Feminzation Story Turned into a Lady, sex with my wife and workman

My wife took a lover and became a slut……………… When I was a young boy I used to love the feel of satin and silk my mother’s clothes particularly her underwear was so beautiful, and I could caress my body with her lovely French knickers, etc.

I learned how to wank using my mum’s panties made with silk or satin, y. As I grew up older again I became more and more fem I wore lingerie a lot and loved suspenders and stockings, panties and soon found my body was quite a fem as I filled out, as I got older my ass was very fem, and I even had little breasts, with nice nipples a lot more than the average boy.

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At 18, having moved abroad to Australia, I got married to a beautiful woman many years older but she was so lovely and really loved me, she was so kind and happy.

Later on, she told me she loved me because I was young and femme, she told me that before she met me she had a lesbian girlfriend for over 2 years but she had gone to New Zealand.

Susan was 28 and I was 18 and everything was so good, we had a great sexual appetite and she loved having intercourse but I was very small, we loved experimenting with our positions, and getting as much pleasure as possible from sex.

She was demanding sex especially oral. We had a great time together and the years were so happy, She remarked many times about my fem ass and used to love sucking on my breast saying she wished they would get bigger, which she admitted were even now much more than the average man, but did say they had grown a good bit since we got married.    Big Tit Cams Chats

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I did have a small penis and it did not go very far inside her, and we did more lesbian sex than intercourse. She loved me licking her to orgasm; I really did believe that she would like to have been in bed with a woman again; sometimes the thought of her with a female lover excited me.

She remarked often how smooth I was and she loved that about me and said I must have more female hormones (estrogen) than the average man and there were some female hormones in the pills I was taking.

She was always in control and loved having a younger and slightly smaller man like me. However I never told her about my crossdressing desire but I knew that she knew, she did little things like leave her panties and suspenders and stocking on my side of the bed, especially when she was going out in the evenings with her girlfriends and I would be alone and going to bed before her, she often went around in just lingerie. Make sure to send him to check out the nude mature cams  and see how wet he gets his panties

I knew she was trying to encourage me to explore my fem side, and it was our little secret, we were fit and healthy since we met and married four years ago.

Susan used to have me take herbal pills every night to keep us young as she said, one day I looked at the pills she was giving me and found they were estrogen pills, I did not know what that was and when I looked it up on the internet they were for women to take to supplement a women’s estrogen level and breast development but would also make a man more female.

I was surprised I had not looked before but just took them every night when Susan gave them to me, In thinking about it I was happy as after 4 years I was feeling more female and my breasts were getting much bigger, lovely and femme with lovely nipples that I loved the feeling.

One evening in bed she said she noticed how I loved my cock touching her satin panties in bed, so that night when I was wanking with her she handed me silky panties and said “darling caress your cock with them as I know you will love it.

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Liam, I know you play with my lingerie when you are alone, and I don’t mind darling you are a girl really, one day when you are ready you will come from the closet and dress like me in nice lingerie.

I know you want that darling, and I will still love you, dear,

” I caressed my cock as she told me, and in no time had a massive climax, she said “See!

I knew you would like that darling”

You do that sometimes when you are alone Liam with my panties darling don’t you, Yes sometimes Susan, and then she too exploded a massive orgasm and she rubbed her wetness, Joking she said

“Darling we are like lesbians as you are really a little ladyboy.”

You need your own silky panties darling, I am going to buy you some just for you darling, it’s time for you to be more open about your sexuality, you will be my girlfriend and as you are the same size as me we can share all our panties would you like that Liam, oh yes Susan thank you, darling.

You have a few feelings as your breasts are so big, and you love me sucking your nipples, you are so much a girl. She had a wonderfully sexy body very well shaped, not too thin she had good full breasts and fine nipples on a dark areola.

Sometimes her nipples are very much to the fore depending on her bra and top, but more often she generally tries to play them down, a nice waist that showed a lovely lower half with a lovely Brazilian ass, and she had a beautiful pelvis bone that stands out and is very obvious in a swimsuit or panties, she looked a bit foreign.

I remember in the past, we were married about three years and she said to me that my breasts were getting much bigger and she could tell as she was always sucking them. The Mistress webcam rooms are a great place to start with your panty journey


I said yes I thought so as well, and she said I was almost a size 36a, she said that it’s the estrogen in your body, she asked me did I like having little breasts and I said well yes as I have grown used to them, yes she said the women are starting to really show in you, and you should wear a bra to make them a bit more comfortable and to stop them sagging.

