Feminization Story/Cuckold Part 3

Feminization/Cuckold Story

I like Aldin so much Lisa I like playing with him I like him touching me, and he is a lovely kisser, I know you are happy that I am happy.

Lisa, I saw he had a huge bulge in his pants, my leg touched it by accident he is so hard, you not jealous Lisa girlfriend are you, No Susan of course not its fun…

I like him to kiss me some more is that OK Lisa? yes, Susan. He came back in and they sat down together this time she sat against him, she kissed him as he pulled her close to him, I heard her say Lisa’s OK with us playing together and said it’s OK to kiss, then his hand was moving up her thigh to her pussy, she moaned.


Lisa, … yes Susan, go to the bedroom and dress in your lady slacks and your good bra and a nice top. And put on some perfume and lipstick. Aldin wants to see you in your beautiful lingerie bra, but Susan…no buts… Lisa just do it now, please, OK Susan?

I went to the bedroom and put on my best bra and top as instructed by Susan, I never heard her so dominant to me before.

I looked very femme. I was a bit shy but came back and when I came back I stopped outside the front room door and heard them talking, again he was remarking how beautiful she looked, You see now how submissive Lisa is, she is ready for training to be cuckolded.


Oh, Aldin you are naughty. He leaned over to her, kiss me, bitch, Aldin stops that, but she kissed him, good bitch do as I tell you.

You want me to stay with you? yes, Aldin. Good girl you know I will please you soon. Yes, Aldin. You know I will sleep in the master bedroom with you soon.

But we will ask Lisa…Oh, Aldin. I coughed and went in she was sitting now showing quite a lot of suspenders and could even see her without panties and well over the top of her stockings;

Aldin was sitting very close to Susan like a couple, she looked so sexy, and Aldin must have been so excited. He had a hand resting on her thigh well above her knee his fingers gently moving, staking his claim.

His other hand around her shoulders, he kissed her lips again.

She saw me and said Aldin I have a surprise for you, meet Lisa our girlfriend. Oh Hi, Lisa you look so relaxed now baby,… well Aldin what do you think of our little cuckold girlfriend Lisa?

I knew what a cuckold was and she was now making me a cuckold. Susan, I love her, Oh Lisa you are so beautiful as a woman, please you must always dress nice in your girl clothes.

We would like you to be relaxed with Susan and me in the evening as a woman, will you promise to dress for us as a woman when you come home, yes Aldin, good girl.

Now you will be our sissy girlfriend, would you like that Lisa? Yes, Aldin, oh Lisa I want to live with Susan and you as my girlfriend, will you be my girlfriend as well as Susan? I will be Susan’s girlfriend unless you have an objection, do you have any objection, Lisa?

Oh…well no Aldin, if that’s what Susan wants, she does Lisa….tell your girlfriend’s husband what you want Susan, Lisa, I want to be Aldin’s girlfriend, OK Susan, Susan and I will help you won’t we Susan? of course, we will, you must always want to dress like a full woman, you look almost a full women.

Susan, please dress Lisa in suspenders stockings and a skirt from now on at night at home, and even a little makeup, I will Aldin, a good girl. I love your necklace Lisa you are such a girly girl, thanks Aldin, Lisa I was thinking of leaving as I felt in the way of your development as a real woman, would you like me to stay, oh yes Aldin, please stay, I want you to stay in this house Aldin, of course, you do Lisa darling.

It is so exciting for you to have me cuckold you with Susan, you want that don’t you Lisa, Yes Aldin Lisa you will be a woman in the house from now on, will you dress sexy as a woman? I will stay with you both.

Yes, Aldin I will. Susan really wants me to stay also. So I will be living with 2 girls, OK Lisa? yes, Aldin.

I will be the man in the house and make sure my 2 girlfriends are happy. Come closer stand here in front of us. Now Lisa push your slacks down I want to see you in your panties and your beautiful ass.

I did not move and Susan said loud and dominant! Lisa now please do as Aldin tells you, take your slacks down now, cuckolds must always do as Aldin asks, now show him your sexy panties, I then did as she commanded and I was surprised to find I was relaxed about it.

