Cresting – Means?

What Does Cresting mean?

Cresting is the name given to when you know you are only one or two strokes from ejaculating. It derives from the phrase β€œriding the crest of a wave”, as in the euphoria of being close to orgasm is riding the crest.

The act can be done by both males and females but is primarily and most commonly done by males as it is easier for them to gauge how far their orgasm is and know when they are cresting.


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It can be done for pleasure and to prolong the orgasm. Many people enjoy the heightened endorphins of being close to cumming and will string out the feeling for as long as possible. As in β€œI was cresting for a good half hour before I blew my load on her tits”.

It is extremely popular in BDSM circles as well. If a dominatrix keeps her slave cresting and closes to orgasm, He will become so desperate for release that he will agree to almost anything. When used within S & M it is a very powerful tool in a Mistress’s armoury and quickly goes from heaven to hell for the unfortunate submissive.

Cresting also works well with edging (where you take yourself to the brink of orgasm then stop) and with the right balance, you can edge and crest for as long as you want.
For many people, the brink of orgasm, and the moments leading up to it are the most enjoyable thing about sex, masturbation and oral sex. The euphoria is high that no drug can match it.

Bdsm edging is another technique used when cresting and prolonging an orgasm, we have a page dedicated to ways to do this to heighten any kinky sexual experience while having a kinky time wanking – Check out the bdsm edging page for more information on wank techniques and controlled orgasm

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