dressed, and take notes of everything listed on this page and make sure to visit often to see if they have been updated with new rules added- Which they may be at any time, it is your job to check this site on a daily basis.

50 ways to Humiliate your sissy

You will always ensure you are dressed which includes sexy everyone

Ensure you address your owner respectfully at all times ( Sir, Miss, Mistress, Master)
Understand your holes belong to the owner
You may not EVER touch your little clitty without permission

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No eye contact with the owner unless permitted
Always be on your knees with your mouth open ready for cock at any time
You will always swallow
You will pout your ass at all time ready to be fucked

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Black cocks are a reward – Ensure they are treated as such
Cum is part of your everyday food
You crave it, you are addicted to it, you can not live without it.
At all times you will compliment the Alpha male
You DO NOT open your mouth to talk or sing it is only for sucking and taking cum loads
You entertain Your owner and their friends
You will love bukkake parties
You will work for your owner on webcam or walking the streets as a common prostitute
It is never EVER about you see more ere
You have no say
You will wear chastity if You are ordered to and you will sign a sissy contract

Chastity sissy

Shave at all times – we want our bitches smooth. if we find any hair we will pluck it out with tweezers
You will have sex outdoor at any time
Attending the Academy is not an option it is a MUST
Learn to do your sissy makeup properly
Fuckable panties with easy access are always a must
Butt plugin at all times when not being used

Sissies will never fuck a Mistress or a woman – Women always fuck the sissy
No cock is ever too big
Be trained in cuckolding so you can lick cum from your Mistresses Pussy
Your breath always smells like cock or cum
Will take hormone tablets if ordered to
Your owner is your world
You will have a time of the month the same as every other Woman and you will wear a tampon in your girly hole for a week -You may be made to

You will worship and adore Mistresses feet at all times

Our bdsm camsBlog will be updated on a daily basis with new rules, pictures and videos
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How To Be A Sissy Slave

So far you should have learned at least the basics of becoming sissy slaves. It involves being submissive to your mistress or master, obedient, attentive, properly turned out, pristinely dressed and willing to do whatever it takes to make your superiors happy with your service.

sissyslave posing

It is about keeping up the highest standards, and of meeting the impossibly high standards set by your Dominant owners.

This also entails accepting when you have fallen short and accepting any punishment they see fit to bestow on you in order to teach you the proper way to be useful and worthy of being their servant.

Being a sissy slave is about knowing this is what you are. Of not fighting the urge to dress in stockings, tights, high heels, boots, panties, short skirts, dresses, wigs and putting make upon.

Accepting your status will make you a better and more attentive slave.

What Is A Sissy Slave

Basically, it is a male who dresses as a female and acts like a woman. It is different from your average crossdresser because a CD will dress feminine and possibly walk and act slightly different but they will still have male tendencies and will not “be” someone else, save from maybe acting a bit more feminine.

Sissies, on the other hand, will go all out. They act girly and cute, will wiggle their hips as they walk, sing, dance, talk in a high pitched squeal and basically be a girly girl.

They will be at the beck and call of a superior Mistress and will perform foot massages, serving meals, brushing hair, cleaning, washing, in fact, all domestic duties.

sissy rules, sissy maid pictures

BDSM Sissy slave

Some SS’s are not solely domestic servants. Some are BDSM slavery owned who may be forced feminized into being a woman. BDSM ss’s are subject to much harsher punishments and will be used and abused where required.

They will not usually be treated with respect and many will be chastised and subject to much more stringent standards. They will be at their Mistresses beck and call 24/7 and will usually be put into bondage positions for any punishments they need.

They will be subject to being caned, spanked, whipped, spat on, slapped in the face and sent to stand in the corner for the slightest infraction. Many Dominas have a live-in sissy slave.

If this is something you are interested in becoming then try a live femdom cams site where there are dozens of Dommes who may wish to accept you to their stable and be their live-in prissy.

