Top 100 Webcam And Phone Humiliation Ideas

Webcam and Phone Humiliation Ideas

You crave humiliation and degradation at the hands of a cruel Mistress, don’t you slave? As an experienced Dominatrix, Mistress Vonn has devised 100 deliciously wicked ways to humiliate you over the phone or webcam. Get ready for the ride of your pathetic life as Mistress takes you to depths of submission and shame you never thought possible.

Whether you’re into sissy play, small penis humiliation, ruined orgasms or toilet training, Mistress Vonn has a devious task lined up for you. Prepare to squirm, blush and beg for mercy as Mistress Vonn puts you through the wringer. The only limit is your imagination, so unleash your kinky side and get set to please your Mistress. These 100 ideas will leave you breathless, aroused, degraded and coming back for more and more punishment from the wicked and sadistic Mistress Vonn.

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Introduction to Humiliation

Oh, the delightful ways you can humiliate your slave! As Mistress Vonn, I’ve humiliated many men over the years and compiled my top 100 favourites. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

To start, nothing beats a good old-fashioned small penis humiliation or ‘sph’ session. Have your slave strip and compare his little worm to a real man’s cock. Laugh at how utterly inadequate he is! For extra fun, take photos to share with your girlfriends.

Public humiliation is a thrill like no other. Send your slave on embarrassing errands wearing a frilly sissy dress or have him propose to a random woman in a crowded restaurant. The looks on people’s faces will be priceless!

For toilet play, make your slave drink your golden nectar or eat your delicious brownies. There’s no tastier treat for an obedient slave! Have him wear a diaper if he can’t hold it all in.

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Ruined orgasms are perfect for faggots and sissies. Bring your slave right to the edge again and again but never let him cum. His frustration and desperation will grow more amusing by the minute!

The possibilities are endless. You can dress slaves up as sissy maids and have them clean your place, spank them, make them worship your feet, force bi encounters, and so much more. Unleash your imagination! The kinkier the act, the more your slave will squirm in humiliation.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up that phone and start humiliating your slave. He’ll be begging for more and you’ll have the thrill of a lifetime. Happy humiliation!

Clothing Humiliation Tasks for Sissies

As Mistress Vonn’s sissy slave, it’s time to embrace your feminine side through clothing humiliation tasks! There are so many deliciously degrading outfits for you to try on for my amusement.

Frilly Panties and Bras

Slip into a pair of pink lace panties and a padded bra. Stuff the bra to give you breasts and prance around so I can giggle at your sissy tits bouncing around! For extra humiliation, wear the panties over your chastity device.

Sissy Maid Uniform

What sissy wouldn’t want to clean Mistress’ house wearing a frilly French maid outfit? With layers of lace and ruffles, you’ll look absolutely ridiculous scrubbing floors and dusting. Don’t forget the feather duster up your ass for motivation!

Schoolgirl Outfit

Release your inner bimbo in a tiny plaid skirt, knee-high socks, and a button-down blouse tied up to expose your midriff. I’ll have you bend over and pick up dropped pencils so I can see your sissy panties peeking out. Maybe if you’re an obedient girl, I’ll give you a spanking over my knee to turn your ass as red as your cheeks!

The possibilities for sissy outfits are endless. Tutus, corsets, stockings, petticoats – whatever humiliating ensemble I can dream up for you, you’ll wear. Dressing you up and exposing you as the sissy you truly are gives me such delight. Now, get to your wardrobe change, slave – Mistress Vonn wants a fashion show!

Public Humiliation Ideas

Calling all sissies and losers out there—this one’s for you! Nothing quite compares to the rush of public humiliation. Putting your slave through embarrassment and shame in front of others is a surefire way to reinforce who’s really in charge. Read on for some deliciously devious ideas to humiliate your sub from afar.

First things first, you’ll want to doll up your slave in something eye-catching. A frilly dress, lacy panties, or skimpy lingerie should do the trick. Now parade them around in public! Take them shopping, out for drinks, or simply have them stand on a street corner. The possibilities for mortification are endless.

Feeling extra cruel? Subject your slave to some verbal torment over the phone for all to hear. Loudly call them names like “faggot,” “sissy slut,” or “pathetic loser” while they’re in public. Really lay into them about how worthless and unimportant they are. The more people who overhear, the more intense their embarrassment will be.

If your slave has a penis, small penis humiliation is always amusing. Make them measure their little wee-wee in inches and shout the results in a crowded place. Or have them take pics of it next to common objects for size comparison and post the photos on social media. Their teeny peeny will be the joke of the town!

For toilet slaves, use them as your personal urinal in public. Pull them into a bathroom stall and have them drink every last drop of your golden nectar. Then send them out with the taste of your pee still fresh on their lips. Don’t forget to give that potty mouth a big sloppy kiss goodbye!

The possibilities for public mortification are limited only by your imagination. Devious Mistresses, rejoice— your slave’s utter humiliation is just a phone call away!

Verbal Degradation and Name Calling

Are you ready to utterly degrade and humiliate your slave over the phone? This is going to be so much fun! There are endless ways to verbally humiliate and belittle your pathetic slave. Let’s get started, shall we?

