The Easiest Way to Give a Woman a Vaginal Orgasm

The vaginal orgasm 

Is a highly coveted thing. Women have a deep desire to feel a vaginal orgasm, especially if they have never felt one before. Men have an urgent wish to be that guy who can give his woman her first one.

Unfortunately, according to recent statistics, the majority of women go to their graves without ever experiencing a vaginal orgasm at all.

This experience is so non-typical that some so-called “experts” (many of which probably rarely explore sex themselves) make irresponsible claims that the vaginal orgasm does not even exist and that it is the same as a clitoral orgasm!

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Still, ask any woman who has had one or any man who has seen a woman’s intense reaction from a good orgasm, and they’ll be quick to disagree with what the phoney sexperts claim.

Indeed, vagina orgasms are completely real, and in this article, I’m going to tell you about a little kinky technique which you can use to give a woman one.


I do not take credit for this method, but I’ve used it and it works! This technique is pioneered by THE man when it comes to giving women great sex

Easy Method for Giving Women a Vaginal Orgasm

The technique is to stimulate a little-known area which David Shade refers to as “The Deep Spot.” This is not to be confused with the g-spot, which has become a notorious section of a woman’s vagina. No, the deep spot is an entirely different beast altogether.

In reality, the deep spot is called the “cavity of the cervix”, and oh boy does it cause intense reactions in women. In fact, over the years, I’ve learned that for many women, this is the only surefire way to make them have their first vaginal orgasm (when done properly).

The deep spot is very far back in the vagina. Before trying this technique, make sure that your woman is adequately aroused, comfortable, and lubricated (either with her natural juices or with a product such as Astroglide). Orgasms are mental, and she has to be properly aroused for this to work.

girl orgasm

You’re going to want to slide your middle finger (one finger is recommended, for maximum length) just about as far as it can go (be careful not to poke her cervix if she is shallow because that hurts).

In the entrance of the vagina, there is usually a “spongy” texture. As you get further back and arrive at the “deep spot zone”, the vagina becomes smooth and firm.

Go for it. Firmly stroke this area in a “come hither” manner, as if you were beckoning for somebody to come to you (curl your finger). Try not to vary the speed of your motion too much, you want a little consistency.

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It won’t take too long before your woman experiences a very powerful orgasm.

Want to know something great? You can usually sustain this orgasm for a prolonged period by simply continuing your motion while she comes.

The first time I tried this method, she was flopping and flailing around the bed like a fish (but in pleasure), with me chasing her around trying to sustain her orgasm!

After she was done, she kissed me passionately and whispered in my ear “I’ll do ANYTHING you want me to. Just name it!”

Why Use Your Finger? What About Vaginal Orgasms During Intercourse?

Your middle finger allows you a certain amount of precision and control that is not afforded to your penis. Stimulating this area in that manner basically FORCES your woman to have one, because it triggers a muscular reaction!

masturbating teens

Unfortunately, your penis can not hit this area in the right way consistently. However, that doesn’t mean that this method is only good for fingering.

You see, the more often a woman has one, the more likely she is to have one in the future! By giving her her first, second, and third, you turn on a switch that makes her more and more likely to have one during intercourse, which is where the real gold mine lies.

Most women do not come during intercourse without clitoral stimulation, which is a shame because there is nothing quite like being locked in a woman’s embrace while you are between her legs and she is at the peak of Mount Everest in terms of pleasure.

Why Not Just Use the Clitoris?

A clitoral orgasm feels spectacular to a woman. The problem with clitoral orgasms is twofold, though.

First of all, almost every woman has already experienced a clitoral orgasm and does so regularly, whether through masturbation or oral sex. You don’t exactly set yourself apart as a special guy by giving her clitoral ones alone.

Second of all, while the clitoris is very sensitive and provides a powerful sensation, a clitoral orgasm is also short-lived and ultimately not as fulfilling as a vaginal orgasm.

To make matters worse, the clitoris typically becomes so sensitive that it can not easily be used to achieve multiple orgasms, while there is not a limit to the vaginal orgasm.


This is the easiest method that I know of to make the average woman have an amazing climax, even if she has never had one before. Read it, remember it, and put it to use!

I’d love to share more with you, but to do so would be outside the scope of the article. Let’s keep it simple for now. However, if you’d like more, make sure to sign up for my free mailing list below, and I’ll send you all of the best stuff and my personal recommendations.

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