Should You Use Sex Toys On Your Woman?

Using Sex Toys On Your Partner

Ever since modern machines were invented, it seems that men at large have been somewhat intimidated by these machines replacing them. Just as the cashier worries about the automatic check-out machine taking his job, the lover has to worry about sex toys replacing him in bed.

I’m not here to tell you that that fear is silly or irrational, because there may be something to that.


Now I’m just going off my own experience here, but it seems that women who are accustomed to sex toys have a harder time climaxing in a more “natural” way. Especially when we’re talking about vaginal orgasms.

Nature prevails, and a man’s body will always turn a woman on in a way that a cold lifeless instrument never will. But while these women are probably not likely to choose their toys over a real live man that they are attracted to any time soon…

It’s still undeniable that there are sex machines and toys out there that can hit certain things (use your imagination) with more precision, efficiency, and stamina than you ever can.

And I don’t know about you, but I would sure as hell rather lose the “cashier” job to an automatic check-out machine than my job as a lover to a dildo…

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I’m not trying to make you afraid of using sex toys with your partner. Done right, and in moderation, they can actually enhance the sexual prowess that you already have.

This brings me to my next point…

If you are not making your lover come yet, then do not use toys to do so!!!

So sorry about the red, but I wanted to make sure that point got through to you.

You see, if you’ve already established in your lover’s mind that you are great in bed, then she’s not going to think any less of you for using toys.

What you want to avoid is toy dependency. Unless you’re okay with giving control of your woman’s orgasms to external devices.

Summary? If you’re already a good lover who can give regular orgasms, then use sex toys as you would a spice… Don’t let them be the main course!

(By the way, if you want to know how to give your woman a vaginal orgasm, no problem. Click here. If you want to know how to give a clitoral orgasm, you can try my guide on how to eat a woman out). But finish reading this first, because I haven’t gotten to the good part yet…

The Good Part:

Many women are already familiar with the kinds of sex toys that exclude the man. Indeed, most sex toys are invented with “solo play” in mind.

But there is a different kind of sex toy, that is MADE for a man to USE on a woman. These sex toys are a great middle ground. They can give a woman an incredible orgasm that you may be hard-pressed to do on your own, but psychologically, she will feel like you are the one giving her the orgasm.

The sex toys I’m talking about are remote-controlled sex toys that stimulate the vagina and clitoris… at your command.

Do you realize the power of what I’m talking about here? With a “remote-controlled” sex toy, you literally have a button you can press to give your woman pleasure.

Now that’s more like it.

These remote-controlled eggs, bullets, or whatever they’re marketed as these days have quite a few interesting uses, with the only limits being your own imagination.

You can have your woman insert it inside of her before you go out to eat, for instance, and pleasure her with your concealed remote in front of strangers while she tries to “keep it in.”

You can lightly tease her all night by hitting the button, and bring her closer and closer to orgasm until she’s begging for you to hit that switch again.

As I said, the possibilities are limitless.

If you want to try it, you want to make sure you get one with an independent wireless remote control, because if it’s connected it just won’t do.

I don’t think they make the particular remote-controlled vibrator that I use on my girlfriend anymore. However, this particular model seems to be getting pretty good user reviews on Amazon:


While I cannot personally recommend that specific model, it looks very similar to the one I own, so check out the reviews and see what you think.

I may write again on this topic later because I have more thoughts on sex toys, but I think that is enough for now.

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