Humiliation Cams

 Humiliation Cams – Humiliating Slaves On Live Cam

Humiliation Cams – Some slaves are so useless, so pathetic and so disgusting that the only use they are to a dominatrix is for her to use as her toy. To humiliate them severely for her sick pleasure.

To degrade them until they feel so worthless and ridiculous that they collapse into a sobbing pile of snot and tears on the floor at her feet, begging her to stop. These male submissives are the lowest of the low. Worse than the dirt that gathers on her boots and being totally and utterly humiliated is all they are any use for.

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There are dozens of superior women and powerful women online at any live femdom cam website and they are all itching to get their hands on a pathetic, snivelling little runt like you.

Sissy Slaves and Losers Wanted for Extreme Live Humiliation

You’re looking for some extreme live humiliation, aren’t you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We are looking for all the sissies, slaves and losers, who are ready for non-stop humiliation on webcam.

From sissy training and small penis humiliation to cum eating and toilet slavery, our Dommes will degrade you like never before. Your pathetic little clitty will shrink in fear and awe of Mistress. 

They will get your sissy ass pounded by BBC right in front of your laughing friends. You’ll be begging for more humiliation by the time she’s done with you. So sign up, lock up your useless cock and get ready to surrender. Our cruel dommes are waiting.

Extreme Humiliation on Live Webcams

If you’re a shameless sissy slave or pathetic loser craving extreme degradation, humiliation cams are for you. Nothing is off limits when it comes to verbally tearing you down and exposing how worthless you are.

Public Shaming? Do Want Mistress Vonn to reveal your secrets and share your pics with her friends so they can all laugh at what a failure you are? She’ll put you on blast in her social media and make sure everyone knows what a useless sissy you are.

Forced Feminization

Mistress loves dolling up her sissy slaves in frilly pink dresses, slutty make-up and blonde wigs. She’ll parade you around, call you demeaning names like ‘sissy slut’ and ‘cum dumpster’ to break you down into the submissive sissy you were born to be.

Cock and Cum Humiliation Mistress has no patience for sissies with tiny clitties and limp dicks. She’ll make you whip out that little worm so she can ruthlessly tease you about how you can never please a woman. You’ll be reduced to tears as she describes in graphic detail all the ways real men would use and abuse your worthless holes.

The humiliation never stops on Mistress Cam shows. From sissy tasks and punishments to bringing in her Domme friends to join in the degradation, she can dish it out for hours on end until you’re a whimpering, shattered mess. Submitting to Mistress Vonn means accepting you’re less than nothing – just a plaything for her twisted amusement and entertainment. Are you brave enough to place yourself at the mercy of this ruthless Dominatrix? Log on, say ‘Please humiliate me, Mistress’ and prepare to be torn to shreds.

Sissy, Slave and Loser Humiliation Ideas

So you want to be humiliated and degraded, do you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Mistress Vonn specialises in extreme humiliation and has some deliciously cruel ideas for sissies, slaves and losers like you.

First, Mistress will force you into sissy outfits like frilly pink dresses, lacy petticoats and high heels. She’ll do your makeup and hair and parade you in front of her friends so they can laugh at what a ridiculous sissy you are. You’ll be given a sissy name like ‘Prissy’ or ‘Fifi’ and ordered to prance and mince for their amusement.

If you’re a slave, Mistress has painful punishments in store. Maybe she’ll put you in restrictive bondage and subject you to CBT, nipple torture or forced orgasms. She might make you lick her toilet clean or use you as her human ashtray. You’ll have to earn the privilege of kissing her feet or the ground she walks on.

Are you a loser with a tiny cock? Mistress will ridicule your pathetic manhood and compare you unfavourably to her well-endowed bull. She’ll make you watch while they fuck and then humiliate you further by making you lick up their mess. You’ll be reduced to a fluffer and cum rag for your superiors.

Mistress Vonn is an expert in psychological torment and ego destruction. Be warned, her humiliation sessions are not for the faint of heart. But if you’re a glutton for punishment and think you can handle the harshest degradation, she’ll be only too happy to put you in your place at the bottom of her heel.


Sadistic Mistress for Humiliation cams

They have the cruellest, most sadistic imaginations and they can do things to you that will make your head spin. You will see so many different types of scenarios on our BDSM cams site where we have hosts waiting to make you look as pathetic as you really are 247.

Humiliating you with our sexy feet is what we enjoy, making you suck, and clean between our toes is your duty and job slave!

Take this slave for example. This bumbling imbecilic entered the live Mistress cam site and straight away his mistress rolled her eyes and sighed.

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This idiot again, she thought. So straight away she had him get on all fours and beg her to make him a humiliated slave on cam. She made him crawl around on the carpet and wiggle his backside like a little puppy dog while pleading and grovelling for her to make him suffer.


After she was bored of listening to his whining, she made him get his blow-up sheep and then kneel in front of it and tell it how it was more of a man than he was and that he wanted to serve it. She was howling with laughter and his cheeks were burning with shame.

The mean bitches on cam of this site know no mercy and she then ordered him to kiss its feet! Right there, he knelt his head down and kissed the feet of a blow-up sheep.

Tears were running down her face as she laughed at his embarrassment. After he had worshipped it, she had him get lipstick and write all over his body – We have the best humiliation cams online, with the best BDSM punishment ideas
– Idiot
– Useless
– Cuckold
– Not a real man
– Small dick loser
– Wank stain
Then she made him stand before her as she took pictures to show all her friends. By now tears were in his eyes and he burst into tears. She looked at him in disbelief at how much of a fucking idiot he looked. This is what we do in our sessions, humiliating slaves live is what we are good at and once we start we never look back.

She had on a tight low-cut top and as he looked down her top, he committed the ultimate sin. The cruellest Mistresses online for humiliation cam sessions

He got an erection without permission. She was furious so she decided he needed to be humiliated further and forced him to turn his sheep around and hump it doggy style and tell it how much he adored and loved it.

Her giggling made his pathetic humping all the more degrading for him and as he groaned and shot his load inside the plastic, she called him a stupid 2-stroke fuck hump and then forced him to lick his mess out of the doll. Then she told him to fuck off and turned her femdom webcam off and sat smiling to herself as she remembered the look of shame and degradation on his face.

These live harsh mistress Dommes are ruthless and have zero mercy or tolerance for insignificant little male runts. If you are a sub who wishes to serve a dominatrix but is too useless to be of any good to her, become a humiliated cam slave for her

Humiliation Cams With Mistress

Humiliation Cams -Mistress is waiting online to humiliate her cam slaves & sissy girls. If you know you need to be humiliated then be sure to enter our live webcams where we have hundreds of females who love nothing more than to abuse, verbally & physically you can see hundreds of our pictures here where we have abused our sissy girls – via sissy humiliation Page.

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Humiliation Cams & Public Humiliation

We really do enjoy having a session on webcam with our slaves and sissy girls and giving them the most degrading of tasks to do while we watch and laugh. The humiliation cams always make us laugh especially when we send you ours for some public humiliation.

So what kind of public humiliation? 

  • Making you dress up and stand outside your house
  • Making you dress up and walk down your street
  • Demanding you go swimming with a lady’s bikini on or we blackmail you and release your information to the world.
  • Having you take a wank in your garden with panties on
  • making you chap a neighbour’s door and ask for sugar while dressed

These are just some of the scenarios we have used, but rest assured we have a book full of scenarios to use on you.

We do prefer to have a live cam to cam sex chat with our slaves as we like to watch you and make sure that you carry out the duties that have been demanded of you.