Feminization story/Cuckold Part4

We are going to look after you darling so much, we will get you a Polish husband, now darling girlfriend you are no longer my husband so please take my wedding ring off my finger to show Aldin you understand fully that you are now a cock wanting girl, I removed her wedding ring, now keep that Lisa for when you get a husband you will wear it and remember.


Aldin will see your wedding ring gone off your finger Susan, yes Lisa and he will know I am free for him if he wants me, do you want him, Susan, oh my bitch yes I do Aldin and I will make you your own girly bedroom would you like that, Yes Susan!

My hand went to her naked pussy and my fingers slipped into her wet pussy, she was so wet and open and sexy,.. then she got the dildo and said turn over bitch now you need to be fucked, oh yes Susan. Susan if I have my own room we will sleep alone, no bitch you will until we get you your husband, I will have Aldin sleep in my bed, would you be happy for my girlfriend, yes Susan.

We will sort that out tomorrow. We will cuckold you tonight Liam. She said “oh I hear Aldin in the kitchen I must say goodnight to him I need to kiss him, he asked me to promise to tell him when you were full women, so darling I will go to him I might go to his bed tonight Lisa, I will ask him about his gay friends in Poland, and tell him you need a husband, you stay in bed darling.

Oh, darling, I will go to Aldin now, as she was going out I said, Susan! Yes, bitch, I said you can kiss him now and you won’t be unfaithful to me remember I am not your husband now, thanks girlfriend I want to kiss him.

Enjoy him, Susan, I will Lisa.

Good night Lisa you stay here darling do not come to the kitchen as I will kiss Aldin and I want privacy, I will stay here Susan, do you feel so wet and open for him Susan, yes girlfriend I do.

You need his cock, Susan, oh yes so much Lisa I will have it cum in me. He will breed me, Lisa. I followed after she went to the kitchen, His hands went to her ass, Susan no panties on you now, Oh I forgot!

Lisa took then off she wanted to kiss my pussy, lucky girl, and his hand went to her pussy as they kissed hard, she was in his control as his fingers touched her wet pussy , she said Ohhhh Ohhhh, oh Susan you are so open and wet for me you need me again darling your pussy has never been seeded properly as he released his cock.

Kneel down babe , she did and she licked his cock, oh god Aldin its so beautiful, so big, suck it babe you own it from now its all yours, you have never had a cock that big before you need it Susan say it now please, yes Aldin I do need your big cock in me again, yes I need it bad.

I have only dreamed of a cock that size He lifted her up on the counter and stood in between her legs, I knew then she was going to be fucked again, a slight panic hit me but then I wanted to watch so much I was hard and so excited, I knew I was a voyeur, they look so young together.

Then she took his shirt up and off him she wanted his top half naked as she kissed him, he pressed his cock against her naked pussy, oh yes Aldin, oh god I want you, but did not enter her, with his hand he appeared to rub his cock head against her wet opening, she pulled him hard against her pussy, he was lifting her leg to get her pussy on to his cock, I think it went in a little as she moaned loud.

I could not see fully as his back was to me, I think she was trying to make him fuck her, she tried to take his jeans off, she had her hands around his shoulders pulling him as she kissed him with high passion, she pushed her lower half forward almost lying down on the countertop, oh Susan, and I saw his ass push forward and back as he must have gone fully in, oh Susan now you are my bitch, he was moving in her, but I knew she would want it, she was overboard now and would not stop her legs pulling him in.

It was unreal to watch my wife been fucked by a Polish man on our kitchen worktop, he pushed deep into her, he said you my bitch now, yes Aldin I am your bitch.

I was worried he did not have a condom on. After a while she exploded an orgasm and kissed him hard, she vibrated hard against him as she had a big orgasm, cum Susan cum babe, yes you need my cock to say it, babe, “yes Aldin I need it to fuck me ohhhhh…fuckkkkkk… now please, oh fuck Aldin I want you to cum all the way inside me, Ohhhh, fuck me, suddenly he pulled her ass forward and he pushed his cock fully into her, she shouted “Ohhhhh yes Aldin Oh Fuck”

Oh you fill me like never before, please fuck me, babe, he was deep in her as she was orgasmic, he did not move, he did not fuck her just held her cunt embedded on his cock, you will be my slut wife Susan, oh yes Aldin I will be whatever you want.

