Female Dominance Terms

A Female  Domination Glossary and what some of the words mean – Short descriptions explaining all things BDSM, Domination and Female Authority.

Some of the best Female Dominance Ideas, implements  and descriptions

Amazon A no-nonsense Domme who captures and torments unwilling men at breaks them. Like an ancient Amazonia warrior, she is powerful, fierce and extremely dominant

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Authority The description of the power that women have over inferior, weaker males.

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Backboard A device made of wood with padding and straps to correct the posture of slaves who slouch or look slovenly.

Birch, A bunch of birch branches tied tightly together that are usually used on a, saves bare ass. A very effective tool when used to control subs’ wayward ways

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Bottom – The go-to area for a slave’s chastisement. Perfect for slaps from a hand or whacks from a cane, whip, birch or paddle.

2. A submissive, or the act of submitting.

butt plug. A plastic or leather implement that is bulbous in shape and is inserted in a submissive’s anus either as punishment or to remind him of how low his status is. Some are available with the ability to be inflated so the Domme can control the level of discomfort applied

Cane A long piece of wood (usually Rattan) that creates a sharp, stinging sensation when applied to the body. Usually applied to the buttocks but can, with extreme care, also be used on the thighs, calves or back.

Chastity devise. A metal or plastic tube which is fitted over a male slave’s penis. A ring is fitted behind his testicles and the two are secured together and locked with a padlock. The Dominatrix will then hold the key to the padlock (usually worn around her neck on a chain). The slave can no longer achieve an erection which makes orgasm impossible. The Domme now controls his orgasms, making him more submissive.

Chastise The name given to physical correction of a sub by the top. Spanking, corner time, face slapping or caning are examples of chastisement.

Climax Achieving orgasm. The Domme will gain this as often as she wishes but the bottom will have his limited so as to heighten his sense of being controlled

Clitoris The only organ on the human body designed solely for pleasure, the clitoris is a woman’s biggest source of power over men. A soft, nubbin of flesh located on her pleasure area.

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Clyster More commonly known as an enema, this humiliating procedure is perfect for the internal cleansing of slaves

Cock ring A metal ring that goes behind a slave’s balls and around his cock. It makes his erection stronger, and heightens his desire for relief but ultimately prevents orgasm

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Cock torture Being his most sensitive body part, not to mention the most unruly, it makes sense for a dominatrix to target it for torture. Whipping, slapping, electric shocks and hot candle wax are just a few ways the dick can be tortured.

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Corner time Is Usually given as a follow-up to a bare bottom spanking but sometimes given just as its punishment, the slave is ordered to stand facing the corner for a prolonged period to reflect on his sins

cunnilingus The act of giving oral to the Domme. She gets pleasure from the male without him gaining any pleasure from it

Diaper discipline Forcing an adult male to wear a diaper emphasizes his childishness and degrades him as he walks around with a diaper on

Dildo A large, penis-shaped rubber implement usually used to give a woman pleasure but is also incredibly effective at controlling male submissives when inserted into their ass

Discipline The use of control through chastisement given to the male by the superior, dominant female for disobedience. Taking the line of behavioural guidelines (no sitting on furniture, no eye contact with Mistress, kneeling in her presence at all times etc), control of dress (CFNM), controlling his speech(no speaking without permission) verbal degradation or physical punishment (spanking, caning, whipping, face slapping etc)

Discipline Session A period where the sub is chastised for disobedience or failing to perform tasks to the dommes satisfaction. It may be a spanking, a caning, a whipping or a face slapping. Whatever role it takes, the sub is left in no doubt that he did wrong


Disobedience  Usual behaviour from an unbroken male who resists the commands of his superiors. Sorted by the firm hand of a strong female

Dominance name The title taken by the Dominatrix. Usually prefixed by either “Mistress” or “Goddess”. Sometimes it is her birth name (Mistress Amanda, Goddess Felicity) but other times it is a word that commands her authority (Mistress supreme, Goddess Amazon etc).

