Erotic Punishment

Safe Words and Limits – Erotic Punishment A safeword is an easily-remembered but apparently irrelevant word your sub can use if he wants you to stop or pause. Some submissives still like to have a safe word whilst in a session for erotic punishment. Having a secure word allows your servant/slave to beg you to […]

15 Things to Know About Tens Unit on Penis

Tens Unit On Penis In Bdsm – Cock & Ball Torture When it comes to BDSM, S&M and femdom, one of the popular ways is for the use of electrics. By this, we don’t mean plugging two loose wires to a slave and plugging him into the mains. There are a few different machines developed […]

Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis The Mind Mistress What is it and how can it be done in a Webcam Session? Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, and most of us are actually in a trance many times during the day. Have you ever become so involved in a tv program or a movie that you lose track […]

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How to be a good submissive

Ideas, Thoughts, Techniques on being  a good Slave It is a question that many submissives ask. How do you be a good slave? How do you do what is required of you? To be honest, it isn’t a question that can have a definitive answer. The world of BDSM and S & M is so […]