Milking Table Massage

What Is The Meaning Of “Milking Table Massage”?

Much like a standard massage table, a milking table is a piece of sex furniture which has a hole for the face-down “subject” to breathe but also has an additional hole cut out at waist level to enable the cock and balls to pass through easily. The man lies face down and the female is under the table and administers sexual pleasure to him.


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Milking Table Massage Explained In More Depth

Being milked is a term given, usually in BDSM to the act of a female getting cum from a man. Massaging his cock till he cums basically. There are a few ways she can do this when using the milking massage table.

The most common and easiest method is for her to administer a hand job. Within femdom, she can prolong this act to the point of him receiving no pleasure whatsoever due to the level of frustration he feels as she edges him over and over and gives him ruined orgasm after ruined orgasm.

milking table bdsm

Handjobs are where the name for this piece of apparatus comes from, given that the male is “milked” similar to how you would a cows udder.

Blow jobs are also a popular way of milking a male and can be performed reasonably easily using the table. Again, the female can stop/start to frustrate the male. She can also use a fleshlight on him.

Milking tables are a fantastic tool to add extra spice to hand or blowjobs that have gotten mundane as well. They are so good, and becoming so popular, that they are being introduced to massage parlours around the world, especially Holland, for the pleasure of paying customers.

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