Susan said that’s a good girl Lisa. He put his hand on my ass and said Lisa you have a beautiful girl ass, its so lovely, and I love your white panties, and the pretty bow, so silky so virgin, He noticed my cock had grown, look Susan our girlfriends little clit has got big, and he rubbed it a little, yes Aldin she has such a girly clit, She loves me touching her, look Susan how big Lisa’s little clit has stretched.


Still small but a nice little size for a girl and it feels lovely, it is tiny though. So oh Lisa it’s so nice to have your first man to touch you be Aldin.

Say thank you, I was so sexy and excited, thank you Aldin. Susan said you really like that Lisa Aldin touching your clit, yes Susan. Good girl…

OK, Lisa, you are such a good girl now pull up your slacks. Now Lisa, Susan and I would like you to make you our cuckold, we will cuckold you soon, be such a good girl and you will read it all online and you will be a good cuckold would you like that Susan?

Yes, Aldin. So, Will, you stay Aldin? Yes, Lisa, I will stay and you will be a cuckold ok and we will be very close friends all 3 of us, you will be best friends to Susan and me.

Do you know what a Cuckold is Lisa? yes, Aldin I know a little about it, do you know Lisa that to be a full cuckold I will sleep with Susan, yes Aldin I thought that.

Good girl, you will be so happy to be a cuckold It sounded like they were the couple and I was the lodger, we relaxed, they were like a couple on the couch.

Because I was wearing a full bra I sat straight and made my tits push out, I was actually proud of my girly big tits, I knew Aldin and Susan could see how my breasts were after swelling, and my bra gave them a lovely shape, and my tight tee-shirt made them look big.

Susan made no attempt to hide her suspenders and pussy which were showing, her pussy mould showing excitement She could not see that we could see her pussy which looked pink wet, and open, she must have been so sexy, and she stretched in a sexy manner.

Aldin had one arm around her shoulder pulling her closer to him, she cuddled into him, her head resting on his shoulder. It made me so hard I thought I would cum, he put his other hand on her knee and held her, they sat together close like a couple, Aldin knew he had Susan as his, and was showing me knowing I was now accepting them as a couple.

So I did not object to them being like a couple, they knew I had accepted them as a couple, he kissed her nice on the lips, long and passionate, they were kissing for ages..his hand caressing her breasts.

He said Susan you are so beautiful darling, thank you for being my girlfriend….and thank you Lisa for accepting your wife Susan to now be my girlfriend After a while he said it’s getting a bit late, Lisa dear I think you could head to bed and Susan and I will have another glass of wine we need a little private us time.

Susan said yes it’s your bedtime Lisa, Aldin said yes Lisa you need your beauty sleep so say goodnight to Susan, she stayed sitting up against him, saying come here cuckold and give me a kiss goodnight she moved hard over against Aldin so I could sit on the sofa.

She put her arm around my shoulder and pulled me close, she kissed me long hard, and sexy and one hand caressed my breast, your breast feels lovely in your bra darling, you go to bed cuckold, l will be down in a while when I finish my wine with Aldin.

Oh, Lisa when I kiss you now it feels like we are lesbians, you are such a woman darling. So you get ready for bed little girl, put on your nice pink silky panties the ones you like, and silky nightie you will feel like a real girl, I left them on the bed for you, and you wait in bed for me.

I will be down soon I will have another wine with my boyfriend, I said ok Susan, it’s getting late. I said good night Aldin, he said good night Lisa, you look so lovely in that top and slacks, and I love your panties, you are a real little girl, and I look forward to seeing you in your nightie and French knickers, I am your boyfriend too.

I just said thank you Aldin. Susan said Lisa give Aldin a kiss goodnight he is your boyfriend now, I hesitated but Susan said Lisa do as you are told kiss your boyfriend so I leaned across Susan and I kissed him nicely in front of Susan’s face.

Saying goodnight little girl, she was tight against Aldin, his hand on her thigh, Susan said into bed now darling get into your panties and nightie and wait for me, that’s a good little girl, you can sleep in our bed tonight Lisa but soon we will make up the other spare room as a girly room, Aldin said she can have my room.

I said to Aldin will you still stay with us, yes I will, Lisa you know I am Susan’s boyfriend now she needs me .. you like that Lisa that I am Susan’s boyfriend, yes Aldin.

