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So what is a Pain Slut?

A pain slut is mostly known in the BDSM world usually a submissive or a sissy girl. They can take any amount of pain and enjoy it. The pain can be both physical as well as mental pain.

It seems to heighten the pleasure as they enjoy the sensitivity of it and the adrenalin as well as the feeling of the secretion of endorphins. Pain sluts enjoy the hard play, We have many punishment sluts available to chat with

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“A woman’s face is never more beautiful than when twisted in pain”

Words are spoken in a movie but even though it is fictional, the words are still 100% accurate.

For many men, it is a huge turn to inflict pain and suffering on their female slaves. If you are looking for a punishment slut then look no further than our website as we have hundreds of real pain slut females & sissy girls waitingΒ 


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If you are one such man then luckily for you there is a place you can go where there are hundreds of girls who enjoy suffering and accept any torture inflicted on them by their Male masters and superiors.

That place is female slave cams and on these sites, you will find an almost endless amount of woman who is live and online for the sole purpose of suffering for your pleasure.

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So are you a Master?

Are you a man who wants to control a female slave?

Do submissive women turn you on?

If so then this site is for you.

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By Β BDSM Cams section you will be presented with an almost endless selection of girls who are available. Whilst there are some Dommes and mistresses you will also find your type of Lady – Pain sluts.

No matter what kind of sub you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find one that fits your bill at any time. Simply scroll through the selection until you see one that you like and click the free chatbox. Now the real fun begins.

These women live to please and endure pain, if that turns you on, then you are in the right place as that is what they are here for.

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Each girl has an extensive collection of whips, crops, electrics, clamps, pinwheels, needles, and all manner of other implements that they are willing to use on themselves at your instruction.

They are also experts in self-bondage so can tie themselves up if that is something you want.

Our slaves become the sex slaves that we use and abuse in any way shape or form, they know they are here to please usΒ  we begin the sex slave training and have some of them sign contracts stating they give us permission to inflict pain on them

By using the free chat you are able to explain what it is that you want to do. This ensures that she has everything ready, which will make the session flow a lot better.

So what kind of things can you do to Pain Sluts?

Well, pretty much whatever you want!

Fancy making their ass glow nice and red? Then why not make her bend over or get on all fours and spank her ass hard. Make her slap her cheeks time and time again tell her bum is glowing and she is flinching and yelping with pain.

You can also abuse crossdressers & sissy girls in these scenarios. I have had many sissy Cams

To increase her discomfort, you can have her use other implements such as crops, canes, floggers, wooden spoons, or paddles.

A good spanking makes your online pain slut learn her place and is an incredibly effective action to correct any misbehaviour.

bdsm pain slut

Fancy taking things up a notch?

Then why not make her whip herself? Self-flagellation is something that all of these online cam girls can do expertly. Have them whip their back or the backs of their thighs with a single tail whip or a multi-strand flogger.

You can also have them use a leather belt as well. For added effect for hardcore pain bitches, you can make them use a studded belt.

Clothes pegs are perfect for BDSM implementation. Small, easy to source, and Incredibly effective and painful when used within an S&M session.

They can be used anywhere on the body and cause extreme discomfort to the poor suffering slave girl. You can get her to put them on her ears, her nipples, her nose, or get her to clip those horrible little teeth onto the soft flesh of her breasts.

In less than a minute of attaching them to whichever part of her body you choose, she will begin to squirm with discomfort. When you are ready for her to remove them, don’t just let her take them off gently either. Make her yank them off!

String or shoelaces are also good things to use. Tying them tightly around her nipples or tits will cause them to become blue and painful.

All cam girls always have a candle burning in the background so why not have your pain slut put hers to some better use.

Wait until there is a nice pool of melted candle wax gathered at the top then force her to pour it over her naked tits, pussy, stomach, legs, hands, feet, or anywhere else of your choosing.

This act is almost guaranteed to get that sharp intake of breath and yelp that turns you on so much.

Who can forget everyone’s Favourite go-to Place to cause maximum pain? Right between my legs.

Most men think women are lucky that they don’t have balls due to how painful it is when they get hit but actually, for a woman, something hitting her pussy is also incredibly painful so use this to your full advantage.

Make her slap it, punch it, pour candle wax on it, or attach clips or clothes pegs to her pussy lips.

These are just basic suggestions of what you can do with an online slave girl and pain slut. By using the free cam chat option, you can find out what specialized BDSM apparatus she possesses. Things like clamps, gags, etc and you can then decide what you want to do to her.

There are dozens of hardcore pain sluts live and online right now, just waiting on a dominant male (or female!) to make them suffer.

They are there for your pleasure and if their suffering is what it takes for you to Get Your Rocks Off then they accept their place.

Join the site now and select the girl whose face you want to see twisted in agony