Spanking boys over the knee with a hairbrush

Spanked by the Hairbrush I enjoy nothing more than spanking boys over the knee using a hairbrush, the squeals and moans that come out of their mouth with every stroke of that hairbrush really fulfils my own needs to be dominant. No matter if I spank a sissy girl over my knee or submissive male […]

What does DDLG Mean — Daddy Kink

Daddy Kink – DDlg What is it? “Yes, daddy!” When I heard these words for the first time some time ago, I was really surprised. I’m not that old yet, it shot through my head. The young lady seemed to feel my discomfort and said to me: “I have a daddy kink!” So it stood […]

Femdom Slave In Public

Our Femdom Slaves & Sissy Girls In Public Humiliation If there is one thing that both excites and terrifies a sissy slave all at the same time, it is the threat of public humiliation. Being all dressed up like a slut or a maid and humiliated in a dungeon or indoors is one thing but […]

Dom Sub Chats -Submissive Chats Live

Dominant/submissive chat room/Dom sub chat room If you are a sub that is looking for a Dom to dominate and humiliate them then look no more, we have an amazing live chat room where you can chat with online Dominatrixes who enjoy all areas of BDSM and kink. We have some of the best dominant/submissive […]

Skype Sex Cams Live Girls & Guys

Live adult sex cams ON Skype for horny guys who just want to get laid without any hassle  Skype Sex Cams – Are you tired of having to spend hours chatting up women in clubs, buying them drinks all night than finding out they are shit in the sack and won’t wear outfits you like, […]

Female Domination Ideas

Our Top Ideas For Female Domination Are you a Dominant looking for ideas to use in a session? Are you wanting to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner? Are you a submissive male who wants to be dominated but hasn’t the first clue where to start or what he actually wants?   […]

Fantasy Roleplay Ideas

The Best Roleplay Ideas For fantasy Cam Chats The main reason for choosing a femdom cam site to fulfil your fantasies and desires to submit to a superior woman is for a safe space to live out these fantasies and fetishes. At this site here, there are hundreds of Mistresses who are live and online […]

Kinbaku Cams – What is Kinbaku

Kinbaku – History in a nutshell  You can ignore its rich history and cultural undertones and just enjoy this form of bondage. But why would you? Read more about this art of erotic restraint to gain a new appreciation for it. Here we’ll provide you with a brief history and some additional info. If you […]

Punishments For Submissives

Ideas to Punish your Submissives If you are looking for some ideas on how to punish your submissive slave or sissy girl, then read on as we have listed a lot of different ideas and methods you can use in both the online webcam world as well as at home or in your dungeon. BDSM […]