Dominatrix is A female who controls and commands other weak and inferior humans. Strong personalities and an unending aura of control and authority

Enema is The art of inserting a tube into a slave’s ass and filling it with liquid to give his insides a thorough cleansing. A deeply humiliating procedure which all slaves dread

Fantasy A vision in one’s head of how they perceive a life of subservience to be. From a basic femdom to more specific aspects, each fantasy someone has will differ from everyone else’s

Feminine is The opposite of masculine. The art of being female. The more feminine a dominatrix is, the more aware the male is of how much he is inferior to women

Feminization is The act of turning a male slave into a woman. Ranging from forcing him to wear ladies’ underwear to a full transformation complete with wig, stockings, suspenders and makeup.

Foot worship Femdom 101. Kissing and rubbing her feet to show your subservience. Massaging the lowest part of her body to show that it is still higher than you

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Goddess Rather than be prefixed with Mistress, many Dommes prefer to be called Goddess. Usually Dommes who utilize a more sensual approach to femdom, and who only use chastisement when it is needed Also known as Mistress or femdom

Governess Like Mistress or Goddess, this is another term added in front of her Dominant name. It is usually used by women who deal with unruly adult schoolboys in need of strict lessons in an old-fashioned English way

Hairbrush An ideal tool for use on a slave’s bare buttocks to save the Mistress’s hand from hurting when administering a spanking. The hard plastic is ideal for maximum impact and creates a deep “whack” when smacked off his quivering ass cheeks. As an added bonus, the bristles are ideal to use on a wayward cock that needs discipline

Humiliation is An act every sub must suffer at the hands of his Goddess. To install the power exchange and cement in his head exactly where his status is, A Domme will humiliate her charge on a regular basis. Spitting on him, calling him names, insulting his cock size, pouring food over his head, forced feminization or anal abuse are just some of the ways she can achieve his humiliation

Submissive male, A male who feels inferior to women and knows he is not their equal. He is open to being controlled by these females and will perform any task or order he is given, even to his own detriment

Lady A term is given to a dominatrix who controls a harem of two or more slaves

Maid A male who has been given the role of serving his Mistress in a domestic setting. Cleaning, cooking, serving her meals, massaging her feet etc. Basically, tasks that are beneath a superior female such as her. Many times, the male maid will undergo forced feminization and be made to wear a sissy maids outfit.

Male Anyone with a cock dangling between their legs. Totally inferior to females. Being male is not to be confused with being a man. The two are by no means mutually exclusive

Mistress A woman who has found her natural calling of dominating and controlling men. A powerful, dominant personality and an unforgiving nature are trademarks of a Mistress

Naughty The description of a slave who has been disobedient, surly or not fulfilling his tasks properly. This behavior is usually curbed and fixed by the firm hand of his Goddess

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Nipple clamps Two little metal spring-loaded clips that clamp onto a man’s nipples. Cutting off the blood flow, they begin to hurt after only a few seconds. Many have hooks at the end for a domme to hang weights on to increase his discomfort. Or she can just yank on them

nipple torture, nipple clamps

 Nursemaid A dominatrix who deals with adult babies. They can either be firm but fair or harsh and cruel. Either way, the infantile behaviour will be curbed quickly

Obedience. The number one thing a submissive should offer his Mistress. This should be given 100% and NEVER called into question. No matter how humiliating or degrading the order, total obedience is a must

Oral servitude is The greatest honour a lowly male can achieve. Being allowed to put his mouth and tongue on his mistress holiest of places to give her pleasure. Many slaves will never reach this holy grail as they are not worthy

Ordeal The suffering a slave goes through for his Mistress. A barrage of insults, slaps, whip cracks and paddle whacks will rain down on him as he suffers for his Domme

Paddle A flat, wooden implement that is smacked against a slave’s bare ass. Works with the unfortunate subject both laying flat or bent over a chair

Pantaloons Long and ruffled, usually lace, garments given to slaves undergoing either sissy maid training or forced feminization to make them acutely aware of their new feminine side

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Panty slave A slave who can be controlled by having a pair of women’s panties stuffed in his mouth, wrapped around his cock or draped over his head. His huge fetish for knickers will render him totally submissive

Penis punishment The description of abusing a slave’s most unruly and delicate area. Electrics, whips, canes, clothes pegs or belts are all ways a Domme can abuse her unfortunate subs tackle

Power What the female has over the male 24/7

Punishment is Given to males who need correction. It may be a surly attitude, an unfinished or incomplete task or an unauthorized erection. Whatever it is, the male needs to know he did wrong and punishment is how a Goddess corrects his behaviour

Punishment writings Making a slave write out his indiscretions, what other chastisement he can expect or writing hundreds of the same phrases over and over again.

