Bdsm Discipline – Spanking Ideas

One of the most erotic and popular acts of BDSM (and especially female domination) is spanking.

For most subs, it reverts them back to childhood by utilizing the humiliating punishments they received. For others, just enjoy the sensation of some well-placed slaps.

Whatever the reason for your having this fetish may be, if you seek a good spanking as part (or whole) of your femdom fantasies then you can be quite secure in the knowledge you are far from alone.


Everyone who isn’t into BDSM assumes spanking happens on the buttocks. This may be true 99% of the time but the backs of the thighs are also a good place for simulation. In fact, anywhere that has fatty tissue covering the body is a good place. You can read more about our spanking chat rooms here

What areas to avoid when spanking

Areas with organs, joints, or veins should be avoided as these can cause unintended damage. The bum is the number 1 choice though and with good reason.

Plump and usually hidden, the shame of having it exposed is bad but the main reason is that the nerves in the ass are intertwined with the genitalia so when the ass nerves are stimulated, the genitals also get a workout.

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The most common is an over-the-knee (OTK) scenario but it can also be applied by having the submissive bent over a table or by facing them, putting your arm around them to force them to bend over then spanking them whilst you are both upright.

Sometimes it depends on the Mistresses’ mood but usually, it is how the slave imagines it unfolding in his fantasy.

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Two types of Spank That Are applied in spanking Session

There are two types of spank that can also be applied. A string or a thud. The string is designed to stimulate the skin (usually a spanking session will begin with a few slaps to warm the skin up.

Steaming right in with heavy blows can cause some damage) whilst the thud is more aimed at the underlying fatty tissue which will begin to tremble and redden as the spanking gathers pace.

What tools to use when spanking a slave

The main problem with a stinging blow though is that it will usually hurt the Mistress more than the sub so it is usually performed by using a wooden spoon, a hairbrush, or a paddle.

These are incredibly effective (more so than by use of hand) and can quickly produce the reddish cheeks and burning sensation required, not to mention producing the dramatically loud sound associated with a good thrashing. They also make the submissive yell and wriggle so it is a good all-rounder.

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The Thud Spank

The thud blow is a different animal altogether. Designed for maximum impact and pain, it comes by raising her hand high above her head and swinging from her shoulder, aiming not for the actual buttocks but the fleshy tissue underneath. These types of sessions will produce a little reddening at the time (certainly less than the stinger) but will give way to a deep array of bruising a few hours later.

It will always make for a squirming, desperate slave and tears are not uncommon after only a few blows. Again, hairbrushes and paddles are good implements but birch or tawse can also be good tools to use. She can also use her hand as unlike conventional wisdom would dictate, a deep thud spank is actually less painful on her hand than a stinger slap.

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The next thing to concentrate on after the type of blow has been decided is the pace of them. If this session is for a “punishment” scenario then they will generally be harder and faster since the discipline aspect dictates a hard and fast, intense sensation although it can also be prolonged by using hard spanks less frequently (say 2 – 3 seconds apart.) Unless the chosen scenario is for an angry Mistress to be chastising a sub who has pissed her off, the session should start with slow blows and build up faster and harder.

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Generally, the more aroused and turned on a sub is, the harder he can take. Since even the thought of a sound spanking will turn him on considerably, he will more than likely be able to take a great deal more than he would normally.

This being said, however, many Dommes like to make a slave masturbate and orgasm right before a spanking. With his adrenaline released and his cock now limp, the spanking will be much, much more painful and effective.
Alternating the rhythm and placement of each slap will also keep the slave on his toes and keep him off guard, not knowing how hard, or even where, the next one will land. – View dom sub chat for live chat rooms for spanking instructions online

This stops him from getting used to the sensation and prevents him from blotting it out to make sure he feels every single spank. Alternating cheeks, top or bottom, centre or edge. Keeping him guessing means he will dread it more which is only a good thing. Check out the mistress cams

Slow slaps are generally more effective when using a cane or birch. Each whack will leave a stinging sensation and pausing for a second lets him digest it and begin to fear the next one. Of course, rapid and soft cane strokes can also be effective after a few minutes as the skin tenderizes.

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Hairbrushes or wooden spoons are lighter so, therefore, a more rapid succession is needed so as to keep the flow of pain constant.
The intensity can begin even before the first blow has landed though. Making him fetch the implement which is going to hurt him is a powerful psychological tool at her disposal.

With a stern glance and a short, sharp tone she can command him to scurry off and fetch a hairbrush or cane then bring it to her. 

As he goes to fetch it his mind will be consumed with the pain to follow, her hard words as he lays across her lap and the thought of the CBT or corner time he faces when his spanking is over.

By the time she is ready to begin, his mind will be fucked and he will not know which way is up. Another good psychological method is a delay tactic. Our live femdom cams are a place where you can explore BDSM and spankings without feeling judged, it’s private and discreet for you to explore fully any fetish or desire you may have

Bare-bottomed and exposed over her knee, telling him how naughty he is and how much this will hurt will get inside his head and make his own fear make each whack hurt more.

Likewise, making him stand before her as she lectures him about his disobedience also has the desired effect.

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Spanking is a femdom technique as old as the scene itself and derives much of its effect from the utter childishness it. Trousers pulled down, yanked over her lap with your bare ass on display, and being talked to in a condescending tone by a superior, dominant female will all render you back to a child-like state. We enjoy spanking naughty sissy girls and submissives make sure to check out our sissy pictures  from real sessions

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This and the inevitable corner time with a stinging ass to reflect on your behaviour all make for a powerful session that will be “enjoyed” by both parties.

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