Myths About Transgender &Crossdressing

The Myths About Transgenders & Crossdressers

Many of the following myths are also a large part of Transphobia.  It is impossible to accept any of these statements and not be within that realm.  Unfortunately, there actually are members of the transgender community who are transphobic and do not recognize it.

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  1. All crossdressers are gay.  Wrong.  The incidence of bisexuality or homosexuality in the transgender community is the same as in the population at large.  Most are heterosexual – straight.
  2. It is a mental disorder, these people are sick in the head. Wrong again.  Science is proving that it is biological, not mental in nature.  Often anxiety and/or depression are a part of the transgendered person’s life, but that is due to other factors, not being transgendered.
  3. It can be cured. What is there to cure?  It is not a mental condition nor a choice any more than being cis-gendered.  If you believe this then maybe you can be changed from being cis-gendered and become transsexual.  Does this make sense?  Of course not.  Go read: “What Causes It”
  4. It is a lifestyle choice. Wrong.  The transgender person has no choice or control over this.  Environment growing up has no bearing on it whatsoever.  They cannot turn it on and off like a tap, nor can they, or will they ever stop.

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  1. It is a sin. Says who?  Nowhere in the bible does it mention cross-dressing as a sin.  However, it does mention that hiding in women’s clothing to avoid military service is wrong, not a sin, just wrong.  There are some Fundamentalist Christians that use twisted logic over this.
  2. It’s a sexual thing. Nope.  Well not quite.  To the young (teen) transgendered person with raging hormones, there is a sexual element that wanes as they get older and often disappears altogether.  There is also the transvestic fetishist who uses clothing of the opposite sex for sexual self-gratification but they are not considered transgendered by any definition.
  3. All crossdressers are going to become women. Wrong again.  There is a difference between the crossdresser and the transsexual.  The transsexual is a very small part of the transgender community and of those, only a small portion will transition.  The vast majority of the transgender community is made up of crossdressers.  Unfortunately, it is the transsexual the media chooses to sensationalize, and of those, the few who transition.
  4. All effeminate men are gay.  Okay, now really; you can’t be serious.  Are all women who play sports gay?  If you think this you really need to examine your prejudices.
  5. Crossdressers are all effeminate and limp-wristed. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Transgendered people come from all walks of life, all socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, religions and sexes.  There are no boundaries.  They can be doctors, lawyers, judges, police or firefighters, factory workers, construction workers, sales clerks, grocery clerks or secretaries.  You cant tell by looking at someone. (I personally know of people in all those professions and more including the military.)
  6. If my children are exposed to it they might become crossdressers too. This just won’t happen.  Someone is transgendered by nature, not by choice, or exposure.  The case of David Reimer should put this thought to rest.


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  1. If I come out everything will be wonderful and my SO will accept it. Think again.  Your partner has been lied to; big-time and s/he is not likely to accept it.  Some do but most do not.  You need to weigh the risks first.  Don’t be fooled by claims on some of the social networking sites.
  2. They are just another fringe group crying poor me and yelling discrimination.  They should just suck it up.  To argue with this kind of logic is a waste of time.  You are an idiot;   Here’s your sign and we’ll even throw in a free tee-shirt.

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