It was our 4th anniversary, one evening while sitting in the lounge watching TV she cuddled me on the sofa and said darling snuggle into me she put her arm around my head and pulled me to her, then she said darling you are my little baby, you are my little girl and I love you so much.

Its time you came from the closet, you are a girl but you don’t really know it yet, and I am your girlfriend. I want to rename you in this house, you are such a girl that I am going to call you Lisa between us at home ok darling, yes Susan ok, good girl Lisa.

That night in bed she had me wear a bra for the first time, she could see I was happy to wear it with her, it had one smaller cup size than hers and she bought a few bras for me today while shopping.

She showed me how to have all my little breasts inside the bra and said you fill the cups well, I was quite proud of my breasts, and she wrapped her panties around my cock., then she said Lisa put them on you, come on let’s see if they match the Bra.

I did and pulled them up over my legs to fit nicely on me, Oh lovely Lisa you’re a real little girl, then she pulled me down to kiss my bra and she slipped one cup off me and sucked my breast, said oh you are a beautiful girl, does it excite you when I suck your breasts?

Yes, Susan, it does.

I wish you had a pussy Liam and she sucked my tit hard and fingered herself then she exploded loudly in orgasm, she was thinking she was with a woman, then she caressed my little cock inside my panties and I came all over the panties.

She said, “oh Lisa I will have to teach you not to wet your panties.”

To make up for my shortness she bought some dildo cocks and vibrators, one large black one, and she made me use them in her when we make love, the very odd time she would still take my little cock first but it does not go in very far, my cock was not getting as hard as it used too I think that was one of the downfalls of been more of a woman.

She then loved to take the vibrator and has massive orgasms. She often used the dildo when alone I found the more fem I became and the more my breasts grew it was harder to get hard and more often my cock would be small and soft.

But I was happy as I felt more feminine and did not worry about a soft cock, but still sometimes when she sucked it I could get quite hard and cum, she loved swallowing my love juice.

She is a bit of a tease and flaunts her body knowing well she has a beautiful body and will wear really tight pants to the gym that show off her ass, and I always see the men looking at her ass when she wears sexy tight pants,  she just loves the attention.

She has the most beautiful ass and is dressed well in her lingerie. She loved going out for fun nights and always wore heels which made her taller than me, and being older and looking so mature she was asked out to dance and we agreed it was ok to dance with other men.

Sometimes they close danced and she would tell me if they had a big cock pressed against her, she always wore small and thin mini skirts or dresses so she could feel a man against her, some men would caress her ass and they must have felt how small her thong was, she would be so sexy later in bed and it was good for her.

I was obsessed with lingerie and was even wearing panties all day under my man clothes, Susan threw out all my boxers I found I was very fem when wearing panties all day.

I found I was wearing my panties all the time and even on our nights out at the weekend I wore panties, Susan bought me lots of Knickers.

It was funny to be dancing with our friends and me wearing sissy underwear, Susan knew and thought it was nice for me, as she said I was half-woman anyway. You can see more of my sissy humiliation journey here

Life was good and we enjoyed our life, I enjoyed being fem and she enjoyed her dildos, Susan was a fraction taller than me, however, she liked wearing heels and would wear 5-inch heels which made her look much taller than me, and also had the effect to make her skirts look shorter on her, and she had perfect shaped legs and were so long, she knew the men loved heels and she was always one for teasing men.

One night in bed Susan was teasing me with the dildo and massaged my cock, asking me did I like it, I said oh Susan yes it’s lovely she caressed my balls and quite involuntary my legs opened by themselves, she said wait, darling and she pulled my panties off.

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She said oh my little girl wants me to massage her pussy and she put the dildo against my pussy and said oh girl you want to be a real woman, she said to wait and went to the bedside locker to get the jell that came with the dildo she came back and put some jelly on my pussy.

That will make it better and pushed the dildo at my pussy, she moved it in the crack of my ass, and without thinking I moaned with pleasure, oh babe you want cock in you like a real girl, and then she put the head of the dildo into my pussy my legs opened fully as she got in-between and guided the dildo into me.

It hurt a little as I moaned she said you want it Lisa don’t you, Oh yes Susan please Susan, I felt it run into me and it was an unbelievable sensation, oh my little Lisa, it’s so beautiful for you I love it, god you are like a real woman.

She then used her other hand to pull my cock and I could feel myself starting to cum, I moaned aloud as the pleasure of the dildo moving in my pussy made me climax, pumped hard as it was the most unbelievable feeling, she said babe its great for you Lisa cum babe cum…

You’re a woman now, when it was over she took the dildo out and went to the bathroom to clean it, she came back, laid down and fingered herself saying that was so good, kiss me, girlfriend, I kissed her and then she exploded in a frenzy of passion.

