Spanking boys over the knee with a hairbrush

Spanked by the Hairbrush

I enjoy nothing more than spanking boys over the knee using a hairbrush, the squeals and moans that come out of their mouths with every stroke of that hairbrush fulfill my own need to be dominant. No matter if I spank a sissy girl over my knee or a submissive male slave.

So let’s take a closer look at spanking and what it’s all about. Having been a Dominatrix for over 25 years I have spanked many naughty submissives over the knee with hairbrushes, hands and paddles. Making them count and thank me for every single stroke. Check out the spanking cams if you are ready for a good old-fashioned over-the-knee spanking

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Part of any subs punishment always involves some spanking from the loud thuds across the bottom to the nice red handprints left on that red hot bottom.


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Spanking is a term that describes the action of erotic beating. It is part of sadomasochism because pain is deliberately inflicted here.

It does not matter which part of the body and which instrument (or hand). The most common, especially with non-BDSM learners, is the slap on the ass with the palm of their hand. Make sure to stay up to date with all things bdsm on our bdsm cam page

However, an instrument such as a cane, a paddle, a whip or (my favourite instrument) a whip is often used instead of the hand.




There follows a more technical briefing on Sub’s security, but don’t let that put you off, especially with your hand on your ass you can’t go wrong, so don’t worry

With instruments such as the cane, which have a very small contact area, care should be taken not to strike too hard, unless you want to damage your skin.

Depending on how hard you hit, no traces, redness or streaks appear. Chapped skin can happen with extremely strong blows and small contact surfaces / thin canes, so it is better to use other instruments in the case of very strong blows: Are you ready for Mistress to spank you hard and tell you how many to do? Then make sure to check out the mistress cams section for more live dominatrix and femdom spanking sessions

We enjoy spanking and using sissy slave girls and ensuring every stroke they count out loud and thank us for it.


Instruments like a paddle have a very large contact area. Therefore, skin damage is less of a problem with too-hard blows, here it is rather bones and organs that can be damaged if the blows are too strong.

Usually, however, reddening and bruising are the only consequences of spanking with the paddle.

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  • Ass — Here, with common sense, you can hit as hard as you like. The large layer of fat prevents damage to bones and the thickness of the skin prevents excessive damage to the surface.
  • Thigh — Not the inside, it is thin and carries a higher risk of injury than the front, back and on the outside.
  • Upper arm — that’s nasty. Spanking on the upper arm is particularly painful because there is no large layer of fat and no thick skin. Because of the thick bones and the lack of organs, however, relatively firm ones can be used here, only not with instruments with a small contact area (due to the thin skin).
  • Breast — There is a lot of fat here, especially for women, but since this area is simply sensitive, one should not exaggerate here.
  • Back — This is the spanking zone that needs the most caution. The skin is relatively thick, but there is very little fat, the bones behind it are not as stable as on the upper arm and behind these bones (if there are any in the way) are organs. So it best not with paddle and co. but only with instruments with a small contact area.
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Areas you definitely shouldn’t miss:

  • Wrists
  • neck
  • Shin
  • Lumbar
  • Breasts are fine, but definitely not if there are implants
  • Head (except cheeks)
  • Spine
  • Inside of the forearm

I hope that this article was not too technical, but I think that when it comes to spanking/whipping etc it is important to address security. Nevertheless, this should not scare you, especially with your hand on your ass you can’t do much wrong.

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