Financial Domination Hypnosis

 BDSM Mistress Financial domination hypnosis 

Is one of the hottest controversial fetishes in the world. It’s also a highly complicated type of domination because it involves asking people to give up something precious to them… their money.

You May As Well Just Give Her Your Pay Check 


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And the people give it away because they love it and it makes them feel appreciated (and sometimes even ignored). Financial domination hypnosis is an element of financial domination which means instead of being told to save money for yourself, you’re encouraged to give it away to the person you love.


For many people, this is the highest form of surrender to a dominatrix or mistress. As human beings who work hard, sometimes we get very attached to our money and hurt when we see our financial resources slipping through our fingers.

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This is often why we don’t want to let it go. We work hard for our money. Often times we spend it frivolously or wonder where the money went. However when a mistress demands money, somehow it just feels good to give it to her.

You know your money is going to her happiness. That is why people do it. Her happiness. Financial fetishists who enjoy financial domination appreciate hypnosis because they’re hypnotized to give their money to the hypnotist, their spouses, or someone specifically. The surrender of giving their hard-earned money away is what brings them arousal.

Financial domination hypnosis is also known as financial domination hypnosis and both essentially mean the same thing. Erotic hypnosis is similar because they both can allow you to explore your fantasies safely and consensually.

There are many skilled erotic hypnotists providing erotic hypnosis online today in forms of recordings, videos, and live phone sessions. The main appeal of hypnosis is that the possibilities are truly limitless. The mind is the greatest sexual organ in the human body which is why so many people enjoy having their imaginations stimulated.

Perhaps you are already familiar with erotic hypnosis and the beautiful, “Oh-my-god, is this for real,” experience it can bring you. Thousands of people are spreading the word about how it has intensified their sex lives!

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If you thought quacking like a chicken was eccentric, just wait till you’re hypnotized to dress like the opposite gender or are transformed into a mindless robot! She designs her recordings so you can enjoy your sexual adventures from the privacy of your own home so that your neighbours aren’t laughing at you when they see you tasting your own ejaculation (which you might believe wasn’t hypnosis after all)!

Which begs the question. Just how many amnesia triggers will you need so you won’t remember how silly you looked dancing naked with a tutu?

For every crazy and unthinkable recording, she also has an equal amount of extraordinary erotic hypnosis masterpiece recordings for those who love the “art of surrender.

” Her imagination flows fluidly through her voice like sugar and honey, intermingling to create a flavour that some find more addictive than a drug. There are many people who spend their time always being “in control”;

Whether it’s being in control of their families, their careers, or their lives. And to make matters worse, many people hold on to that control because they assume that if they surrender to someone, they are weak or they lack power.

This way of thinking can lead to unhealthy balances in people’s lives which involve high levels of insecurity, distrust, and low self-esteem. Mistress Psyche provides a way for people to give up that control and learn to surrender.

She understands how the human mind works on a psychological level. She even enjoys challenging people to sometimes resist her just so they appreciate the surrender even more!

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Probably everyone’s favourite is financial domination and if I need domination has become so different than what it used to be because when I first started learning about financial domination that’s a very long time ago and I tried to get into the world and I had no knowledge of anything.

When I was doing it and I made the same mistakes that every single woman made and that’s that, you just demand things and you just think that degrading someone it’s gonna make someone want to pay you money and that’s not really the right way to go.


Financial Domination is definitely a psychological exchange

It’s a psychological fetish because it’s all about them feeling like you have all the
power and they want to feel like they are so in love with you and they are so enamoured by you that they’ll give you everything that they have including their financial status.
They enjoy building you up and as they sink below and what I mean is they enjoy paying for you to get your nails done they enjoy buying your shoes they enjoy buying your clothes and seeing you dress in these things and look sexy for them to tease them and let them know 
You’ll never get this you’re never gonna get to view it you’re spending all your money on me you’re paying for me leisurely activities you’re forking out money to make me happy.
You less happy and you’re still never gonna get me because I’m so out of your reach’s definitely a power fetish like if you like to feel in power if you like to feel like you’re powerful if you like to feel like you have control and you can manipulate people and manipulate men and that’s something that you enjoy then that’s something that you will 
do but I think that a lot of people mix financial domination with some type of
other fetishes I’ve come across people who like to think they’ll pay money but 
they are not necessarily paying money because it’s their fetish they’re paying
money because their fetish is they want you to tease them integrate them with your
feet or tease them and degrade them with your words.
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It’s a lot of fun it is especially if you’re a female that likes the feeling of empowering men but 
Nowadays the market is saturated with people who don’t understand this fetish and
they think that they can just demand demand demand and men are
just supposed to be like oh yeah here have my money.
It definitely exchanges the exchange is definitely greater in your favour as the beautiful goddess woman that you are but it’s not a one-sided thing you definitely have to play on their fetish like it’s a relationship between the both of you-you, ‘re dominant and they’re the submissive and it’s kind of like you are being worshipped but you need to put in that effort to make sure that they’re getting their end of the bargain as well. 
 You need to make them feel like you are out of reach you need to take money from them like it’s not theirs it’s not a turn-on for them if you’re not giving anything back so tease them a little bit let them remember why you’re in power.
It’s not just I’m going to take your money and I’m gonna ignore you because they’re worthless it’s more of you want to give me your money because you’re so enamoured and so infatuated with me you need to give me all your money because you worship me you want to show me how much power I have over you.
I’m taking your money from you because you’re just there so
easy weak for me to get from and I’m gonna spend it on things that don’t
matter because your money doesn’t matter to me.
What matters to me is the fact that I have all this power over you and I’m gonna waste all your money on things that make me happy and who cares about you and your happiness.
I’m gonna go out tonight with a guy and I’m gonna send you pictures of me and him together.
You wish you could be me you wish  you could be him at the table
but you’re not good enough the only thing that you’re good for is being used.
A lot of  new femdoms  and newbies are coming into this fetish because
everyone thinks it’s like a get-rich-quick thing and it’s really not.
This is just a brief insight into this fetish and power exchange we will be writing a much deeper article about this soon.