Feminzation story with wife Part 2

I knew Aldin had seen and heard everything, and that it must have looked so exciting for him, I dressed and I got up quickly and went to the kitchen to find Aldin just coming in the back door.

I could see a bulge in his trousers, I just said hi, it’s dry outside, he said yes no rain tonight, and he headed to his room, later we all were in the TV room and knowing he had seen everything and must have enjoyed seeing Susan in that state.

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I was happy to show her off, I could not understand how I got so much pleasure from wanting him to see.

He watched TV with us in the evening and we all got on well, now wine became part of the weekly shop, we were drinking a lot more and even some evenings the three of us would get quite drunk, Susan was always sexier in bed after drinking wine so I never complained.

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One night I left the curtains and a window nearest the bed open but lowered the lighting so she would not really notice, Susan and I headed to bed saying goodnight to Aldin.

I had a feeling he might look again. I left the wall lights on giving a nice glow of light in the room, I had an idea Aldin might go into the garden again, Susan was putting on her nightie and I heard the kitchen sliding door open and close a little, I knew Aldin had gone outside so he was watching again.

I put on a silky nightie to match Susan’s. We got into bed I started to rub Susan’s pussy under the blanket and I licked and kissed her ear, we started kissing, slowly I pushed the bedclothes down, pushed her nightie up and took off Susan’s panties.

Knowing Aldin was looking through the curtains, she was very ready for sex, she said kiss my ear babe you know I love it makes me so wet babe…., I did and soon I mounted her from behind while she kneeled up her head on the pillow.

Oh, darling kissing your ear is such a turn-on for you babe. Really telling Aldin what made her sexy. I was so extra hard knowing Aldin was looking and listening, I could not understand why I felt like this, was I gay or something.

I was showing off my wife, her body in Passion, I wanted him to see her …and me in lingerie, I was showing off myself, and my small cock.

I was wearing white lacy panties I wanted him to see them, I pulled my nightie up and then my little cock out the side and pushed into her, I said oh baby I wish my cock was bigger, it’s the ok baby we can use the big dildo the next night.

I moved slowly in and out while she pushed against me getting sexier, I then said are you happy Aldin is here baby, oh yes he is so nice, I said I bet he has a big cock, yes I think he has Lisa, she was getting very excited.

I know you would love a really big cock like Aldins babe.

Yes Lisa I would, I would be too tight for him, no babe you could take his cock, he would slide into you so nice and so much deeper than me.

I wonder does he masturbate much, maybe he does Lisa…he would love to have your pussy now babe like this just think if he was behind you now, …..oh god Lisa please so good, Oh god yes Lisa, do you really think he would want me, Lisa? oh, Susan, he does want to fuck you, I know the way he looks at you.

But Lisa he never gives me an idea he wants me, oh dear Susan soon he will touch you I know he wants to but he is shy, he wants your pussy darling, he wants to fuck you I am sure, oh Susan yes babe, his cock in you, cum babe cum now with that she exploded as I rode her, as she climaxes.

I said yes Susan a big cock babe, real big like Aldin’s, would you love Aldin’s big cock babe cummin in you, Susan,….. Ohhhhhhh god I am cummmmming, Lisa, fuckkkkkk,

Yes god Lisa oh yes…sorry Lisa but yes I would love his big cock ….. Susan, he wants you, babe, he will touch you soon, I will leave you alone with him more often just to see if he will touch you, darling, just for fun.

Then she stopped vibrating as I came inside her…

I knew he had heard and seen everything…

I said oh Aldin excites you, darling, yes babe I can’t help it he has a lovely body, and I have seen his bulge it looks like it is huge Lisa.

Yes, I think so, Susan. But be careful Susan he wants you, and it might be hard to say no….remember we are married, but its no harm to have fantasies like this, yes Lisa.

Let’s see Susan if he will touch you to let you know at least he fancies you, Lisa I don’t think he wants me I am married.

One evening later, after dinner and a lot of wine, 2 bottles, in fact, I had gone to watch TV leaving them to wash up, I winked at Susan, as I went out.

A little later I was coming back and heard them laughing and saw them through the slightly open door, she was washing the dishes and her hands in the water and just then he came up behind her he put his wine glass on the sink, then put his hands on her naked waist.

I was shocked but waited in the hall with the lights out they could not see me. she only had a belly top on and shorts, no panties no bra, he hooked his thumb into her shorts and I thought he was going to pull them down but he only caressed her ass she said Aldin stop that now.

