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For guys who prefer to use online femdom cam sites to satisfy their fetish needs and desires, they dont come much better than imlive. The sheer number of girls online of all ages, shapes and ethnicities means you will never be without a woman to give you what you need. This is definitly up there as one of the best live fetish webcam sites you will find anywhere on the net, guarenteed.


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What ever your style of female domination and no matter what kind of fetish you have that gets you off, it can be fulfilled on this site here. There are literally hundreds of women from 18 right up to 80 who are fully experienced in the art of giving men exactly what they need in order to get them off


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Seriously, there is actually no limit to what kind of live fetish cams show you can have on imlive. Whether it is something generic and popular such as female feet, sexy women smoking, tits, high heels or women in boots to slightly more specialised such as leather clothing, jeans, PVC, tramp stamps, fake tits or tattoos, to much more specific such are jewellery, hairy armpits, shaved heads or botoxed lips you dont need to worry because no matter what it is, there is a female on this site somewhere who will be able to give you a 4K, ultra high definition fetish webcam session that will totally blow you away.

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This is also one of the cheapest live cam sex sites you will find as well. Prices not only start from as low as 33c a minute, which means you can have a 30 minute session for less than $10!, but there are also special promotions and discounts as well, not to mention the small fact of $25 of free credits to get you started once you sign up!

What Makes Imlive So Good?

As already mentioned, the 33c a minute doesnt hurt but also the sheer number of females who are online at any one time. They have thousands of hosts, which means that at any time of day or night you will always find dozens of women who are online and ready to indulge your fantasies. Another great feature is that with all this volume of females, they are all experienced in doing fetish cam shows. You only need to tell them what tuns you on and what gets you off and which ever woman you pick to session with will have the experience to give you exactly what it is you are looking for.

Is It Really Only 33c Per Minute?

Yes, it really is! This is not just a gimmick or a case of false advertising. There really are hosts on imlive who charge 33c PM. Its not just a few either, its an incredibly high percentage. Of course there are hosts who charge 3,4,$5 a minute but its not simply a case of you get what you pay for either. All guys are different and all girls are too. What works for one guy with a $4 a minute girl wont work for another, who will find a 33c girl is better suited to giving him what he wants. 

Is There A Way To Avoid Wasting Credits Explaining My Fetish?

Yes there absolutely is! Many of the girls offer a free cam chat service. This lets you talk to them and explain your fetish and what you want for absolutely free. There is no charge to your account whatsoever for this, and you are both able to get to know each other and iron out the details without you feeling you need to rush it in order to save time to get a longer session. This in turn means you get a much better experience in your show because you are only paying for the good stuff and can relax better. That can only be a good thing!

I Dont Have A Webcam. Is This A Problem? 

Not at all. Sure, it helps make the host feel more comfortable if she can see you but it is certainly not a deal breaker. Many guys dont like to show their faces or be on webcam, for obvious reasons, and what ever fetish cam girl you choose will still be able to do exactly what it is you are wanting. You do not even need to speak if you do not want to as there is a type chat option so no, not having a webcam is not a problem.

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My Fetish Is Very Specific. Will The Host Focus On It?

Of course! These women are on here for no other reason than to fulfill your needs. What ever it is you want, tell them and they will focus on it. The thing with fetishes is that they often have a sub-area that the fetishist likes best. For guys who like jeans, some will like blue and others black. Some like a zip crotch while some prefer buttons. Foot fetishists are the same. Some like toes, some the arches, some are into the wrinkles of the soles, some like sweaty feet. All fetishes can be broken down this way so having a specific target area wont be something new to your chosen cam girl. Use the free fetish webcam chats option to explain fully what it is you like best and then she can tailor the session around it.

Is My Credit Card Charged Per Minute?

No, you buy credits to “load” your account and this is what is used when you enter a paid private cam session. This is good as it means you know how much you are spending. You pre-load with a specific amount and cant run up a massive bill. We all know that when men are horny, the blood is all somewhere else and they arent thinking straight and this could get you into a lot of debt. By buying credits, you have much more control over how much you spend and believe us, once you get started with any one of the hosts on this site you could get seriously carried away!

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I Am Nervous About Using A Live Cam Session.

Dont be! Every single host understands it can be a daunting experience, especially if you are a submissive looking for a dominatrix, and they are all friendly, inviting and chatty. They all have the ability to put you completley at ease and to make you feel comfortable in opening up and explaining exactly what you want. 

For the very best in online fetish webcam sessions, imlive should be one of your first choices. As you can see, there is nothing that cant be covered and any thing is possible. Whatever you are into and whatever gets you off, there is a girl online for you right now.

Whether you like White girls, black, mediteranian, Asian, BBW, skinny, tall, short, blonde, brunette, teenagers, milfs, grannies, women with tattoos, tall women, short, piercings, you name it, there is a woman in here who will fit the bill for you perfectly. 

Use the search and filter option at the top of the page and check the boxes for all your requirements. This will give you a new set of available women, all of whom fit your criteria. It doesnt get any easier than that!

So what are you waiting for? Hundreds of women are waiting on you now and they are live and online for the specific purposes of getting guys like you off. They know how to push your buttons and get you excited to the point where you cant stop jerking off and cum like a hydrant so enter the site now and get yourself logged in. 

Hundreds of experienced and horny ladies all in the one place is every guys dream and you can have it at your fingertips in less than 2 minutes!


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