We made good use of the dildo in the next few weeks. She loved making me feel like a woman.

She suggested getting a strap on cock to play with each other, as my cock was small anyway. One night we discussed building an extra bedroom and en-suite bathroom as we could supplement our income with a lodger male or female.

We went ahead with getting plans and advertising for a builder, we settled on a builder and they started work, it progressed nicely and we said not to include the cost of decoration as we would do it ourselves to keep the cost down, the worker from the back of the house and did not open the joining door entrance to the house until they were nearly finished.

At this stage we were about out of money and paid the builder up to date, and told him we would call him back when we got more money together, as we were both working, the day before he finished he said he would send one man to clean up as it was paid for and he would be there for 2 days.

The next day Saturday, and we were not expecting any workman, Susan came to tell me she was a bit flustered as she had just met a man in the extension while in her pink little satin negligee, she was in the extension looking around and thinking about the colours when there was a man standing in the door looking at her, she got a shock, she froze to the spot.

He said he was from the builder and was to clean away all the rubbish from the new extension she said he was Polish or Russian from his appearance, and he was tall and about the same age as herself or even older, and he said sorry, but then she went out, knowing she had nothing on only a short little negligee that did not quite cover her ass or hairy cunt, she said I did have a thong on me.


God, I hope he did not notice, ok darling I will get dressed and meet him. And sorry love but he would have been blind not to have seen your pussy.

Lisa It was strange the way he looked at me I could have met him before, but I know I didn’t, it was a funny feeling I knew he was undressing me with his eyes, a very strange feeling I could not move Lisa.

I went to meet him a little later in the extension and yes he was Polish, he was at least 6.2 tall, really good build, and looked like he had done his army training as he was strong with big muscles big chest and yes he was handsome about 35 years old, he said he hoped he had not upset my wife as he walked in on her.

He said he would have knocked but his boss told him to go straight in as there would be nobody in the extension, I said its Ok Susan did not mind, I chatted with him and left him to work away.

He headed back to work after lunch Susan left some sandwiches and soup there for us as she had to go out to the shops, he said he wanted to pay for his food, I would not accept anything and said, in fact, he was to dine with us this evening when he was finished, about 6.00 PM.

He first said no we were too kind but then he accepted, he went back to work, he worked hard and everything went well, the place was looking good, and he was very pleasant to have around. At one point Susan came back but did not know I was with him in the extension and she called Lisa looking for me.

I went to her and she said oh sorry for calling you Lisa, I said I don’t think he took any notice. Later he came for dinner, Susan had dressed very well and sexy even sluttish, she had skin-tight pants without knickers, her ass looked so divine and sexy, nothing showing through, no panty line, a halter neck top, and had all her makeup done and really looked well, wearing heels.

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I said you look, beautiful darling, you are out to tease him, oh Susan you are such a tease, she said well all the polish women I see around the town dress very well and they tease all the men in town, so I have to look as good as them haha.

She was really so sexy and was showing beautiful thighs in her tight pants. Her pants cut into her cunt mold outlining it; I don’t think she noticed that, or maybe she did?

He came to the kitchen, he was taller than us, but in her heels, she was about the same height as him, and I looked quite small next to them, it was hard for him to relax with the way Susan had dressed and I saw him looking at her ass as she went about the kitchen, she was really after exciting him.

She is such a tease, He explained he had only come a week before and was looking for somewhere to stay; asked us the address of a local hostel and we told him where it was he asked if he could leave a little bag in the extension until he got settled.

Susan said yes that was fine That night I noticed Susan was very sexy in bed, and we talked about him and the work he was doing, she remarked how sexy he looked and that polish women also looked so well, tall and slim and dressed so nice and always wore tight pants or short mini skirts, always so sexy.

I said yes Susan but he will get you excited, no she said it’s just fun. But he could not take his eyes off you at lunchtime, really, good well the first time he saw me I was almost naked.

She got sexy and we had good sex in bed she needed a strap-on dildo cock in her and was really excited, I thought that he had turned her on she had a very big multi-orgasm and had her eyes shut tight and mouth wide open, I guessed she was thinking of him, it was harmless fun as she said.

The next day was Sunday and he was working again, she dressed very sexy again and in a shorter dress than usual she was teasing him, I knew her of old and she was into teasing men, she was happy with his company and he said over lunch that the hostel was not very good and he was going to look for another place.

