Cum Eating Instructions

What is CEI – Cum eating instructions

There is an area of BDSM that few dare to tread. An area that is so taboo and not for the faint of heart that not every submissive can see it through to completion.

We are talking about CEI which is used by many a Dominatrix as a massively effective power shift dynamic.

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So what is cei?

It stands for cum eating instructions and involves a male slave ejaculating and then being given instructions and orders for the dominant female on how he should clean up his mess.

For many male slaves, CEI is the ultimate submissive act. When a man is horny and excited he will be up for almost anything but just after he has cum, his hormones are “flat” and the thought of eating his own spunk turns his stomach. If you don’t follow through with the cum eating  our Mistresses will want to lock you up in chastity

So when his Mistress orders him to eat it and he has no choice but to obey, no matter how much he hates it and doesn’t want to, he has to. This cements the power change and who holds it all.

Cei is not for everyone.

Many subs will enter a session turned on, excited and will be all for it but the second he has cum, his mood will change and suddenly he won’t be so keen. What happens in a cum eating instructions cam session can and does, vary. It depends on what you are “into” and what the Domme has in mind.

For example, it can be as simple as having you wank and every so often she makes you stop and scoop some pre-cum between your fingers and swallow it.


This is a good method for beginners and is also good because it takes place before you have “come down” which means you will be able to do it with no problems.

For more advanced and adventurous slaves

The possibilities are endless. You can be made to cum on the floor and lick it up, spunk onto a plate and mop it up with a piece of bread, swallow it directly out of a condom, shoot your load over a meal and eat it, cum into your hand and lick it off or ejaculate into a glass and drink it to name but a few.

There are many different ways it can happen which keeps everything fresh and allows each session to be different.

  • One of the main activities that Dommes online enjoy is cum eating instructions. They enjoy the humiliation aspect of allowing you to cum but of knowing that the second you have, you suddenly don’t want to do this anymore and it turns your stomach. – More on our page which is all about the twist & Turns in BDSM chat rooms our best BDSM cams have top femdoms for cei play online 
  • They love the power it gives them to instruct you on how to eat your own mess and that you are doing it because they have told you to.
  • CEI can be performed either as part of the session or right at the end after you have come. The beauty of the male anatomy is that if you are excited, you will be releasing an endless supply of cum like a tap which you can be given orders on how to dispose of.
  • CEI can also be used in different ways. It can be a stand-alone act (as in the only thing that happens) or it can be used as punishment for unauthorized orgasm, pre-cum leakage or for annoying her by whining about how desperate you are to cum (this works best in a BDSM fantasy roleplay type scenario).
  • It can be something that is neither, just added into the session as and when or it can be added to other types of scenarios (CBT, boot worship etc).
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  • One of the best things about it is that it can be used at any time during a femdom session. It also works extremely well as a condition of release for slaves who are kept in chastity.
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In order to be granted permission for an orgasm, he must agree to lick his spunk up.

After days, weeks or even months of no relief a chastity slave will agree to almost anything to achieve orgasm and he knows if he refuses or even hesitates his CEI afterwards then it will be a long time before he gets to cum again.

Having to lick up your own mess is a very humiliating act which is what makes it so popular in the femdom arena. Being allowed to orgasm in front of a Mistress is a privilege yet even the joy of having that orgasm is dampened by the thought of what has to happen straight after.

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It’s a perfect way for a Dominatrix to ensure that even when she is giving her slave something pleasurable, he is unable to enjoy it properly, especially when he is actually orgasming.

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