Then to Susan, he asked do you want to be my girlfriend and lover darling, oh yes please Aldin…

Then he said Lisa you can sleep in your bed tonight with my girlfriend but tomorrow we will have to change things around a bit, I will want to sleep with my girlfriend so we will need the marital bedroom.

Ok, Lisa? Yes Aldin I went outside the door and listened, they were really close together now as she had moved to let me sit down, I heard her say to Aldin, thank you Aldin for saying how well she looked and giving her a kiss, I can’t believe she actually kissed you goodnight, yes Susan she is a girl, and she is my girlfriend now, we will always call her Lisa from now on.

And she has accepted that I am your boyfriend and will sleep with you. Tomorrow we change the sleeping arrangements. She asked was he happy to be living here and he said, of course, Susan, I love living with 2 girlfriends Lisa and Susany, Haha, oh your naughty again Aldin.

Please stay Aldin, do you really want me to live with you, Susan? Yes Aldin I do, then kiss me, she kissed him a quick kiss. Am I your boyfriend? Yes, Aldin.

You know I will take Lisa’s place in your bed, I own you now Susan you will be mine, your new husband…..oh yes Aldin, Susan I think I love you, oh Aldin I love you too, I have loved you for many weeks now I could see them through the hinge side of the door, he put his hand on her thigh.


I got so excited seeing him touch my wife, I will tell you how you will dress in the future when you are my husband ….we will start tomorrow. His hand was moving up her stocking to her suspender strap his fingers were touching her skin just above her stocking top, he was making little circles on her naked inner thigh, relax darling, just relax and enjoy your Polish husband.

Her head went back against the sofa, her eyes were closed with resignation enjoying the moment, she must have been very sexy, he could see the submission, he leaned towards her and kissed her, she responded and then said oh Aldin, oh please, yes its ok babe just relax and enjoy me.

I am living with you now we will be really close, we will be sleeping together from tomorrow, you are my girlfriend, one day soon my wife.

He put his arm around her shoulders and drew her in gently to him she moved into him without protest as he wanted, he leaned over her and kissed her again she responded with passion and eagerness, his fingers moving up and touching her pussy, he was caressing her wet pussy she said

oh yes.

Aldin please, he kissed her strong. You are my wife now Susan, yes Aldin, that’s my little girl just relax and enjoy me.

I was standing in the hall very excited and I was pulling my little cock loving what I was seeing. He broke from her passionate kiss to say, oh my beautiful Susan, he kept his hand on her wet and soft cunt, you need sex Susan, he knew she was his, she accepted his fingers caressing her clit, then he touched her knee’s pushing her legs apart saying… open….., she opened her legs wide, a good girl my bitch, open wide for your husband.

He now had total submission and fuck he was calling himself her husband, her pussy needed to be touched, it looked beautiful when her legs were wide open showing a fine mold and obviously wet with his hand touching her.

They kissed and his fingers then slipped up his fingers sliding inside her cunt, Oh so wet Susan so wet and open darling, you need me, she pushed her cunt against his fingers wanting more, as she held him and kissed hard wanting a release, it was amazing to see.

I thought he was going to lie between her wide-open legs. That’s it bitch push your cunt onto my fingers (he took a chance calling her bitch) are you my slut wife Susan? ..Oh fuck yes Aldin, I am your slut wife… You need me Susan you need my cock so much you sent baby Lisa to bed as you wanted this release with me now, kiss me bitch, and cum for your new Polish husband.

Bitch, will I be your new husband?…oh yes ..yes Aldin I will be your slut wife ….. She suddenly had an orgasm she kissed him hard as her ass rocked on the couch with his fingers inside her, she bucked and moaned loud saying oh my God…

It must have been building in her all evening, oh yes cum for master, good bitch, she was having a multi-orgasm, that’s it bitch so good for master yes you want masters cock, Susan? oh yes, Aldin As she relaxed from her passion they kissed rough and strong, she stopped kissing him saying yes!

Aldin oh god so good Aldin, I can’t have Lisa again, No bitch not anymore you are my wife, Susan we are lovers now.

