Forced Feminization Stories

Forced Feminization Femdom Stories

Forced feminization stories both real and fantasy some with pictures. Enjoy our selection of forced Fem written by my own sissy girls as well as those who have submitted to the site. If you have a story or fantasy to share then submit forced feminization stories here 

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I disobeyed my Mistress and she made me a girl


My neighbour caught me in panties and blackmailed me 

Forced into frilly panties and made to take hormone tablets

Feminization, Cuckold, Turned into a Polish Lover Made to be a girlfriend

I was caught wanking to porn and forced into panties

I was once David I am now Davina

If I don’t do as she says she will tell everyone my secret 

My wife and her friends dressed me up and paraded me in public places


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