There are many BDSM slave rules that must be followed such as she is in charge at all times, any punishments must be accepted without question, you must be at her beck and call and available to be used 24/7, Never answer back, always address her as Mistress (Or whatever title she uses Lady, Goddess etc)

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Sissy Cuckold Rules

Differing from the slut rules given previously, cuckold sissykins must adhere to a different set of rules. Each set of rules may differ from couple to couple but in the main, these are the basic “get you started” type.

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-Never answer back in front of the bull (You shouldn’t answer back at all, ever, but DEFINITELY not in front of her real man lover)
– You must serve Mistress and her bull/stud with drinks and snacks as and when required
– You must never comment negatively about her bull
– You must remain properly dressed at all times (hair straight, dress straight etc)
– If in chastity, you must never touch it, no matter how much discomfort you are in
– You must be prepared to greet the bull at the door if required/ordered
– You must drive your Mistress to meet her lover if necessary
– Paying the bulls cab fare is mandatory
– If required, you will need to be their fluffer and hit him hard
– Be prepared to guide his penis into her pussy
– Do not leave the room unless given permission
– Do not speak without permission and NEVER address the bull unless he speaks to you first
– Kiss or massage her feet when required during sex
– Clean her up after her real man lover has cum inside her. (Called creampie eating)

sissy public humiliation
These are some of the basic rules but they can be set to whatever kind of standard you wish. Discussion is key with any BDSM relationship and cuckold sissy slave scenarios are no different.

Set rules that are tailored to you both individually. There is no sissy rulebook as such.

Femdom Sissy Slave Training

The best place for this type of training is on a live femdom webcam site. On here there are hundreds of Dominatrix’s who know exactly what is required to properly train you into becoming a sissy slave.

It takes patience, understanding and not forgetting a firm hand and discipline to train you to be the best you can be.

Each Domme on this site can teach you every area of being a sissy and all the rules for sissies that you will need to know.

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sissy in training

From walking gracefully to correct posture for domestic servitude as well as serving techniques, proper respectfulness, how to think what Mistress wants and do it without having to be told/asked and for sissy slut training purposes, anal training which is in training your slut hole ass to take bigger and bigger dildos.

Stretching your hole every day with huge sex toys also falls under sissy sex slave training which is a popular area of female domination and is basically getting you ready incase your Mistress decides to pimp you out as a source of revenue income for her.

Sex slave sluts are a good free source of revenue for a Dominatrix and one which many take advantage of. There are of course many mistress slave rules which must be followed when using this practice but the main, and most important, is consent.

The number one rule of any femdom, S&M or BDSM scenario is that both parties, particularly the submissive, have consented to whatever is being done to them.

If they are forced to undergo something they have not agreed to, do not enjoy or feel uncomfortable doing then it ceases to be enjoyable which, despite its nature, femdom is. So being “pimped out” is something that needs that keyword again. Discussion
worship my boots sissyslut

sissy maid in training

If are ready to serve us and want to learn more about becoming a sissy slave and how we treat a sissy girl then step inside the free video chat rooms and we can big the discussion and develop a plan for proper training for naughty girls who need to be disciplined by an experienced female.

Our Mistress slave rules are very simple and easy to follow and understand, we are sure you will adapt to them very quickly if you are a submissive sissy girl slave and know your place is serving an experienced femdom ith flair, style and sadistic nature, then view our live rooms now.

We have plenty of more training rules for you to explore, we have behavioural contracts, lifestyle contracts, sexual contracts and so much more. No matter what type of sissification you desire whether you are a sissycukold, or a sissyslut or even a dirty little cleaning maid, we have training and contracts for every level.

Femdom sissy slave
These cruel, experienced and excited femdoms enjoy exploring new techniques, methods, and ideas with all of their dirty little bitches. Our femdom Mistresses come from all backgrounds and have all types of ideas to explore your sexuality, from pushing your hard limits to holding you as a cock sucking, cum, guzzling whore.We enjoy using our sex slaves and pimping them out to others who may want to use them.

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