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Alright loser it’s time to worship my feet over at – Live Fetish Cam Sex I love to have my gorgeous Nylon clad foot rubbed, licked and worshiped. Get your useless dick between my feetand get ready for your footjob!!!
You will lick your messy cum from my feet loser.

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Slave Clayton’s Story About this Fetish:
I have always had a thing for women’s Nylonfeet. I don’t know what it is but when ever I am out and about be it the mall, the park, a pub or club or even just sitting in a restaurant, I always find myself instantly attracted and drawn to almost every woman in the place’s feet.

I just love the way they look. I love the delicately painted and perfectly manicured toe nails, the smooth skin, the gorgeous arch of the in sole, the heel, the way the top looks as it joins to the ankle. I just love a womans foot. I have a powerful feet fetish and I am proud!

This has its own set of problems though. As easy as womens feet are to see, especially in the summer when they walk around in open toed sandals, I can not just go around staring at their tootsies and expecting them to be happy when they see me sporting a boner and putting a hand down my pants as I lean in for a closer look.

That’s just daft. So what is a guy with a strong fetish and desire to do?
Well me personally, I use the internet to my advantage and I utilize the live fetish webcam section. Because on here, there are quite literally HUNDREDS of gorgeous sexy women online and not only do they not mind if you get a hard on and want to wank all over their footsies, they actually WANT you to!

I have a thing for co-eds hotfeet. Don’t ask me why, I have just always preferred an early twenties babe and I find their feet to be the most fascinating. Maybe it’s the cute little ankle socks they wear or the open top shoes or the way the first time I realized I liked this part of a womans body it was when I saw a barefoot 21 year old in the park.
I remember being mesmerized as she lay on the grass and I watched her swinging her foot around and how much it turned me on.
So anyway, I have a particular girl online who’s toes I have a particular fetish for. I just like the way they are always perfectly manicured and her toe nails are always pristine. As soon as I enter her private chat she knows exactly what I want. After we chat for a few minutes she leans back. “Ready?” she says. As if she even has to check. I was born ready to see her those delicious feetsies!

So she shoves them up close to the cam and I am lost in a tranquil state as she wiggles her toes at me and shows me her soles and heels and all of her cutefoot. I especially like if she has had socks on for a while before I enter and when she takes them off I can see all the sweat glistening and I would love nothing more than to be there on her bed, sucking her toes and licking them all over.

I get rock hard as she pours baby oil on them and rubs it in. I always shoot my load in a mater of minutes. I can not help it. She is just so perfect!
So if you have a footfetish and whether you like the soles, the arches, the heels, the toes or just the whole package in general, don’t risk yourself going around in public trying to sneek a peek. You will get caught eventually. Go to an online fetish webcams site and have a private 1 to 1 with one of the girls on there. Everything is tailored to your tastes and you will get exactly what turns you on. Guaranteed.

However i am a camslave and i am mostly on the look out for a Mistress one who deprives me of my desires, who is cruel to me and denies me any such pleasures, yes she will stand on my face and do a footsmother or push it in my mouth and not let me wank or cum. This is the nature of the beast when your also into bdsm. If i even mention that i like co-eds tootsies i am caned and put in a cage for hours.
If you are a slave looking to worship, desire, stroke, touch,lick, smell and sniff your Mistresses gorgeous soles then think again she will stamp all over you, stuff your mouth with her dirty smelly socks and laugh her ass off at you.
Sexy foot fetish on Webcam- Worship, lick, taste, smell, kiss and rub our sexy feet
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