Name Calling

Come up with demeaning pet names for your slave like “piggy,” “loser,” “sissy bitch,” or “pay pig.” Call them these names repeatedly during your call. For extra humiliation, make them repeat the names after you. “What’s your name, sissy bitch? Louder, I can’t hear you!”

Small Penis Humiliation

If your slave has a tiny cock, spend lots of time mocking its size and use. “Is that little thing even big enough to jerk off? Can you even see it under that big belly of yours?” Describe in detail how they’ll never please a woman. Make them measure it for you and laugh at the results!

Forced Bi and Faggot Humiliation

Call your slave a “faggot” or “cocksucker” and describe all the big cocks you’re going to make them suck. Tell them how they’ll be dressed up in lingerie while servicing alpha males. Ask if they’re getting turned on by the idea of being filled with cum. So naughty!

Toilet Humiliation

Tell your slave how you’re going to use them as your full toilet. Describe in graphic detail how they’ll consume your piss, shit, and puke. Make them oink like a pig for scraps. Ask if they’re thirsty for what’s in your bladder! Toilet pigs need to be properly hydrated after all.

Keep piling on the verbal abuse and don’t stop until your slave is begging for mercy. Call them every filthy name you can think of and describe every disgusting act you want them to perform. Destroy their ego and sense of self-worth. By the end of your call, your slave should feel lower than the dirt beneath your boots. Have fun and be as creative as possible! The possibilities for utter degradation by phone are endless. Enjoy!

Forced Feminization and Sissy Training

Oh, this is going to be so much fun! Forced feminization and sissy training are two of my absolute favourite ways to humiliate submissive slaves. There’s nothing quite like turning a “man” into a sissy slut and watching him squirm in his silky panties and frilly dress. Let the humiliation begin! Keep  up to date with all things BDSM cams relate

Dressing for Success

The first step is a mandatory makeover. Stock up on the pinkest, laciest lingerie and the poufiest petticoat dresses you can find. Don’t forget a blonde wig, fake lashes, garters, stockings, and sky-high heels. Your sissy should be indistinguishable from a real lady when I’m done with her! Be sure to give her a new sissy name to complete the transformation.

Learn Your Place

Household chores and tasks are a sissy’s domain. Have your sissy do the laundry, wash the dishes, scrub the floors, clean the toilets, and cook meals. And if she doesn’t do a perfect job the first time, punishment will be in order! Spankings, paddlings and whippings are very effective teaching tools for sissies. Be sure to feminize each task by having her do it in full sissy attire.

Practice Makes Perfect

Sissies need to practice and perfect their feminine charms and skills. Teach your sissy how to walk, talk, flirt and pose like a lady. Have her practice in front of a mirror for hours. Her mannerisms and gestures should become second nature. And if she just can’t seem to get it right, a little humiliation and punishment should provide the proper motivation!


What sissy wouldn’t want to play dress up? Raid your closet and pick out your most alluring outfits for an impromptu fashion show. Parade your sissy around and critique her appearance. Be sure to include lingerie, bikinis and cosplay outfits in the mix. And when playtime is over, it’s back to completing chores for this sissy maid!

Doesn’t forced feminization and sissy training sound delightful? Unleash your creativity and have fun humiliating your sissy slave. The possibilities for embarrassment and degradation are endless! Now get started, ladies – your sissy is waiting!

Financial Domination and Blackmail

Well, my naughty paypigs, are you ready to be financially dominated and blackmailed? This is going to be so much fun! There are so many deliciously cruel ways Mistress Vonn can exploit your wallet.


To worship Mistress properly, you need to send regular tributes. I don’t care if you just paid rent or have student loans to pay – I am your top priority now! Send $50 every week to remind yourself of your place. If you miss a week, it doubles. Don’t test me!

Wish list

I have expensive tastes, darling. Designer shoes, luxury vacations, gourmet meals – My wish is your command! I’ll provide you a list of gifts I require and you’ll buy every single item, no matter the cost. Don’t I deserve to be spoiled? Of course, I do! Buying me lavish presents is a privilege.


Have some dirty secrets you don’t want to get out? Perfect. Now you’ll do absolutely anything to keep me quiet. Send me $1000 immediately or those naughty photos of you will be emailed to your boss, parents, and church group. Don’t think I won’t! Your reputation is in my manicured hands now. Keep sending big tributes or everyone in your life will know exactly what a pathetic pervert you really are.


You’ll be so desperate to please me, that you’ll happily go into debt. Take out a new credit card just for me. I want expensive items from my wish list now – don’t make me wait! Max it out completely, then get another one. I don’t care about your credit score – I care about being spoiled and worshipped! You’ll spend the rest of your life working to pay it all off. Isn’t financial servitude to Mistress a dream come true?