I own you now Susan you are mine. They kissed some more and he massaged her breasts, she was still so horny, but slowly she stood up and said I better go Aldin, he got up also showing a bulge from his huge erection, god he must have a big cock.

Taking her hands he leaned down and gave her a gentle slow kiss she responded again as she must have been so horny, he said oh Susan you are so much a woman, you need a real man Susan.

He quickly kissed her again she came to meet his lips and they kissed for a while she responded and enjoyed it, and then she moaned, she was so excited, her pussy was in control of her mind, and he knew that she was his for anything.

Susan, you are now my wife, yes Aldin, good bitch Susan. She closed her eyes as his hands went under her mini to her pussy touching her, she moaned again, he stopped then, pulling her hard against him and she must have felt his huge hard cock against her pussy, her shoulder straps falling off, then they kissed hard and with passion.

I knew then that he had taken control of her and she would be submissive to him, she was his now and he knew it, he said bitch you are all mine now babe you know we will be lovers and I will have you as my Polish wife, and they kissed hard, he lifted her mini up showing her naked pussy.

Then he said, now feel your master’s cock against your pussy, her hands went around him and pulled him tight against her wanting to feel his hard cock against her pussy, she was beyond caring I might walk in, she was his now he was in control and she no longer worried about me.

Lisa will be our bitch cuckold, Susan. Yes, Aldin she will be my bitch girlfriend. I was stunned as I did not know where all this was going to lead, in my quest to become a femme woman I was playing with fire however I was not jealous and only felt sexy watching her being kissed and touched, she looked so beautiful and so happy, his fingers moving to her front and finding her very wet and open pussy again.

I could make out his hand feeling her wetness, oh yes babe you are so ready for my big cock, you want me, Susan, you need sex so much, you need my big cock inside you, you need breeding.

Oh, it must have been so beautiful for her to feel his fingers on her wet pussy again. Susan my bitch say Yes!, say it now, bitch say you want me, then she said it, Yes Aldin oh Yes, I could not believe it at first, you know you will be my Polish wife, yes Aldin, yes what bitch, yes I am your Polish wife, you going to be my bitch Susan, yes Aldin, then feel masters cock take it out, bitch.

Somehow or other, her hand got his cock out and she was holding it, oh god Aldin it’s so big yes Susan it’s big wanting your pussy Susan, and she was pulling him, he enjoyed her attention then he pushed her hand away he pushed his cock against her hairy cunt, it touched her wetness, Oh Aldin oh my God, oh Fuck its so big, god so big, yes bitch you want it in your wet pussy, you will have it deep soon, and Lisa will be cuckolded. When you are single.

I will breed you and seed you so good bitch, when you come to me to tell me Lisa is a full woman and not your husband and without your wedding ring, then you will have my cock deep in you breeding you darling, she was rubbing against it saying Oh yes Aldin, she was moving her position so it moved a little inside her and he said you want that in you bitch?

Yes, yes Aldin I want it, ….fuck me, he moved it in and out just a little, more please Aldin, he lowered his legs so he could get under her, he pushed it hard up her and it was going deeper into her, she was hanging off his neck and her legs were open as he moved in her, your my bitch say it, bitch.

Yes, I am your bitch Aldin, she had another orgasm as she rode his cock as best she could in a standing position and I thought she would collapse. I was so excited I could feel my little clit giving some precum…

Oh God Aldin oh fuck, it seemed to go in quite deep, and it moved faster, he made one hard push, impaled her on his cock, he lifted her up and off the ground her legs around his waist as she was impaled deep on his cock. Oh god, my wife was sitting buried down on a Polish man’s cock.

I was now the cuckold, I saw it before me, the game was over I have given her to him. Now, bitch, who is your husband, you are Aldin, and Lisa who is she, Susan, Lisa is my girlfriend and our cuckold, was she your husband once, yes Aldin, is she still your husband Susan? No Aldin you are.

When I heard that I exploded shooting cum everywhere, I was never so excited, I was lost to her she was his now and yet it made me so sexy knowing that.

He did not cum and I was relieved as she was not on the pill and he did not have a condom on his cock.

