Sissie Training – Slut Humiliated In public

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Mistress Humiliates The slut in public

Sissy Training online – Mistress Humiliates The sissy Slut In Public

One thing guaranteed to keep all sissy sluts in line and to appreciate their place in the pecking order is a good dose of public humiliation by their Mistress. Nothing will make a slut feel more humble and degraded than being humiliated in public for all to see. Get ready for sissy training school

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There are many fishnet dominatrices to do this and if she has a twisted mind and wicked sense of fishnet the sissy is in for some serious embarrassment.

Being dressed in a pair of fishnet stockings, some 5 inch high heels, frilly panties, a low cut crop top, bright pink bra, short-haired wig and of course plastered in blusher, eyeliner, bright red lipstick and mascara is humiliating enough but imagine you are not in the privacy of the superior female’s home or dungeon. Imagine it is not her and her alone who will see you.

Female Domination for those needing to be humiliated in public

The picture that it is every vanilla person you see. They will have a first-hand view of you dressed like a slut and they’ll see ALL the degrading things this mean bitch will do to you.
So what could that be? Maybe she will snap a collar and lead on you and drag you down the high street. With your hands cuffed behind your back, she will yank the lead to make you walk faster while you struggle in your heels.
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Tottering precariously, you will be marched through the crowds dressed like a whore The clicking of your heels will sound like gunshots with every step you take. You will be able to feel all the vanilla people’s eyes boring into you with shock. Your eyes will be buried in the ground as you are unable to meet their gaze and with your cheeks burning, your sense of shame will be of great amusement to the sadistic female pulling you around. The Best sissy training is here from tasks, assignments and contracts
Sissy disgraced and humiliated in public

While she sits and drinks a coffee, you will be standing with your full sissies’ outfit for all to see.
Or maybe she will take you out in public and have you hitch your skirt up and flash your girly panties for all to see. Like the hussy you are, she will make you walk around with your dress around your waist, wiggling your backside and showing the world how you let all the guys know you are a dirty little cum slut whore who loves to get fucked in the ass by horny men or that you love getting down on your knees and pulling their pants down and sucking on their big hard dicks.

Again, your cheeks will be bright red and stinging with shame as you parade around and everyone will be able to see. All eyes will be on you and your sluttiness.This is the life of a sissie in disgrace

Take a look at the picture at the top of the page. Public humiliation of sissy sluts does not need to be in full view of all and sundry. It can also take place at night where just the thought that anyone could see is enough shame for the whore. Look at slut Jenny. Bent over the gate, Mistress is about to ram a traffic cone right up her slutty ass.
Slave Humiliated live

Jenny takes big thick dicks and huge cum loads in her arse so this will be no trouble for her. With her skirt up and her panties down, her bare and exposed ass hole is available and ready for Domme to insert anything she chooses and at this moment, the sadistic female has decided Jenny needs a big traffic cone rammed up her backside. There was a busy road just yards from where this picture was taken and it was obvious they could see her being violated.Our main page has many pictures you can view here

The Cruel Sissy Training School

The was some of them slowed down for a better look was proof of that! Being fucked with an inanimate object in full public view was extremely humiliating for Jenny but Mistress wanted it to happen so the slut had no choice. God knows how much of a laugh all the people who saw it got but the shame is all jenny’s so it is not like it happened to anyone important. Get ready to be introduced to our cruel sissy training school for sluts who need to learn how to walk, talk, interact and suck cock properly

Public humiliation is a particular favourite of all Mistresses and Dommes and they love the look of fear and anticipation in the fucksluts eyes. The burning red cheeks and the begging. They love the control they have over them and poor little sissy can only suck it up and accept it.