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Humiliating Sex Information For Men With Smaller Than Average Size Penises!

Many men the world over worry about whether or not their penis size is considered below average. Males often seem to base their self-esteem and confidence on the perception of having a large penis, so genital size is a constant source of concern. We have assembled some data and facts that men with small penises might find interesting.


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What is the average length of a grown man’s penis?

Males may quite easily underestimate the size of their own penis compared to that of other men, because of the foreshortening obtained from looking down, or because of the accumulation of fat at the base of the penis. The reported average length of a grown man’s flaccid (“soft”) penis was 3.4 inches and while erect – 5.6 inches.



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A survey by dominant wives who deal in male cock humiliation showed that many men who believed that their penis was of inadequate size had average-sized penises, but required intense sexual humiliation to achieve an erection.

Another study found sex education of standard penile measurements to be helpful and relieving for clients concerned about small penis size, most of whom had incorrect beliefs of what is considered culturally normal.

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Is it normal to worry about my penis size?

Universal male concerns related to penis size have led to a number of folklore sayings and popular culture beliefs. These include beliefs that one is able to predict the size of a man’s penis by observing his bodily features such as the hands, feet, nose or height, and in some cases so-called “small penis panic” –

A form of mass hysteria involving the believed removal or shrinking of the penis, known as “sissy genital retraction syndrome” can lead to hospitalization and bizarre penile sexual practices. If you worry about it constantly, you might be in need of therapy.

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My friend likes to dress as a woman and has a small penis. Is he gay?

While a few studies correlating the size of the human penis with other factors like being a “sissy” or “feminized maid” have given intriguing results, it’s not been established that having a smaller than average size penis precipitates being gay or indulging in homosexual acts.

Quite possibly many men simply enjoy cross-dressing and playing the feminine role in sexual encounters with partners of either gender. You can also chat with a Mistress and she can tell you her own opinions about your friend so check out the femdom chat  section

And although one study analysing the self-reported Kinsey penis size sessions found that homosexual men had statistically larger penises than their heterosexual counterparts, this was found to be an exaggeration because the men wanted to impress their transvestite cams lovers.

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Do black men have bigger penises than most other men?

Studies have found the differences to be statistically significant, and the results from these studies pertaining to penis size to be the fodder of many a popular cultural legend. They saw that the differences in size were based on racial profile with African, Caucasian, and Asian appearing in descending order.

Frequently men with small penises were often cheated on or “cuckolded” by their unsatisfied wives, often being forced to watch their wives having sex with large black men – and even having to compare their humiliating penis size with the bigger genitals of the new negro lover! – Kinky ideas for dick humiliation

Are there women who actually enjoy humiliating a man about his penis size?

Surprising to say, there are many women who get sexual arousal and satisfaction by taunting and scolding a man about his penis size. And in today’s culture, in which females reach sexual maturity at an accelerated rate, there actually are groups of young girls producing their own “small penis humiliation” videos for their fans.

And indeed, there are men who can only orgasm from having a dominant female ridiculing them about their genital size.

These males often employ the services of a small dick penis humiliation Mistress helps them achieve orgasm by scolding and berating them for their “tiny cock” or “small dick” stature – and implied an inability to properly sexually satisfy a woman or his

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More than 98% of men around the world are totally unaware of the average size of a penis. Science tells us that the average cock is about 6 inches long when fully erected (stimulated and hard as can be).

Most of the boys will be shocked by information like this. Another scientific fact is that over 40% of men have cocks smaller than average and they can be treated as subjects of small penis humiliation.

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Male genitals can be of many different sizes and shapes. They can be short and fat or long and thin. Statistics tell us that the biggest ever registered cock was almost 14 inches long and was 6 inches in girth. On the other side, there are the smallest penises that can be 1.5 to 2.0 inches long. Known as Micropenises

So why do men enjoy small penis humiliation? What is so exciting about being degraded based on the size of their genitals?

This is one of these questions that can be answered correctly. Some femdom slaves say that it could be a thrill to be mocked in ways others enjoy various kinds of humiliation. Another answer could be the excitement of a beautiful woman laughing at their small penis, and the laughter and humiliation is the powerful erotic thrill.

Some boys enjoy small penis humiliation when they possess an average to above-average penis. Other submissive subs love to compare the size of their small penis to very large ones, making their little privy parts even more insignificant, heightening arousal via humiliation.

Another big reason could be the thought of having a small cock that could easily push the beautiful woman he is attracted to, to have sex with another man, with a bigger and much more satisfying cock. Or maybe because of his small penis the lady he loves would prefer to punish him and dominate him because of his “weakness” in sex.

There is a group of men who love to watch their mates having sex with other men. This is considered one of the small penis humiliation types. Some of them are being forced into a situation like this by the female partner because they are unable to satisfy her sexual needs. Come chat with Mistress on the phone about your sph desires. Phone sex Uk Mistress vonn

Another option for small cock humiliation slaves is to be compared to rubber sex toys (dildos and other types of artificial cocks) that can bring more pleasure than a small penis can.

Some male subs were turned into subjects of extreme humiliation by being forced to fuck their woman with a strap-on dildo attached because this is the only way they can please her. A lot of men receive strong erotic pleasure from the small penis humiliation that they are seeking out for women to degrade and laugh at them over genitals size. Head back to live BDSM cams for more live BDSM play