Then he stopped and put it away in his pants. Bitch, I will never breed another man’s wife it is not right, when you no longer have a wedding ring on your finger it will mean Lisa is your girlfriend and not your Husband, that I am your new polish Husband and then you will be bred by me deep in you.

I was always thinking he would be breeding her with a condom. I was rock hard instead of being jealous, I was so taken by her response, she stopped and said Oh god, Aldin thank you, Please I better go to Lisa and make her whole woman.

Still holding his hand on her pussy and his fingers working her clit, keeping her on a high, ok he said good bitch, you know what you must do, yes Aldin, so now go and be a good Polish wife do as you need to do, and make Lisa a girl and free your self.

Yes, Aldin. As of tomorrow, we are lovers and we will sleep together from now on. I will know when I see your wedding ring off your finger saying you are a single woman again ready for your new man, he said Susan you need to be filled so deep that Liam could never reach into you, you need it so much babe, remember to make her your bitch.

She knows her name is Lisa now, she knows we will be a couple she has accepted being our Cuckold. I went to the bedroom quickly and sat on the bed dressed in my panties and nightie, after a moment she came in and said you not in bed yet bitch, she kissed me and said sit up bitch, come on strip, its time you were full women, oh god she was actually going to do as he had told her.

She stripped me, now put these nice panties on, you will like them on your cock babe, tonight is a special night you are going to be my bitch, you want to be a girl, you will be a bitch.

And our cuckold. I said our!, Aldin and me, now shut up bitch. She put a matching pink bra on me it was lovely and so comfortable, I said its lovely and I love the panties, good girl!.

I put my finger’s on her pussy and pulled her panties down, then I said you are so very sexy darling, your pussy is so open, she just had his cock in her, I should thank Aldin for making you so hot.

I do feel so sexy bitch Lisa, I really like Aldin he has a lovely big cock Lisa before she could say anything I had taken her mini down she stood there in her suspenders stockings and bra, and I caressed her stockings, Bitch you love stockings don’t you? Yes, Susan.

Now you better make up your mind bitch what you really want, to be a man or woman. Bitch we have to be honest with you being a girl, Aldin thinks you are a girl.

He loves you like a girl, he says we are two girls. Aldin likes you a lot Susan, yes Lisa he does, Do you like him, Susan? I do but I am married to a girl husband and I am faithful to you.

So it is necessary for Aldin and me to make you our Cuckold, I need his very big cock deep in me, you will be happy for me won’t you Lisa, yes Susan I want you to be so happy.

We will make you into a beautiful little girl for a Polish man, you will have a Polish husband, Aldin knows a man that wants a wife just like you.

Would you like that bitch?

Oh god, Susan, I don’t know. Lisa, you are a woman and you need a man. You will have a man, Aldin’s friend. Yes, Susan, You will bitch, but only when you are a woman.

Now bitch you will wear suspenders they make you a full woman, no longer my husband, you will get Heels, wigs, and make-up, suspenders are the turning point, I was so excited I said yes Susan I want to be a real girl, are you sure bitch, oh yes Susan I need to be a girl so much.

I stood she put the suspenders around me and started to clip on the stocking on me, it was so exciting to be changing to be a woman, you really sure you want to be a girlfriend to me and not my husband? You will be a girl forever, yes I know Susan.

Now as Aldin is living with us, you will dress in girls’ clothes with him as well, ok Lisa, she sucked my cock, now Lisa your cock is now a clit I will refer to it as your clit, you are now a girl, not a boy anymore, a real girl.

Girlfriend in front of me and Aldin, we will look at you like a girl you will be trained for a real Polish husband. Oh god, Lisa, you have such a beautiful girly body.

Wait until Aldin sees you, now put on my Silky satin lacy nightie, want you a real girl tonight, she pulled it over my head that looks lovely on you, yes Susan.

She said now get into bed, Aldin and I are going to get you so much lingerie and you will always dress like a girl in bed and wear panties all day and you can even wear suspenders and stockings to work and be a girl after you come home.

Yes, Susan thank you for making me a real girl, I love it darling Lisa, you can thank Aldin he persuaded me to let you wear suspenders and be a full woman like his friends in Poland.

Part 4 – Feminization/Cuckold, Susan, Lisa & Alvin

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