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Top Ways to find a Great Camcontact

One of the greatest things about the internet is the ability to allow people to interact with others from anywhere else in the world. Thanks to the information superhighway, there is a world of cam contacts right at your fingertips and ready to communicate with you.


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Finding great places to hang out with like-minded people who enjoy camcontact fun and enjoy exploring each other can be daunting, however, we have made this page to keep you right and point you in the right direction so read on.

  • Social media is a great place to meet other people for cam chat online
  • Adult cam sites like camcontacts
  • Dating sites  have some areas for cams
  • Forums have some places for webcam chats
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There is a massive choice of places to visit for this and it can be a daunting arena to step into unless you know what you are doing. With this world of like-minded people also comes a world of trolls, idiots, time-wasters, and worse.

So what do you do?

One of the best places to socialize online is by finding a cam contact to do it with. There are dozens of live cam sites that offer 1 to 1 interaction with women (or men) and there are always dozens online at any one time.

You can also use the filter button to edit the selection available to only your personal tastes (short hair, long hair, white, black, Asian, BBW, age, etc) which makes your experience all the better. We also have an amazing selection of kinky shemales who enjoy fetish

A good site to try first is called camcontacts which is a mainly adult site that caters for live cam to cam sex between consenting adults but also has a friends and fun area for just cam chats and conversation.

This site has literally thousands of hosts all live and online and waiting to talk to you at any time of day or night.

What can you expect from a cam contact experience?

What makes it so special and worthy of trying?
Well for starters there is the sheer choice available. No matter if it is day or night, there is always an endless selection of women available to you.

All shapes, sizes, and ages are there specifically to give you company, companionship, and whatever else you want from them.

Another benefit is the range of things you can do. If all you want to do is sit and chat, shoot the breeze and talk about nothing in particular then all the online hosts will be more than happy to do this with you.

If you want some adult cams sex fun then this is also on the cards as well. All of the hosts are happy doing anything you want, and just as eager to sit and talk as they are in fulfilling your fantasies.

The biggest attraction for a cam contact experience is that YOU are in control of the entire set up and it is all catered to your needs and wants.
The choice is also a huge attraction.

You can see the same girl every night or see different girls every night of the week. There are always different ones available and new girls joining all the time, creating an environment you will never get bored in.

Kinds of  Webcam shows available

Models place themselves into categories to better define what shows they’re willing and able to do. A host can freely change categories at any time.

No nudity, no revealing underwear, no swimsuit, no touching or posing in a sexual manner, including personal OneToOne

By signing into this section that the Chathost commits to No sexually orientated or swear words in chat.
When requested in chat to carry out any adult activity they’ll decline.
Won’t promote themselves in sexual mode at all. (Belly dancing, revealing stomach, etc. is permitted ).

By signing into this section – the Chathost commits to: Seriously looking for a long-term relationship or marriage.
No sexually orientated or swear words in chat.
When requested in chat to carry out any adult activity they’ll decline.
Won’t promote themselves in sexual mode at all. (Belly dancing, revealing stomach, etc. is permitted ).

If you’re currently in a serious relationship and not seriously searching for a long-term relationship, then select ANOTHER category.

Adult Softcore
The action of a gentle sexual nature that might include whole nudity and touching of breasts, but no legs upward or apart while naked; no close-up of genital regions (even with clothes on); no real or implied touching of genital regions (even with clothes on); no screen or use of phallic objects; no animals visible in the session at any time.

Adult Hardcore

The activity of an extremely sexual nature that might comprise one or more of the following: full nudity; thighs up or up; explicit close up of genitals; masturbation; use of phallic objects; male erection; sexual intercourse, etc; no animals visible in the session at any time.

By signing into this section the Chathost, if requested, commits to:

To add:
Open Legs
Masturbation on themselves.
If a viewer wants toys, or another particular action they have to ask the Chathost first to guarantee the Chathost is both willing and able to accommodate the request.

Gender Bends (TV, TS, CD)
By signing into this Area  The Chathosts commit to:

Be among the following:
Cross Dresser.
Provide details on your profile regarding precisely what sex orientation best describes you.
Get completely naked if requested by the audience.

The ability for 1 to 1, real-time interaction can also be had on here. You have uninterrupted access and instant replies and views as soon as you enter her cam room. No lag, no delay, and no waiting around for replies to emails or texts. It’s a win-win for you!

High-definition webcams are also a great addition. With ultra HD 4k webcams you now have crystal clear images of the gorgeous women you are chatting with.

An HD cam can be bought relatively cheaply and every cam girl has one so you have a perfect view of her, and more importantly what she is doing for you!

webcam chats

The price is also a big attraction for many people. If you go to a bar and try to chat with women there it can cost you a small fortune in drinks etc but with a webcam experience, all it costs you is as little as 33c per minute.

For the price of one or two drinks, you can have the unbridled and unbroken attention of the girl of your dreams who is willing to do whatever you want.

No more messing about with chat-up lines, buying drinks, and having to try to be “someone else”. Nope, now all you need to do is log on and you have it all for a fraction of the price.

You can also check out our different types of gay cam shows and chat with online gay contacts for a real sexual encounter and experience.

Having mentioned the cheap rate though, what about even cheaper? As in free? That’s right, free chat! Many of the hostesses offer a free cams chat facility where you can talk to them for absolutely nothing.

This is for an unlimited time span as well, but be aware the only downside is that if someone wishes to pay then he automatically takes priority but if she is available then free webcam chatting is certainly a possibility.

The overall biggest attraction though is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. No need to get all dressed up, no need to look sharp, and no need to spend ages looking perfect.


You don’t need to cross the front door and can log in from your living room or bedroom and begin a conversation straight away. That’s a win in anyone’s book!

If you want a bit of kink in your play, you can try for a dominatrix to control and dominate you if that is your thing. No need for the awkwardness of meeting a real-time Mistress which can be a daunting experience.

Just another benefit to using webcams. Check out our page on femdom humiliation to see more about the kinky side of online webcam chats

The advantages of a cam contact hugely overweigh a real-life one so what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to the site now and get signed up. There is an endless supply of women just waiting on you right now so don’t keep them waiting!

No matter what type of fun you are looking to explore online, you can be assured that our site will lead you in the right direction.

We have hundreds of different rooms, pictures, videos, and free chat areas as well as advice, guidance, and some real kinky, naughty ideas to help you get started in your live session.

If you like  your cam contact to view you at the same time then be sure to tell you are interested in the full cam to cam sex experience  and they will be super excited to view you at the same time

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