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Is the cuckold scenario a fantasy you have or something you do live the life of?

Then read on as this blog post is all about the humiliation and degradation of pathetic men whose wives have to go out and find a real man to satisfy them.

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Cucks usually are people with tiny dicks and are limp and cannot satisfy their partner, therefore, the scenario is that they watch as their partner has sex with another man, usually known as ” the bull” The cuck can do a few things in this scenario.

  • Become the fluffer ( more on that below)
  • Help dress the partner to satisfy “the bull.”
  • Be made to clean up
  • Be forced into a chastity device and not allowed to wank
  • Feed champagne and grapes to the male and female
  • Be humiliated


More on all of this throughout this blog post and to let you understand fully the whole scenario of this fantasy/fetish scenario that is hugely popular and lived out by millions of couples all over the world. make sure to check out the cuckold cams section for more entertaining live fun

Cuckold Humiliation CamsΒ 

The fantasy a lot of cuckies have on this is that their partner is having sex with a black man more superior than a real bull, a guy with a much bigger dick than them, and one that makes their female partner scream and squeals in delight, something the cuckie is unable to do because they are inadequate.

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Cuckolds: Men Who Share Their Wives, Cam Fetish Shows.

The idea below is an interview with a real cuck who shared his wife as it was the only way he could keep her, he let her the adulteress have sex with many other men as he watched, listened, and prepared.

So what does a fluffer do, then?

Many people will ask this question, and basically, the simple answer is they prepare the wife and the bull. This can be in many different ways, which I have listed below to give you more of an idea of all the different types of scenarios that may crop up.

  • They get the “real man” cock hard and ready by sucking it or wanking it hard; they tell this man how amazing he is
  • They prepare the wife by spreading her legs and guiding the cock inside her
  • They clean her pussy off the cum afterwards, and they clean his cock of the cum
  • They are there for any task the couple desire
  • Bring them food and wine, and fluff the pillows.
  • They do not get to wank
  • They are made to watch and sometimes lie underneath the wife as she is fucked so they can feel her being pounded.
  • They must tell the bull how big he is and how they wish they could be a real man.
  • Some are made to wear chastity, lick wives’ panties, wear panties, sniff their boxers, and the list goes on.
  • No matter what your fantasy or fetish our chat rooms will have a kinky webcam host waiting online to fulfil your every need

I did it for you. Now slide in and feel what sloppy seconds feel like

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You must admit that you are a creampie-eating guy

When your wife or girlfriend leans over and whispers in your ear, β€œGet this guy hard and ready for me with your mouth.” what do you do? do you deliver? Β Put his penis in your mouth right away. Taste that dick, the penis that is about to screw your wife’s wet juicy cunt. lick the head around the head of his willy and feel it getting harder and bigger in your mouth. Does that arouse you?

You know you’re doing a great job when you feel that dick growing and getting much bigger. Be a good boy, cuckie and do what your wife and the real man tell you to do. They laugh at you; he tells you how he can not wait to slide his rod deep inside her and laughs as he tells you how pathetic you are. ” you can lick the cream out” Get her ready for her next fuck.

We love Black cock, and real men say cuck1’s wife; she only wants to have sex with thick black dicks and loves to make her husband sniff her well-used panties as she is being fucked hard by a big Leroy.

She will teach her man his place in the relationship by making him suck her lover’s cock and then slide it deep inside her; that is his duty, he can suck her toes and listen to her squelching pussy and her moaning, but that is all he can do. She may make him into her prissy sissy, dress him up and humiliate him, degrade him.

If you have a little dick, then your duty is pussy cleaner and cock sucker.

We have made give you all the information you could ever need regarding domination and the whole BDSM lifestyle. Whether you learn via chat rooms or live sessions, you will find everything and more on our web pages or blog posts.

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Our kinky females enjoy spanking naughty slave bottoms. Are you ready for a red hot bottom spanking?

Abusing a cuckold can be a lot of fun for the female, tormenting him at his lack of size or the fact he can not satisfy her the way other men do. This form of humiliation can be so degrading to the cuck, knowing they can never satisfy their wife/girlfriend or Femdom superior.

They can only watch and gasp as a real man takes over and pleasures her, entering her with a huge cock as he sits and watches or is forced to wear a chastity device. Some of them are told they can no longer wank; all they can do is lick and sniff the Mistresses sex used panties.

This form ofΒ cuckold humiliation. is thrilling but downright belittling to these sissies/guys/slaves. They know no matter what they do, they can never satisfy a woman. making the cuck worship a big cock

You can learn all about this fantasy scenario right here, Where we have many females who enjoy this whole lifestyle, and more important for them is to degrade these useless cucks’ live