Post- Orgasm Torture

Post Orgasm Torture what Does it mean?

Post-orgasm torture is the name given to the act of continuous stimulation of a male or female’s genitals after they have achieved orgasm. It can be applied using either hands, mouth or any other method, Dommes choice.

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After ejaculation, the sexual organs become much more sensitive. Pre orgasm, a sub can achieve high levels of euphoria and actually enjoy pain but post-orgasm is a different scenario.

The feeling of pain is quite intense and works best when the cock is still hard. Cock rings are used to maintain the erection and make the ordeal last longer. However, if it is applied, the unfortunate subject will naturally buck and try to escape which is why restraints are almost always used.

Wanting POT is something almost all submissives want when they are turned on but as soon as they cum, males especially, usually have a change of heart. Restraints mean this is not an option.

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Usually, fondling, licking, sucking, rubbing etc of the clitoris or penis is done to achieve release then the stimulation stops. With post-orgasm torture, however, this is where it actually starts. Within femdom, it is an effective punishment for cumming without permission but can also be a stand-alone act.

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No matter what though, consent is a must. It must be sought BEFORE the action begins. It is considered sexual assault if done without the β€œvictim’s” consent.

There is no lasting damage from applying it either. Apart from incredible pain during the act itself, there is no downside to it, making it the ideal activity for those wishing to partake in BDSM but not wanting anything that leaves marks or has the bottom suffering for hours or days afterwards.

For couples wishing to explore some mild S&M to experienced dommes wising to cause considerable pain to their slaves, post-orgasm torture is the ideal method to use.

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Post-orgasm torture & Edging

Introducing edging into the scene can really heighten things,Β  stroking over and over and over again the penis becomes desperate, sensitive and sore but the stroking just continues. Doing this can really heighten things for when the person does eventually come as the cock is already sore and sensitive but the stroking continues long after orgasm. It can be really frustrating and you are begging for it to stop, but it continues. I find having the person tied up works great as they have no escape from the torment of it all.

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POT is a method for stimulating the penis even after it has orgasmed. Even though you’ll think you’re about to die, it’s perfectly safe. As long as she continues to stimulate the orgasm-induced spasming glans, it will continue. For the best results, palm the glans repeatedly. After a few or many minutes, it normally stops once the spasming stops on its own.

She/He will probably need to be restrained for her to do this because you’ll thrash around until they stop.

It’s one of the most effective and safest types of sexual edge play. Have fun (not)!

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Imagine being tickled when you are tied and you are thrashing about desperate to get away, well this is what post-orgasm torture feels like, you will be trying hard to fight the person off and you feel desperate and uncomfortable.Β 

It does feel extremely intense. It’s even better if you are strapped down to a bed and your cock is played with until you cum and sheΒ  keeps going

You will squirm and squeal and beg, you will thrash yourself about. At the time you will hate it but after you will realise you really loved it.

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