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Red Hot Spanking

Over the Knee Red Hot Spanking 

If you like the idea of being put over someone’s knee and given a right good spanking and leaving with a sore bottom that you can not sit down for days, then you have arrived on the right site. We just love putting naughty boys and girls over our lap and taking our bare hands and slapping their buttocks slow to start with than building it up faster and faster.

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Watching as their buttocks get red from slaps and even making you count them 1 at a time as we take our cold hand right over the top, leaving you with a red hot bottom. We are here to teach you about spanking and spanking lessons to ensure you know exactly what is in store for you.


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So perhaps the idea of a strict Mistress who disciplines you for being so naughty or for not worshipping her properly, she strips you naked and bends you over a chair or over her lap and makes you count every stroke from her bare hand and you have to replay by

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  • Counting them 1 Mistress Thank you
  • Remembering to thank her after each one
  • Always remember your place in her world

Strict Mistresses Love BDSM sessions like this whether it be spanking alone or using a tawse, flogger, whip or cane. These strict females just love to redraw bums.

Perhaps the idea of a Strict headmistress or teacher or some type of authority figure makes you feel weak at the knees with anticipation as well as excitement and fear, knowing that after a few slaps you will be so sore you will not be able to sit for a few days.

Or the scenario where you have an audience that watches as you are stripped of your dignity and made to bend forward with your butt in the air ready to have some hard discipline applied.

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We like to see the welts we leave behind and to ensure it’s bright red and painful after all a spanking would not be spanking if it was not painful and sore as well as erotic in the end. You will be able to learn so much more about our site by scrolling through all the different sections all about BDSM and  power play coupled with domination and humiliation

A good over-the-knee spanking is a good way of ensuring a slave knows who is in charge and that whatever reason warrants the spanking will not be tolerated. You obviously did something to piss her off. Was your cleaning not up to standard? Did you miss something? Did you not clean her boots properly?


Did you answer back? Whatever it is, you deserve it so brace yourself. Laying you over her knee and yanking your arm behind you, you better get ready to feel every whack, every thwack, and each blow as she gives you what for. All naughty sissy sluts, maids, and generally useless subs in need of correction will receive an OTK spanking as punishment.

It is by far the most effective and swiftest form of correction, not to mention probably the most humbling. After all, what grown adult wants to be put across someone’s lap and given a severe spanking?

Each and every Mistress on this site loves nothing more than pulling you across their lap and giving your ass cheeks what for with their hand, a hairbrush, a wooden spoon, or a paddle till they burn bright red and sting like hell. Blow after blow hit after hit, you will feel your arse getting hotter and hotter as she lays into you and gets your bum nice and red.

She will make you stand in front of her and tell her exactly what you have done, how sorry you are and, if she is feeling particularly cruel, make you beg to be punished with a severe spanking. Then it’s over the lap and braces yourself. The first hit will take your breath away and by the time she is only 5 or 6 in you will be close to tears and ready to beg her to stop.

Being spanked is a huge fantasy for every submissive when serving a Mistress. To have their cheeks slapped while being yelled at or reprimanded for how naughty they have been being a huge turn-on, and all of the Dommes online at this live femdom cams site know this and are able to give you exactly what it is you are craving.

They enjoy hearing the squeals, the yelps, the cries, the begging for mercy, and the pleading for it to end. It only serves to spur them on. They enjoy abusing and punishing their lowly male subordinates and tanning their hide is perfect for them.

There are hundreds of Dominatrix cams dommes available right now and each one is highly experienced in spanking and disciplining their male slaves. They enjoy giving you a sound spanking and then sending you to the corner with a stinging, bright red ass and making you stand there for hours to think about what you did.

So sign up right now and you can be in the hands of an experienced spanker who will make all your dreams and fantasies come true.

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