Spanking boys over the knee with a hairbrush

Spanked by the Hairbrush I enjoy nothing more than spanking boys over the knee using a hairbrush, the squeals and moans that come out of their mouth with every stroke of that hairbrush really fulfils my own needs to be dominant. No matter if I spank a sissy girl over my knee or submissive male […]

Erotic Punishment

Safe Words and Limits – Erotic Punishment A safeword is an easily-remembered but apparently irrelevant word your sub can use if he wants you to stop or pause. Some submissives still like to have a safe word whilst in a session for erotic punishment. Having a secure word allows your servant/slave to beg you to […]

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Bdsm Discipline – Spanking Ideas

One of the most erotic and popular acts of BDSM (and especially female domination) is spanking. For most subs, it reverts them back to childhood by utilizing the humiliating punishments they received. For others, they just enjoy the sensation of some well-placed slaps. Whatever the reason for you having this fetish maybe, if you seek […]

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Red Hot Spanking

Over the Knee Red Hot Spanking  If you like the idea of being put over someone’s knee and give a right good spanking and leaving with a sore bottom that you can not sit down for days, then you have arrived on the right site. We just love putting naughty boys and girls over our […]