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The rise of just-listen phone sex lines has been one of the industry’s biggest success stories. Gone are the days of being denied access to filthy phone sex women due to nerves or people being in the house. Now there is a section of the industry reserved just for you. These are the best direct phone sex lines in the UK

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Do you want DIRECT kinky hardcore phone sex but are too shy to speak? Do nerves hold you back and put you off? Or are you in the house with the wife or girlfriend and have to keep quiet and can’t talk in case she hears? Whatever your reason you don’t need to worry anymore because this is the solution you have been looking for, and the answer to your prayers. Get ready to listen to phonesex right here. Or you can contact  a dominatrix here – Dominatrix phone sex  lines


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 DirectAdult phone chat sex is a fantastic way to unwind and get some sexual gratification to get yourself off but it’s not always possible to get involved yourself. If you are feeling horny and desperate to talk to a gorgeous, fit phonesex babe but your wife or girlfriend is in the house, you live with flatmates, your parents or whatever reason you have for needing to stay quiet, not being able to join in and start yelling her name and shouting filth back at her can be a pain. However, the answer is just to listen phone sex chat line.

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Simply dial the number of the dream lady you want to speak to and tell her you can’t be loud and that you need to be quiet. Tell her what you like, what gets you off and what turns you on. After that, you don’t need to even open your mouth or utter a single word. They will take what you tell them and give you a one-sided conversation and live sex session that you won’t forget in a hurry!

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Just Listen to Phone Sex – Direct to your Wank Bank

You can just sit on the other end of the phone and listen to the unending and unfiltered stream of filth and obscenities that spew from her. You can sit in silence you’re just listening to a phone sex session to what she says and does.

You get to jerk your cock up and down at the xxx-level sex session she gives you.
Whether you want to hear an x rated call all about the dirty, nasty things she would do to you if she had you in her bedroom or whether you want an accurate, detailed description of the last time her pussy got drilled with a big fat cock or she got on her knees and took a great big hard dick in her mouth and sucked on the shaft till it exploded down her throat, anything is possible and all you need to do is tell her what you want. These are the best no-need-to-talk phone sex lines

No one nearby needs to know you are on the phone with a kinky dirty bitch who is telling you how big your cock is, how full your balls are and how badly she wants you to fuck her tight holes.No need to talk phonesex lines UK
The other advantage to a justlisten call is that she can use both hands. Picture it. You want to hear her fuck herself so she can put the phone down between her wide-spread legs and begin fingering herself or sliding her favourite dildo into her sopping wet pussy.

You will get to hear everything and because you have asked for a silent call, she doesn’t need to worry that you are trying to ask her something or get her to do something specific. She can get on with business while you jerk your hard cock to the sounds of her fucking herself.

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Such is the experience of all the girls on our premium phone sex chat line that they can give you a full, uncensored and satisfying phone call without you having to say or do anything. All you need to do is sit and jerk off while enjoying everything they are doing. You will be blown away by how much they can get from a few lines of what you like. No need to talk directly on phone sex lines for every kink, taboo and fetish

 that you may have.

Another great benefit to a justlisten silent phonesex call is that you will not have to break the momentum by thinking. As crazy as that sounds, just being able to sit and jerk off listening to her pleasure herself and get herself wet will be such a turn-on that you don’t want to interrupt by telling her to do anything else. Far better just to sit there and let her imagination run wild as she lets it all out and does not have to think too much herself.


Any man will tell you the biggest turn-off ever to either a live cam or phone chat session is having to speak part of the way through that isn’t part of the fantasy so it stands to reason that just being able to listen and soak up every word makes for the ultimate adult phone sex experience.

These phone lines are on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are always filled with horny girls and women with the most depraved and explicit minds. They have so much filth up there that if you are in a position where you have to remain silent and can only listen then this site is the one you need.
These women don’t need you to interact with them as they have enough sex stories locked away in their heads that they can easily keep you hard and turned on without having to hear you at all.

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So stop reading this and pick up the phone. There is a gorgeous, beautiful and sexy babe sitting by the phone right now just aching to get herself off and the fact you are too shy or have other people in the house is not an excuse to hold you back. She can still get you off and give you the relief you are desperate for.
Get dialling now then grab your cock and start stroking.

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