Oh, Susan, you are so beautiful I can’t help it, I just had to touch you. I have to let you see how much I want you.

I need you Susan I have to let you know I want you, Susan. I think you want me, Susan, oh Aldin stop that … Oh Aldin stop we can’t do this, I am married, Liam might come back, no Susan Lisa won’t come, he called me Lisa, and she flicked water at him laughing, he pressed his body against her pushing her against the sink she was laughing and still trying to throw water at him.

Go away Aldin stop it, they were having fun, his cock hard against her ass, I could not see if he had an erection or not, she said please Aldin oh be careful Liam might come, I tell you Lisa won’t come back, relax babe!

Aldin please don’t, I will call Liam to come, no Susan you won’t…..Aldin I will, no you won’t,…. you like me, Susan, say it Susan Now he was very Dom, …tell me ….yes I do like you Aldin but I am married we can’t carry on like this, now stop, please.

Aldin we shouldn’t do this, his hand was still on her ass and his other hand was under her top touching her naked breast she accepted his hand there on her naked nipple, I was amazed.

Then he pulled her strap off her shoulder with his mouth and kissed her shoulder gently yet very sexy, she accepted his kiss in silence.

His hand moving on her breast and nipple, I knew she was very excited now. How was she accepting this man’s hand on her nipple knowing how horny she gets.

Oh ..please Aldin nooooo…oh god doesn’t, no not my nipples please oh my god, Yes Susan enjoy me, we need each other you know we do, your nipple like my touching, yes Susan, oh yes Aldin but I am married.

They both looked serious now, the tone had changed. His hand went to her tummy and he kissed her neck hard, she started to get excited, she froze holding the sink as he kissed her neck still pressing his crotch hard against her.

I was surprised at her very slow reaction to the object he must have been very big and hard now.

Oh god he kissed her ear sexy and slow just like she likes, and he knew that got her excited, he had seen us in our bedroom, I heard her moan and she leaned back at him, turning her head so he could easily kiss her ear he knew that was her weak point.

You like so much babe….. you pussy is wet now babe… Oh god yes Aldin….. you need cock now babe, oh God please Aldin…. soon baby soon…

I was in a trance outside in the hall watching my wife make out with another man in our kitchen, I found I was never so hard watching this, I was so turned on, I knew I was oozing precum.

I remember he had heard me in the bedroom when I was kissing her ear and he knew she lost control when her ear was kissed, I had told him what to do, deep down I knew this would happen.

I wanted it to happen. He had control of her now he knew it, I knew it, so obvious, oh please don’t Aldin please oh no, Lisa is watching TV.

Babe don’t worry, she tried to say but! but! her eyes closed as he kissed her ear, she actually turned her head a bit more to make it easier for him to kiss her ear, your so wet now babe so sexy now baby Susan, you need loving now babe.

She was pushing her ass back against his cock, his hand caressing her tummy, knowing she had no panties on, she did not object, he had a submission, his hand stroking around her front, just above her pussy, oh no Aldin don’t, no please, oh god no! Please Not there! no, don’t, ohhhh God noo please, oh-oh-oh aghhh…

Yes, Enjoy Susan, he turned her head and kissed her mouth hard, she responded for a while, her lips moving on his with passion, they were kissing like lovers now.

His hand slipped under the front of her shorts touching her pussy, he must have felt her wetness. Oh fuckkkkkk no Aldin oh god, oh yes, so good …she kissed him as he fingered her pussy, then she panicked.

No Aldin stop we can’t ….yes darling you need me in you……you want me you are so wet for me darling Susan, say it, babe. Oh god no Aldin, say it Susan now, again he been very Dom…come on baby say it now….oh god oh yes Aldin yes…..

You will have me soon babe. His fingers rubbing her wet pussy….and he was dry fucking her ass, she was pushing against his cock.

Your so wet and open for my cock my Susan, so ready, so open for me babe…….. After a while, she came to life again and said stop!

Aldin we can’t do this, no, no, no, Susan it’s so good, you need it….. yes Aldin, but please not here,…….. laughing he let her go and ran back to sit down.

I could see a huge hard cock pressing out his pants. She turned said Aldin we should not have done that, Lisa could have walked in and caught us, no Susan, Lisa is happily watching TV.

laughing she said look at me”! I have to change now, he said then off you go and please put on a tight top, no bra, little sexy micro mini skirt with suspenders and stockings, no panties, and we will retire to the front room with Lisa, she did not respond to him saying Lisa, but said you are so naughty Aldin.

