Sissification – Maid Training

I thoroughly enjoy training up and playing with sissies, therefore ensuring maximum entertainment for Myself.

When you come along to visit Me for sissy training, you will be stripped of your masculinity and encouraged to discover the feminine side that is already there, deep within you. I will bring that softer side of you well and truly to the surface for me to use and enjoy.


You will soon adopt a different attitude, you will find that sissy soul of yours that does exist, you will learn and love to serve Me, and learn to accept discipline, as this is needed to keep you well and truly on the sissy path. You can see some of our kinky slutty best sissy humiliation rules and pictures by clicking the link to the girliest page in town.



You will be given assignments, that you will learn and abide by. From panty slavery to household duties to foot service to serving tea; there is a lot to learn. You will be there and ready for me to use and abuse, to entertain Myself at your humiliation. I am a Lady to be served and obeyed and you are a sissy who will be eager to please. If I have to force that sissy side of you to surface, then so be it. You can also view our crossdresser cams here

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Dressing you up in girly clothing, frills and lace, satins and silks from head to toe, are just some of the things I will do with you. You will be encouraged to bring out your feminine side and taught the sissy way. Make sure to check out the anal cam rooms for more kinky playtimeΒ 

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You will be taught how to dress appropriately, apply makeup, play and serve, and so much more. You may be trained on how to dress for those days you need to look really pretty and impressive. Bit by bit you will be transformed into nothing less than 100% sissy. So what is sissification then?

Below, is a little more information for Sissification Maid Training –Β  About some of the things you can expect when you come to visit MeΒ 

GIRLY SISSIESΒ –Frills, lace, satin, ribbons, make-up…it’s all here ready to dress you up in. You will learn to dress up for special occasions and be taught the etiquette you will need to know as a girly sissie, including, curtseys, dressing, walking, speech, manners, make-up lessons, manicures, and much more. I have games and dolls too, perhaps as a treat you may get to play with them, but you will play MY way! There is A LOT to go into being a Girly and you will over time learn to be a 100% girly sissy I will be most proud of.

girly sissy

SLUTTY SISSIES –You will be trained by Me, to perform on My variation of strap-on dildos, butt plugs, and of course Molly and Billy, (you will soon find out who they are!) Shortest skirts, fishnet stockings, frilly suspenders, tight lacey tops, red pouty lips, girly curly hair, you will experience it all. You will be transformed into such a well-trained slutty sissy that you would be good enough for Me to pimp if I wanted to! You will also train in cum eating, cock sucking, and cuckolding for Mistress.. Find free shemale cams hereslutty sissies

PAINSLUT SISSIES –For all you painslut sissies out there, I have many items here to keep you on your toes and doing as you are told!! Tied up and left in the corner with some tight nipple clamps on perhaps? Or maybe that nasty growth between your legs that spoils that girly look of yours will be punished accordingly. For the cheeky sissies, there is always my lap that I can put you over and give you a sound spanking! Discipline is a very important factor when you are My sissy, you will be corrected accordingly.


SISSY MAIDS –Being a successful House Maid, Waitress, takes a lot of training and practice. You will be trained the etiquette that is required of you when serving other Ladies. You will be taught how to wear your Maids Uniform correctly and which style uniforms are needed for different occasions.

Housework is something that will, of course, be completed to perfection. Training will be supplied to ensure that My rooms and chambers are cleaned thoroughly. You will learn about foot service, tea poured correctly, cleaning footwear, etc. You will work hard and discipline verbally and physically will, of course, be a way of correcting any errors.

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For those of you who are into humiliation, you will understand what this is about. Humiliation is something that I entertain upon request and it goes a lot deeper than just shouting “you worm!” as some narrow-minded people think.

It is a mind thing, a way of really showing your Mistress that you will do your best to please and entertain her, even if it means you yourself having to do something that will make you feel so embarrassed and dumb.

You are so eager to please Mistress and even though you feel so silly, you cannot help but get hard, can you? and to know that you are getting off over those humiliating tasks makes it even funnier to Me and more cringing for you.

I loved to be entertained, laugh, and enjoy. Through humiliating you, I get to have a really good laugh and that is what it is about…pleasing and amusing Me. Below are just a few ideas to show you, what I get up to with some of My pathetic slaves. Phone sex UK Β for sissu humiliation girls

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Slutty Whore

Do you want to be my whore? You don’t want to be My whore? Well tough! I want you to be one. But first, you have to practice. I have some strap-ons that are a good start to getting your slutty mouths exercised, and learning to suck and lick My big cocks. Yes, they’re much bigger than your pee-wee stick, aren’t they?! These are *real* man-sized cocks, the sort of size that you have always wished you had yourself. When you have aroused Mistress’s cock, then perhaps you’ll be tested to see how much of a good shag you are. So bent over My bench and strapped down you may go, whilst I take you from behind, making you squeal like the little slutty bitch that you are being turned into.

Dancing Fairy

Like I mentioned before, I love to be entertained, so may get you to perform a cabaret for Me. Dressed up in the appropriate gear and then perhaps have you dancing and putting on a show for Me, along with disco lights and music in My red room. Perhaps I have turned you into a slut and so wish you to perform a striptease for Me. Decisions, decisions, what shall I get you to do for Me? Anything that makes you feel dumb and I laughs.

Girly Friend for Molly & Billy

Well you are no good for any woman, you can’t satisfy and not only do they know it, but you certainly do. But no need to fret, I have two acquaintances here that you can practice on. Molly the Dolly and Billy the Bigboy. I think the pictures below say it all….if you cannot satisfy Molly or if the sight of you turns her stomach then Billy is always hard for a good sucking.

Panty Sniffing Pervert

You like the smell of panties, do you? Do you like to touch and feel them? Perhaps in your own time on your own you do. But have you had to do it in front of someone before? No, I thought not, because you are a sneaky little perv, aren’t you? Doing it behind closed doors. Well no more!! If you want to perv over them, then you can do so in front of Me. You knicker-sniffing wanker, let Me watch you and if you hesitate then a bit of force will, of course, be needed.

Human Urinal – Watersports

Perhaps you don’t have much use and the only thing left for you is to be used as a human toilet for my piss. Standing over you and hovering as I empty my waters all over your body, laughing hard in your face. I’ll make you beg me to do it to you, to make you stink off My liquid wastes and then rub the piss into your skin leaving you stinking like a piece of used toilet paper.

Piggy – Sheep Shagging

Molly and Billy were just far too good for you, Molly couldn’t stand the sight of you so the last resort is to play with Penny Piggy and Sally the Sheep. Perhaps you should look more appealing to Penny Pig by wearing a little snout as well! haha


Whilst you’re trying your best to think of something that you must be good at as nobody could be that useless, I may use you as a spittoon. Collecting as much saliva in my mouth as I can and then spitting it outright in your face, in your eyes, your mouth, and then thanking Me for sharing it with you.

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