Susan said can you do painting and he replied yes very well, he did a lot of painting back in Warsaw and also in the army. I was amazed as she did not consult me, Ok she said we could offer you one of our spare bedrooms and food in return for you painting the new extension and doing any other work to finish it, she looked at me and said well darling that will take the pressure off you and me, and the room is empty anyway.

So, Lisa, do you agree it would be a good idea, he turned and thought about it and then said yes ok I will do that arrangement, thank you so much.

God, she had called me Lisa again. But he never said anything. The next day he moved into one of the spare rooms and was happily working away he was no trouble and the extension was looking good, he went to work each day and was home in time for dinner each night it was as easy to cook dinner for 3 as 2.,

Then he did some painting or cleaning in the extension, he was never in our way He was living with us for about 2 months and we all got on so well Susan and Aldin were good friends and loved to chat and have coffee in the kitchen after dinner.

I was totally relaxed with him and I used to wear my panties most evenings and we were like 2 girls with him. He used to help with the cleaning after dinner and did things around the house, the day we had gone shopping and after a few hours it started to rain Susan said oh god she had put the laundry out on the line, and it will be wet now.

When we got home all the clothes were gone from the line and Aldin said he brought them in before it rained, Oh thank you Aldin I said, however, Susan was embarrassed as she told me that it was all knickers and suspenders and stockings and a few mini skirts.

Oh, Susan, his hands were all over your knickers…..sexy…, not funny Liam, it’s ok Susan I am sure he has seen knickers before, Haha.

I knew they were sexy knickers as we only wear nice ones. One evening after dark I thought Aldin was in his room but I saw him standing out in the garden, I noticed he was looking in the direction of our bedroom, he had not seen me and I went to our bedroom.

When I walked in Susan was getting dressed she had her black bra and panties and suspenders and stockings on her and then I knew what Aldin was looking at as the curtains were half-open, and I saw the window was open a little.

Kik I should have closed the curtains, but instead, I went to Susan and holding her from behind fondled her breasts, I knew he was looking at her breasts which made me very horny and I was getting so sexy.

I could not understand why I was doing this it was weird but very exciting to show her off..here I was showing off my beautiful wife’s body to another man, it was wrong but I could not stop, I was proud of her…

Darling, you look so sexy, yes Liam I am very horny, it was dark in the garden and while Aldin could see us we could not see him, I stripped my top and kissed Susan’s neck as I caressed her breasts, then I turned her around and kissed her, she was getting excited, I lowered my mouth and took down her bra as I sucked her breasts.

I was really getting excited knowing Aldin was looking at us, I could not believe what I was doing and could not understand why, I was showing her off to the lodger and it excited me greatly, why! Why!….

I kissed her ear, and she said you know to kiss my neck and ear that turns me on big time, now I have to want you, babe, I want your cock, where is Aldin, I said I think he is in his room, maybe he is having a wank thinking of you babe…haha.

Stop Lisa he would not think of me, the more I kissed her ear the more passionate she got, saying yes oh yes, you know I love my ear kissed baby, I want you now, I need cock now if you keep kissing my ear like that, I knew Aldin could hear everything.

She moaned and her hand rubbed my cock, then she opened my pants and they fell down then I got into a panic as I forgot I was wearing beautiful pink lacy panties, and Susan was feeling my little hard cock, and caressing my panties.

After a while she undressed me naked, knelt down and sucked me, she said Lisa I love those nice sexy panties your such a girl, he must have heard, at that stage I did not care he had seen me in panties.

I wanted him to see me like that he could also see how small my cock was, she was giving me a great blowjob, and I knew I was going to cum and soon exploded saying take it, babe, as she swallowed my load taking every bit and sucking me clean, then she sat on the bed and laid back I knelt down and pulling her panties down went to mouth her I licked her clit her very wet pussy.

I said kissing your ear has made you so wet babe… She was really enjoying my licking her, in I said you like having Aldin live here, I think he fancies you, babe, do you think so Lisa yes babe he does big time.

Especially in your small mini skirts…….. I see him looking at your legs, you are turning him on…… Hearing that she started getting very excited pulling my head hard against her pussy.

She was getting very excited, I said be careful you don’t dress too sexy for Aldin, he will want you, ……you like him, honey, …..yes babe….and then after a lot of moaning and her head trashing with the passion she exploded hard against my mouth having a multi orgasm.

She bucked her ass like mad with passion, I locked on to her, kept my mouth clamped on her pussy until she laid quiet. Oh god, I think you like him a lot babe, you were thinking of him when you exploded, yes babe, oh sorry I was.. yes …


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