Black Goddess – Waiting to spank and dominate you

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Black Femdom Waiting – spanking, caning and tease and denial

It’s not often i am left scared by merley looking at a Mistress but when i look at this one and this particular picture i know straight away this is a women who means business and takes every aspect of Bdsm seriously.
Black Mistress Cams
She looks mean and cruel and not someone i would want to cross in any type of session – Especially when i see she is holding a cane – Yes black mistresses online are not only beautiful to look at but they are very powerful and they know exactly how to make a man fall to his knees and beg for mercy.


An otk spank punishment is the ideal way to ensure a slave knows where he is in the pecking order. Your Goddess knows that being put over a powerful woman’s lap with a stern stare will instantly regress him back to childhood and the fear and trepidation of going over his mother’s lap after a scolding for being naughty.
Strict Black Mistress on Webcam waiting to dominate and degrade slaves

The feeling of being transformed back to that naughty little boy who knows he has done wrong and needs to be punished by the dominant female in his life is a powerful transfer of power and one which really cements just where he belongs in the pecking order. Our Big Dark skinned Mistresses love to use the big tit fetish to get what they want

Some of the most sadistic of all Mistresses are black or ebony. The attitude and dominant nature they all possess as a natural attribute combine to make them ideally placed and perfect to keep any and all pathetic little slaves in line. One of the most heartless and sadistic is Goddess Aheka.
Cruel African Femdom online for live - slave training bdsm cam shows

She is a six foot 3-inch amazon Goddess who strikes fear into the hearts of all subs who come before her.

Goddess Aheka is one of the strictest and most severe spanking Mistress dommes around. The sight of her steely glare and pursed lips are enough to bring any male slave to the brink of tears. Any one who has ever had the misfortune to be put across her lap will know only too well the savageness and severity of each stroke from her open palmed hand or her personal favorite, the wooden hair brush.

Standing before her with your pants and underwear around your ankles, the deep sense of shame and embarrassment felt makes you instinctively bow your head to avoid her gaze. Hands behind your back, your pathetic cock will be on display for her to see.
Mature Ebony Mistress On live cam chat waiting to own and control her sissies and slaves

It will no doubt be hard in a ridiculous spectacle of disrespect which will only serve to ensure she is even harsher and stricter than usual.

As she lifts her left hand to shoulder height and points to her lap with her index finger, you know it is time for your over the knee spanking. Lowering yourself tepidly onto her knee, the coolness of her leather skirt and shapely, strong and powerful black muscular thighs bring home to you what you are about to face.

Grabbing your wrist and twisting it up your back, your bare back side is now hopelessly exposed to the ferociousness of her blows. Feeling the air move and the whoosh as her hand lowers and then the whack of skin on skin as her hand connects with your butt cheeks.

Anyone who has ever had a spanking knows that first few seconds after the first stroke are the worst. You know her hand has struck but the pain does not register straight away.

Then it hits. The sting and hurt. Then the heat but you only get a brief moment as the next blow touches down on your ass. Then the next, and the next, and the next. You will try to move your hand but her vice like grip with hold it out of her way to give her uninterrupted access to your bum.

You will be powerless to stop her till she is finished. You will be sobbing and blubbering by the time this strong ebony dominatrix has finished with you. Standing up, you will instinctively put your hands to your blistered ass and the heat from the welts on your cheeks will be evident.
Sexy Black Mistress in tight latex dress for cam to cam webcam training in bondage and discipline fantasy

Being the mean bitches that she is, she’ll make you stand in front of her and thank her for your discipline and apologise for your behaviour and to her for making her do it. You caused her to hurt her hand as she thrashed your arse and for that you need to apologise.
Her dark brown eyes, long black hair, pouted red lips and cold stare will make you blush till she dismisses you to go stand in the corner. With stinging cheeks, you will be desperate for a cold surface but you will not get one.

Goddess Aheka is one of many strict ebony Mistresses and is a no nonsense female who takes no prisoners and deals with all submissive slaves in the same manner. Brutally and swiftly. There are dozens like her on live femdom cams and they are all perfectly equipped to deal with subs and slaves like you by administering an over the knee spanking.

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Perhaps the idea of her smothering you with her big black feet making you feel weak, pathetic as she slides her dark toes into your mouth. These live evil females enjoy humiliation by footand watching you suffer as her big dark feet are covering your mouth as she plays breath play with you
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