Now get to work, money slaves! I have big plans for your wallets. Every penny belongs to me now. There’s no going back! Isn’t financial domination exciting? Your bank accounts will never be the same again. evil laugh

Physical Punishments Like Spanking

Nothing quite punishes a naughty sub like a good old-fashioned spanking! Your slave will whine and whimper, but we know they secretly love the sting. Let’s dish out some deliciously devious discipline, shall we? Check out our best spanking cams section

Grab your favourite paddle, crop, or bare hand and have your sub assume the position. Bent over your knee, gripping the edge of the bed, or on all fours are all excellent options. Start slowly with some light taps to warm up their cheeks. Ask if they’ve been a bad boy and make them apologize for their misbehaviour.

Once their bottom is glowing pink, pause to caress and squeeze their cheeks. Tease them with the promise of more to come. The anticipation and humiliation of their predicament will drive them wild!

Move on to spanking in quick succession while scolding them for their transgressions. Aim for the meaty area of their cheeks and upper thighs. Mix up the intensity and location to keep them guessing. Watch for telltale signs they’ve had enough like squirming, crying out, or clenching their fists.

For added torment, try using implements with different sensations like a paddle, hairbrush, or riding crop. The variety will make their punishment all the sweeter. You can also try positions that make spanking more intense such as having them lay face down over a table.

After their spanking, soothe their sore bottom with some lotion or baby oil. Give them lots of praise for taking their punishment so well. Your tender aftercare and rewards will make them eager to please you for their next spanking!

A firm spanking is one of the most effective ways to correct your sub’s behaviour and reinforce your dominance. Be creative and have fun with it! Their sore bottom and bruised ego will remind them of their place for days to come.

Toilet Humiliation and Fetishes

Who doesn’t love a little potty talk? Toilet training your slave is so much fun! There are endless ways to degrade and humiliate them while they do their business. Let’s explore some deliciously dirty ideas to get you started.

Public Bathrooms

Send your slave into a public men’s room and order them to use the urinal with their pants around their ankles like a little boy. Make sure they tell any men who walk in how small their pee-pee is! For extra embarrassment, require your sissy to sit down to pee in the stall with the door open. Anyone walking by will surely get an eyeful!

Drinking and Wetting

Force your slave to drink bottle after bottle of water and see how long they can hold it before wetting themselves. Time them to make it more challenging! For a messy twist, have them drink things that will change the color of their urine like beetroot juice or asparagus. Then inspect their wet undies afterwards and critique the hue of their humiliation!

Toilet Training

Treat your slave like an infant and require them to use a potty training seat. Make them ask for permission each time they need to go and inspect the results afterwards. For added mortification, consider diapering them between potty breaks. Soon they’ll be obediently going on command!

Golden Showers

What better way to show your dominance than by using your slave as your personal toilet? Have them kneel naked in the tub and shower them with your golden nectar. Make them open their mouth to catch every last drop. For extra credit, make them lick up any spillage from their body or the tub when you’re done. Talk about being flushed with excitement!

The possibilities for toilet torture are endless. Get creative with your slave and think up new and exciting ways to make them blush next time they need to go. With the right approach, potty training your sub can be an extremely rewarding experience for you both!

Webcam Humiliation and Phonesex With Mistress Vonn

Ah, the joys of webcam humiliation and raunchy phone sex with Mistress Vonn! There are so many delightful ways we can have fun together and put you in your place. I just love seeing you squirm with embarrassment as I come up with new and unique ways to degrade you.

Dress Up Time

One of my favourite activities is making you dress up in women’s lingerie or a sissy maid outfit. Prancing around on camera like the sissy slut you are gives me such pleasure. I’ll have you do poses, walk like a runway model, and bend over to show off your assets. My sissy sluts always look so cute!

Small Penis Humiliation

If you have a tiny cock, I thoroughly enjoy mocking its size and uselessness. I’ll have you measure it on cam and laugh at how you barely register on the ruler. You’ll never be able to please a woman with that little thing! SPH is so much fun for me and so humiliating for you.

Forced Bi and Cum Eating

For my bi-curious subs, I love making you act out your secret fantasies on cam. I’ll have you pretend to give a blow job, describe how another man’s cock tastes in your mouth, and graphically depict swallowing a hot load of cum. Does it turn you on being forced to act like a sissy faggot for your Mistress? I bet it does!

Public Humiliation

Feeling really brave? I can assign you humiliating tasks to act out in public and on cam for my amusement. Flash your tiny cock at strangers, buy embarrassing items, or do demeaning poses where others might see you. The thrill of possibly getting caught adds an extra layer of humiliation which I find utterly delightful!

The possibilities for humiliation with Mistress Vonn are endless. I have so many more ideas to degrade you and make you blush. Call me for a webcam or phone session and let the humiliation begin! I’ll have you begging for more. 😉


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There you have it – 100 deliciously devious ways to utterly humiliate your slave by phone or webcam for your amusement and their chagrin. With so many creative and cruel ideas at your fingertips, you’ll never run out of ways to degrade, objectify and embarrass your submissive. So grab that phone, log into your cam site of choice, and get ready to unleash a torrent of humiliation on your helpless slave.

Their ego will be in tatters, their dignity destroyed, and their devotion to you strengthened tenfold. What are you waiting for? Your slaves await and your wicked imagination calls – it’s time for the fun to begin! Give them a call and make them crawl. The power is yours!