Stocking Foot Worship

Stocking Foot Worship

Written by Slave Foot lover

My earliest sexual fantasies focused almost exclusively on worshipping a dominant woman’s stocking feet. Kissing them, sniffing them, and being trampled by them. The first hardcore porn magazine that I ever saw had an image that has been burned into my head ever since seeing it …


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The image of dominant women in black stockings sitting in a chair with her leg extended and a male slave on her leash straining to kiss her stocking foot. That scene was my masturbation fantasy all through my teen and college years. And the fantasy evolved from the dominant woman wearing “fetish clothes” to wearing “street clothes.”

I wanted the girls and women that I saw on a daily basis to enslave me and have me down on my hands and knees licking the soles of their shoes clean and kissing and sniffing their stocking feet while they laughed at me, slapped me in the face, spit on me, humiliated me, and used me for their entertainment.

I started purchasing foot fetish and BDSM magazines to feed my fetish for stocking feet. Then I moved on to calling Mistresses for Phone Domination. Finally, I built up the courage to start doing real-time sessions with Mistresses who trained me as a foot slave and humiliated me before allowing me to kiss and worship their stocking feet.

When I am out, I still find myself first looking at a woman’s feet. If her feet aren’t attractive … I move on to the next potential Mistress who will enslave me.

Women in stockings has always been a huge fantasy for men. Right back to the days of the burlesque dancer, guys have enjoyed the sight of females in stockings and suspenders. This lust has carried forward to the current day and is just as strong and as much of a fantasy as it has always been.

This is where the invention of fetish cams has been such a god send. Instead of merely looking at pictures you can now enter one of these sites and have a live 1 to 1 session with an actual woman right in front of you. What ever your perfect and ideal woman looks like, there is an exact match on here for you right now, and not only do they have every type of stocking you could possibly want but they are also ready and willing to wear them for you.

Whether you like fishnets, lace, printed, garter or seamed, these girls have them all. All types of materials and designs as well as any colour you want. All you have to do is tell them what you want and they will dig a pair out, put them on and give you a show to blow your mind and make you blow your load!

Let these women take you on a journey that will fulfil all your fantasies and satisfy your stocking fetish to levels you never thought possible. They will don those sexy items that turn you on so much and parade up and down in a pair of high heels to let you soak in the delicious image or they will dangle their stocking clad feet right up close to the webcam so you can gaze upon the beauty of those sexy toes through the material.

What ever happens in a session like this is entirely up to you. Anythnig goes and it is all about what you want. Use the free cam chats area to talk with your chosen host and let her know exactly what it is you are looking for. Then she can make your session flow smoothly without interruptions or her having to ask if you want something or you having to say you desire something.

There is every type of woman you could possibly desire on here. From brunette to raven haired, blonde to redhead. Teens (18+), co-eds, milfs, cougars, grannies, white, black, Indian, even shemale. Thin, chubby, BBW, tattoos with stockings, you name it and you will find your dream woman on here right now, any time of day or night.

A stocking fetish is one of the most popular types there is so why waste your time with pictures when you can have a real live woman don them and show them off for you to your hearts desire?

Hundreds of cam girls are online right now, and each one is more than capable of giving you exactly what you want and that is to see some delicious, sexy stockings so join up now and you can be in a show in less than two minutes

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