I will wait for you and expect you to be dressed like a slut babe. You are so lovely and sexy Susan, Oh! Aldin I am not sexy! Yes, you are Susan!

MMMmmmm, he said wish I was even naughtier, oh stop that Aldin. You know I am a married girl, I am not unfaithful to Liam, you can not touch me like that.

Please not again. He stood up and said come here Susan she said no Aldin, no don’t please,…

Susan come here now in a very commanding and dom fashion, I could not believe when she went over to stand in front of him, looking almost naked, head down in submission, he took her hands pulled her close against him and before she could object he kissed her mouth hard, she took the kiss for a moment, then said please stop Aldin please don’t, in a submissive way, he said its OK Susan, its so beautiful and I know you are feeling so sexy and wet, ……

She said we should not do this Aldin I am a married woman please stop. She did not pull away from his grasp and stayed tight against him, his hard cock pressed against her pussy, you need it, Susan, he moved it in a fucking motion against her.

Turn your ear to me now. Oh no Aldin please don’t,….. now Susan !!!!! she offered her ear to his mouth and then I watched as he devoured it putting his tongue deep in her.

He took her hand and placed it on his cock bulge, she had lost control, she squeezed his cock as his hand went down to her wet pussy. A good girl he said, his cock was huge and her hand looked so small holding the bulge and massaging it she was rubbing his cock, that’s a good girl you know you want it, it will own your pussy soon darling.

Please don’t do this I can’t Aldin, you know I can’t please don’t, he kissed her again and she kissed with him, her mouth moving on his hardness, like lovers, he must have known then he could kiss her anytime he wanted now as she did not object and actually responded hard, their tongue’s in each others mouth.

She stopped and said Aldin please Lisa could come, Susan enjoys me for a second longer they kissed again in passion. His hand rubbing her wet pussy inside her shorts. Oh god, Aldin oh fuckkkk she shuddered against his hand with orgasm as she kissed hard, fuck he had brought her off…cum baby cum… that’s it enjoy baby…kissing her again hard,…. she vibrated hard her legs buckling as her insides exploded for what appeared to be a multi orgasm…

Fuck I was not expecting that….then he took his fingers from her pussy and put them into her mouth, she sucked them clean, he said good girl….. So after giving her a chance to relax, said we better go to Lisa and keep her happy, and she went back to the sink.

She had now called me Lisa. Susan go dress sexy for me and Lisa, I will finish the dishes, go now and dress for me as I want, you know you want to please me.

Remember you are mine now Susan I own you, babe….you will not make sex with your husband for some time until I tell you, you can such her off but no intercourse.

Later when I was in the lounge with Aldin she came in having changed wearing tight hugging top no bra her nipples quite obviously hard, a really tight micro mini skirt, suspenders and stockings, and high heels she was doing as she was told.

Had he really taken control of her, He said nothing but I saw a smile on his face as he looked at her and she saw it also, and she did look sluttish.

I said Susan you look, beautiful darling, she said thank you, Lisa, sorry must dash to the loo, I went outside the door and listened he said oh Susan you dress so beautiful you are so sexy in that mini, thank you for dressing to please me.

It’s nice to see your breasts without a bra and the excitement of your nipples, come closer here please, she moved over near him, his hand went under her mini and he said, no panties, good girl.

Susan, you are so beautiful when you have an orgasm, so wonderful…

You are so exciting so sluttish, sexy, so Polish; Aldin stop Liam will hear you. You mean Lisa…OK, Lisa. Susan in future I expect to come home from Work and you dressed like that in the evenings it’s so sexy and no panties, please.

We will have an orgasm again in the evenings, …..And please call Liam as Lisa its time, to be honest in front of me. I went in and we watched TV and had a nice night before going to bed, but I had noticed there was a sensual tension in the air all evening.

Susan was very sexy in bed, I said did she notice Aldin was looking at her all night especially her thighs and stockings, she said she did not take much notice, and I just fingered her as she moaned quite loudly until her very strong orgasm she moaned a lot more than usual.

I knew she would not last long….she didn’t. I was asking my self why I was not stopping Aldin, why did I have an almost permanent hard cock from him exciting Susan.

Was I was actually encouraging them to get together….? Why…I don’t know… My mind and body, especially my cock could only see them together.

