Spanking Chat

Putting you over our knees for a good proper spanking is something all Mistresses enjoy doing, we love to see a nice red bottom over our knees. However this impossible on cam so we  improvise and demand you bring certain things into the cam show to use to spank yourself with and to count out how many times you spank yourself hard. Our spanking bdsm cams. We will ask you to bring belts, slippers, flip flops, canes, rope.If you are ready to be spanked hard by strict females then enter our live free webcam chat rooms below. Where our Strict Mistresses are waiting to whip, cane and discipline you live on web cam.


No matter if it is you who has the fantasy of being spanked or you want to see a hot female over someones knee live, we have it all on these websites. You can chat live with people  who enjoy this fantasy, fetish, you can watch others to  it live to each other, or you can do it under the instructions of a strict dominant female. We have endless amounts of scenarios

The spanking Mistress

The humiliation of standing with your hands behind your back as she reprimands you and tells you why you are to be spanked over her knee and why you are being treated like such a naughty little boy. Having her pull your pants down and leaving you with them round your ankles for five humiliating minutes with your ridiculous little boner poking from under your shirt tails. Head bowed, you await the order to lower yourself across her lap for your otk spanking.

Sissy Karen Over Mistresses Knee for a good thrashing by hand 

SLAVES RED BOTTOM, spanking cams
Red bottom after spanking

It will be swift, it will be harsh and it will be painful but it will be for your own good. Naughty slaves like you need a good spank to keep them in line and to remind them of just who is in charge. Maybe you are being given it as a punishment or maybe it is just a run of the mill routine spanking to remind you that at heart and in her eyes you are nothing more than a silly little boy who needs chastised and treated as such.

Sissy Kimberly spanked by bare hand, caned, paddled and riding crop

The whoosh of air as her hand comes down and the sting of flesh on flesh as her open hand connects with your bare backside. The sting of pain and the sharp deep heat you feel. Before you can catch your breath, another blow. And another. And another. You will kick your legs and bring your hand back to try to protect yourself but she will simply grab your wrist and twist it up your back, leaving you exposed to more blows and whacks. They will come hard and fast and it will be a merciless, severe spanking at the hands of this mean bitches temper.

punishment tools, bdsm whips, bdsm canes
My tools for punishment

You will be a broken, sobbing mess as she finally stops to catch her breath and give her poor hand a rest. Your bum will be bright red and glowing. It will be burning from the beating it just took and will be so hot you could probably fry an egg on it!

Ordered to stand and quit your snivelling, you will be holding your stinging cheeks and sobbing as you comprehend what just happened. Then it will be corner time to think about just WHY you needed that ass beating in the first place. With your nose pressed in the corner and your hands on your head humiliated and belittled, you will be desperate to sit on a cool surface to calm your red backside. She will sit with crossed legs glaring at you if you dare take your nose from the wall. You will be lucky to be able to sit down any time this week.

spanking cams, spanked hard, otk cams
Bright red punished sissy slave

That is, of course, if you manage to avoid another severe spanking from this angry Mistress.
All disobedient slaves will be treated like naughty little boys being put across mother’s knee.