Queen A Domme usually dominates by being served by a sissy maid. More often sitting on an elevated throne and will sometimes rule over entire patriarchy of slaves and other Mistresses

Queening When the sub is strapped to a table or laying on his back on the floor and the female, either clothed or naked, will sit on his face. Either facing his forehead so her pleasure area is over his nose and mouth or facing away from him so his nose and mouth are buried in her ass crack. The ultimate symbol of who really holds all the power

Reign The timescale for which female rules over a male, controlling his every action, word and thought. Perched upon a throne, she casts eyes over her minions and rules supreme

Regime The timetable, actions and tasks to which a Domme keeps her slaves. From his rising, his daily chores, what is expected of him, when he may or may not speak, right through to his bedtime. This regime is strictly controlled with zero flexibility.

Render obeisance is Another way to describe oral servitude. The ultimate honour for a sub. Placed his lips and tongue on her most sacred place

Rule What a Goddess does over her subs. With an iron fist, she controls and dominates them completely

Schoolboy A male who feels the need to revert back to adolescence and be controlled by a strict school teacher. Maybe he feels guilty about his lack of submission from that period of his life or maybe he feels he didn’t take full advantage of having a woman whose sole being was to control his behaviour. Either way, there are plenty of strict Mammes and headteachers ready to deal with naughty schoolboys

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Session A period of time dedicated to femdom. Usually lasting an hour, it primarily focuses on a particular area of BDSM that is the submissive male’s desires  (sph, face slapping, cuckolding, caning, sissy maid etc)

Shrine A Dommes most precious place. An area dedicated to her and to female dominance over weak males

Sissy is A man who appreciates he is not worthy of being male and desires to be turned into a female by wearing makeup, wigs, women’s clothing and acting like a woman (eg sitting down to pee, curtseying their superiors etc)

Sissy maid A sub who dresses as a maid (French, Victorian etc) to serve his betters. Bringing her meals, fetching her clothes, cleaning her quarters and all the other lowly tasks to make her life more comfortable. Many sissy maids are also locked in chastity to prevent them from masturbating

Sissy panties Large, usually ruffled knickers designed to be worn by males to imprint on them that they are unworthy of male underwear. Even when worn under male clothes, the knowledge he is wearing them makes a male extremely submissive and embarrassed. A great way for a Mistress to get inside a male slave’s head.

Slave A submissive male who serves his female superiors in any way they desire, even to his own detriment. He follows each and every order given and sacrifices his own lifestyle to belong to a woman

Spanking is A very humiliating punishment bestowed on a slave. Pulled over his mistress ‘ knee or bent over a chair, his ass cheeks will burn and sting as she berates him for whatever misdemeanour has brought this on. Can be administered by her bare hand, a hairbrush or paddle. It is usually followed by corner time where he can reflect on his behaviour and how to avoid a repeat

Strap A piece of leather that is used to be applied hard and vigorously to a slave’s bare ass, hands or thighs. Very humiliating and very painful, especially if applied after a bath when his skin is at its softest

Switch The name given to a person who can be either a dominant or a submissive, depending on their partner or their mood at that particular time

Submission name The name given to a subordinate by his owner. It will usually be deeply humiliating and be designed to make him acutely aware of his status.

Submissive The term is given to a person (male or female) who appreciates their need to be controlled and dominated

Top A Dominant, usually female, who is in control of another.

Tyrant A woman who is cruel, and harsh and punishes her slaves for the slightest of misdemeanours. Someone to be feared, and a Mistress who makes slaves cower and shake when in her presence

Vassal is Someone who has sworn to obey a Dominant at all costs. Who is now nothing more than the property of their Mistress/Master

Whipping, A punishment given to a wayward slave. Extremely painful after the first crack, it is given to the buttocks, thighs or back. It can also be administered to the cock and balls for cbt but only by a Domme who is skilled. Feared by all slaves, it is used for the most severe infractions and leaves huge red welts and lots of black and blue bruises on the area targeted. When used on the ass, the slave will often struggle to sit for at least 48 hours afterwards

Women The superior sex and one to be respected and served at all times by submissive, inferior males

Worship Showing your respect and desire to serve your superiors. It can be with words or by kissing a particular part of her body (ass and feet for example)

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