The fact that I was secretly listening and watching their friendship and romance blossom made me so excited. I liked being a voyeur. The night it all changed It was not long when another evening after dinner and a bottle of wine I went to the front room and left them alone in the kitchen, passing from the bathroom they were laughing I stopped to listen.

I heard him ask Susan her age, she had much to drink she told him her true age of 28, oh you are so much older than Lisa, she is 22 I think, yes she said.

he was dressed in a white tight-fitting mini dress that showed a lot of thighs, beautifully patterned stockings and was standing in a provocative stance, exciting by him.

Lisa, she is looking for a girl in my eyes, I must tell you in Poland I have many good friends and Lisa reminds me of some of them, they are women in man’s body but have come from the closet and are now happily living with boyfriends, I notice things about Lisa that makes me think she is very feminine and a cross-dresser.

Well you have good observation and you are with us long enough to see, you are right she is such a girl really;

I have always seen her as a girl. They both called me Lisa and a girl now. When I looked at them through a crack in the door, they were so mature in age and I felt like a little girl in comparison to them, they were adults and close inexperience and she was dressed beautiful and so sexy, showing a lot of thighs.

Then he said Susan you look beautiful and very mature, and lovely without a bra and panties again, you know I like you naked under your dress, stop that Aldin, sorry but the second I met you in your negligee, you looked amazing standing there in only your negligee.

I knew then we would be very close friends, you are stunning and so beautiful please accept this as a compliment, oh Aldin you remember that morning, yes he said I will never forget how naked and sexy you looked, you have beautiful legs all the way up and no panties, when our eyes met there was a spark.

I know you felt that spark Susan, you knew we would be very close friends, you wanted me to live here, oh Aldin I am embarrassed, its true Susan did you get a feeling that morning a strange feeling?

OK yes, Aldin I did but it was because I was almost naked. Yes, Susan but we bonded that moment you know we did, we became intimate that moment your pussy felt my desire, no other man since your Lisa has seen you so beautiful in just your nightie.

No Aldin only Lisa has seen me in my nightie. I knew that moment that I would sleep with you someday. Susan, you look and dress like polish women in a mini dress, and you wearing suspenders like polish women, it is so beautiful for you wearing suspenders, so much a polish woman.

With the short mini, you show suspenders beautiful and sexy. Susan tonight I have to talk to you, I may have to move, but please send Lisa to bed early and we will talk about me going to live elsewhere.

Aldin oh no! why do you have to move, Susan I will tell you soon, it will be better for you I move, we have bonded, you know we have and it is so good but dangerous for your marriage to your girlfriend.

Also, I have a funny feeling Lisa wants us to get together, he wants to be dominated by us oh I am sure of it. I will test him later.

Susan, you want her to be a woman, yes Aldin I love her and I want her to be happy. Susan you should encourage her to dress full fem, I notice when you wash clothes for me I only see many sexy panties online no other men’s boxers only mine and of course sexy suspenders, little bit smaller bra for Lisa, she is waiting to come out of the closet,

Susan said your right, Susan you need to make her the women she needs to be, as I say I know friends like that in my city, they are men but have come out as women because they are born women in man’s body, it is nice for them to be out.

I can see her as very feminine, she has a beautiful women ass, some of them in Poland have boyfriends and live together as a couple it is good for them.

Some married couples find a husband is women after and wife and girlfriend agree to live as a 3 some, she will not be your husband once she wears all completely women’s clothes, you need her to be women remember she will be your girlfriend then and not your husband.

She must look so lovely as a woman in suspenders Susan, but remember she will want to dress for you and to be admired in her lady clothes.

Aldin, I have told her she will come from the closet one day, good Susan, let her be a women, see her in suspenders and stockings help her to wear makeup and get her some wigs to have her be a women, he went over to her and taking her hands he kissed her and she accepted his kiss he pulled her against him hard as they kissed and her hands went on his waist and held him, they broke and she said no Aldin we should not do this.

He kissed her ear and she said please don’t, oh Aldin please not my ear. But it’s so nice Susan you like me kissing your ear, say it, yes Aldin but I am married, yes he said but married to another girl.

You need a man Susan you know you are in need. Let’s go to Lisa, Aldin. OK but kiss me one more time …now, no Aldin, yes Susan Now, she offered him her mouth and kissed him, he pulled her tight against him, moving his fingers on her ass feeling her, exciting her.

