Transgender Definitions

A dictionary for all these terms surrounding the transgender community

AndrogynyA transgender person whose appearance does not indicate a preference for either of the binary genders.  Also referred to as genderqueer.
AsexualA term applied to a person who has no sexual needs or desires.
Anti-AndrogenA prescribed pharmaceutical used in the treatment of the male to female transsexual.  It blocks testosterone from the receptors in the body allowing female hormones to feminize the male body.
Benjamin, Dr. HarryConsidered the father of transgender medicine, he devoted his career to the study of and helping transgender people.
Bi-GenderOften used to describe the person who moves from the expression of one binary gender to the other as the situation dictates.  See also: Crossdresser.
Binary GenderReference to the two genders; male and female.  See also cisgendered.
BisexualA person whose sexual activities can be with either of the binary genders.
Blanchard, Dr. RayResearcher at the University of Toronto.  The proposed theory of Autogynephilia.
BoiA derogatory term that refers to a female to male transgendered.
CisgenderedReference to the binary gender model where one’s sexual identity and gender identities are one and the same.  This applies to most of the population.
CrossdresserOne who expresses gender identity in accordance with their feelings of the moment or situation.  These people have no interest in transitioning from one sex to the other. Also but rarely referred to as bi-gender.
DSM-IVDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  This is the “bible” of the American Psychiatric Association.
DRABDressed as A Boy
DRAGDressed as A Girl
Drag KingFemale to Male performer.
Drag QueenMale to Female performer.
ElectrolysisHair removal through the use of mild electrical current.
EndocrinologistA medical doctor who specializes in the human endocrine system.  S/he tests, administers, and monitors hormone replacement therapy on the transitioning transsexual.
EnfemmeRefers to the M2F cross-dressed as a female.  See also DRAG
EstrogenThe female hormone used in the treatment of the M2F transsexual who is transitioning.
EstradiolThe female hormone used in the treatment of the M2F transsexual who is transitioning.
FFSFeminizing Facial Surgery.  Cosmetic surgery used to alter the facial structure of the male transsexual to become more feminine in appearance.
Female GenderedRefers to someone whose gender identity is female regardless of sex
FeminizingThe medical process used for the change of the male body to one that is female.  It involves hormone applications and possible surgical procedures.
GIDGender Identity Disorder.  A psychiatric term used to describe a constant state of dysphoria in the transsexual.  It is planned to be removed from the DSM but whether it will, is questionable.
GayRefers to a person whose sexual preferences are of the same sex.  Usually applied to male homosexuals but is increasingly being used to describe the lesbian.
GenderDescribes the “feeling” of being male or female.  Not related to sexual identity.
Gender DysphoriaA psychiatric term used to describe the state of mind of the transsexual.  Most transsexuals consider this as nothing more than a descriptive needed to proceed toward transition and generally consider it as minimalizing.  It is usually felt like depression and/or anxiety.
Gender IdentityThe feeling a person has that defines their gender as opposed to sexual identity.
GenderqueerDescribes a person who does not strongly identify with either of the binary gender models.  Often referred to as the “Third Gender”.  This term is increasingly replacing the term transgenderist.
GRSSee Sexual Reassignment Surgery
GurlA derogatory term that refers to a male to female transgender
HRTHormone Replacement Therapy.  The medical intervention used on the transsexual to physically alter their appearance from one sex to the other, thus aligning their sex and gender.  This is a prelude to surgery.
HeterosexualA person whose sexual preference is for someone of the opposite sex.
HomosexualA person whose sexual preference is for someone of the same sex. Also see Gay
HormoneA naturally occurring chemical in the body that defines secondary sexual characteristics and function.  Replacement hormones are synthetic.
HysterectomySurgical removal of part or all of the female reproductive organs.
IntergenderSee Genderqueer
IntersexA person who has sexual organs, characteristics or abnormal chromosomes of both sexes.  Also used to refer to someone whose sexual organs are indistinct or not developed completely.
MasculinizingThe medical process used for the change of the female body to one that is male.  It involves hormone applications and possible surgical procedures.
MastectomySurgical removal of the breasts
Non-opRefers to a transsexual who is not fully transitioned or will not transition
OHIPOntario Hospital Insurance Plan
OHRCOntario Human Rights Commission
Pre-opA transsexual awaiting SRS
PostieRefers to a transsexual who has had SRS.  Post-op.
QueerThe term generally used to refer to a member of the gay community.  Also loosely used to describe the transgender.
SexRefers to biological sexual identification, not gender identification
Sexual Orientation/PreferencePerson’s preference for a sexual partner.  Generally cis-gendered or homosexual.  It has no bearing on gender identity.
Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS)Reconstructive surgical procedure where biological sex organs are reconstructed to meet the patient’s true gender identity.  Also known as GRS.
TransgenderA person who identifies in whole or in part with their opposite to biological gender identity.
TrannyNormally derogatory term used against transgendered people.
TransphobiaFear of transgendered people usually manifesting itself in prejudice.
Zhou, Dr J-NDutch researcher into transgender neurology
Zucker, Dr KennethClinician and Researcher with the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto Ontario.

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