After a while, they stopped and he said I want to see Lisa dressed as a woman, do it now Susan we need to encourage her.

I can’t Aldin, you can Susan she will do it, its time, you need me, it must be tonight. He kissed her again quickly and said for us Susan do it for us.

We need her to be a woman. Do as I tell you now it’s time for you and me to have Lisa a woman in the house.

You only need one man in this house while I am here Susan. Susan, I’m thinking I am in the way in this house, I am stopping Lisa dressing and relaxing in her own house, she can not dress as a woman with me here, I am thinking I will go and leave you girls alone to dress as you both need, Lisa, can then dress as a woman in the evening with you.

No Aldin please do not go, she will dress for you…sorry, Aldin please stay. He kissed her again, you want me to stay you need me, say yes, Yes Aldin, OK than dress Lisa as full women for me and I will stay.

I will be with you. Lisa will dress with you I know she likes you and I am sure she wants you to stay.

I know she will dress in her girl clothes for you, I’ll make her a woman for you, will you Susan, now tonight, yes Aldin, ok we will see her so.

We will chat later when she goes to bed. Susan…Lisa, she is submissive and she knows I like you a lot. So has she ever talked about me when you make love Susan, yes she has actually yes Susan she believes that we will make love.

They came to the TV room and sat down together on the sofa, they brought another bottle of wine and we were all drinking, I could see Susan was getting merry, I always left them to sit together and I had the single chair.

I could see sexual energy between Susan and Aldin, she was beautiful and very relaxed, she looked so happy and loved Aldin’s company, knowing she has sexual feelings for him made me hard and seeping pre-cum.

She would miss him a lot if he went, as well as the odd kiss he was now giving her and he had already given her an orgasm, god yes the lodger had given my wife orgasm and all I did was get hard.

I was horny as hell, and so hard, I was sure Susan was also, the wine makes them laugh a lot, touching, even putting his hand around her shoulders playfully pulling her to him, he was making a claim on her.

He knew even from the side I was sitting I could see him playing with her. He was testing me, they were sitting quite close together on one side of the sofa, his hand around her shoulder as they sat together they were like a couple.

I saw him kiss her ear at one time she shuddered I found I was just looking on as they chatted so much, but he was marking his territory and testing me and my reaction, I did not react to his attention to Susan which made them more relaxed with each other.

They had no interest in the T.V, I pretended I was watching it but could see them from the corner of my eye. A lot of touching and closeness, he knew from my lack of objection he could get bolder and prove I was a submissive sissy Like a couple laughing, playing together like young lovers, she tucked her legs under her and her thighs were very exposed.

Her knees against his upper thighs, I could see her suspenders and it was obvious to Aldin. One moment from the corner of my eye I saw him lick her ear again.

His hand was on her thigh caressing her. They were sitting close together on one end of the sofa surprising that Susan also did not seem to worry about my presence.

They were giggling and whispering. Then he shocked me saying sorry Lisa, are we interrupting you watching the telly, I hope you don’t mind me teasing your beautiful Susan, she is just so sexy and happy, and I know you want her to be happy, so is it OK Lisa if we have fun,…

Promise we will be as quiet as possible. oh … yes, Aldin if Susan is happy then so am I …..thank you, Lisa, Susan is such a beautiful woman,  JUST like you I can’t help to make her happy.

Susan said nothing, but just looked me in the eye with a sexy smile, her eyes were watered, so she was sexy and wet. Then Aldin kissed her on the lips for a while knowing I could see, after he turned to me and said, oh Lisa….. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend, Susan is such a beautiful kisser, you don’t mind me kissing Susan do you, Lisa?

No Aldin …no harm in a kiss, if Susan is happy then so am I. He said something softly to Susan, went to the bathroom and Susan came and kissed me passionately and her hand rubbed my cock which was hard, oh my little girl Lisa is excited, I hope you don’t mind Aldin playing with me darling and touching me, no Susan.

Oh, he is so funny Susan I like him a lot. And I think it makes you excited, see how hard your little girly clit is girl…and Lisa he is making me so horny for you later in bed, you know I am horny now girlfriend, its only fun darling.

Remember you asked me in bed if I wanted him, yes Susan I remember. I think Lisa you like him playing with me don’t you, he is so manly, don’t you, it makes your clit sexy and hard, well yes just a little Susan, it’s OK my little girlfriend to feel that way, so nice for you that another man kissing me excites you darling so very nice. Its a real girly feeling for you Lisa.

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