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Yes tomorrow night Susan tomorrow babe you will have my cock breed you, but as she was cumming she pulled him with her legs wrapped around him, and I could make out him moving deeper into her, he was moving in her maybe not quite fully, and then she had a multi-orgasm, she bucked against him vibrating, her whole body jerking in one of the biggest orgasms I ever witnessed she seemed to pass out for a moment as her arms and legs went limp, she slowed down gentle.

I saw him fuck her deep. He drove it fully into her, he must have been in her cervix, she screamed for him to cum, fill me Aldin breed me..fill me cumm fuckkkkk oh…oh god cummmmn.

Then he pulled out without breeding her, I could see her wet pussy and it looked wide open from his big cock, he said good girl Susan you are such good lover it was hard to stay out of you, Oh Aldin I want you deep in me fucking me, yes tomorrow night babe we will sleep together and I will fuck you and breed you, and from now I will sleep with you like your new lover and husband, the first time I cum in you and breed you will be in our honeymoon bed tomorrow night, you will be my wife .

Lisa will go to sleep in her new bed until her lover comes. Say it Susan you are mine now, you belong to me, I am your Polish husband, yes Aldin you are, Susan, you will be my bitch from now, my slut wife, I will be your master, tonight you will go back to Lisa she is women now and we get her a man, yes you are mine now, say it again Susan, oh yes Master I am all yours, your slut wife.

Yes you now suck my cock clean, do it bitch, she got down to kneel and took his cock to clean it with her mouth, you like to taste your cum yes master, she cleaned his cock well sucking like she never tasted cock before.

I have wanted you for many weeks now I dream about you and the first time I see you standing in my negligee I was instantly wet for you.

Bitch, I will be your husband from now you understand Susan, oh yes master, I understand, you are going to have so much cock bitch, you will be my slut and service any cock I choose for you, you need a lot of big cocks to don’t you Susan, yes Aldin I do need so much cock, I will be your pimp, Susan, oh yes my darling Master.

I don’t think Susan knew the true meaning of been pimped. Then she said oh Master darling your cock is so beautiful, yes Susan you will have it fully very soon I need to breed deep inside you, are you on the pill Susan, no Master, oh Susan you will begin tomorrow.

I will breed you bareback, but soon when I am ready I will let you go off the pill so I can breed you and make a polish baby, oh yes Master we will breed good. I will be your master Susan and you will do whatever I ask of you, Susan you need a lot of sex you will be totally submissive to me, yes Master I will, good bitch Susan.

From now you are Polish and be like a good polish wife and obey your husband and Master. I want you now Master, I am all your Master, oh tomorrow night Susan, yes bitch tomorrow night, then he said now go to your girlfriend and have lesbian sex with her together, maybe for the last time ok Susan , yes Master she is a girl now and will be happy with her dildo, I ran back and got into bed.

She came back to me and I was in bed caressing my panty clad cock, she stripped naked and kissed me, I said how is Aldin, she said he is delighted you have come from the closet and you are now a women, she said wank darling girlfriend and I will cum with my fingers , I touched her and I said god Susan you are so wet and open, yes Lisa I did have his cock deep into me, never had a cock so deep.

I need his cock so much babe, now wank darling girlfriend, she started to slip her fingers into her wet pussy, will he be your boyfriend, oh yes, my husband Lisa I want him in my bed from tomorrow darling, you will sleep in the spare room, and soon she exploded with an orgasm and that made me cum.

We turned to each other kissed goodnight I said girlfriend he is lovely for you and yes he must take you to this bed and love you and breed you, babe, you will obey him, darling, she said thank you, girlfriend, Lisa I will obey him yes, he will be my husband now, he will breed and seed me, I said that is so good for you, she kissed me and soon we fell asleep.

Next morning Susan made me dress in panties and bra suspender and stockings to go to work she said no one will notice, so you will be a girl from now on Lisa, I felt a women, she told me that Aldin is waiting to see you as a complete women Ok tonight you will be Lisa for Aldin and me and you will dress as a women for us.

I have a wig for you and I will do your make up would you like that darling Lisa, yes Susan but I will be very shy with Aldin, oh no you won’t darling he knows and wants you dressed, he is going to help me to make a lovely girly room for you to have for you and maybe when you get a man for yourself.

That evening Aldin met me when I came home and said Lisa I am so happy for you, it is great you have come from the closet , you must be so happy to be a girl at last , I just said yes Aldin I am, good now you are a real women, and you must feel so fem, at last, I do Aldin.

I am also glad that Susan is free and single now, I like your girlfriend a lot I think she is so sexy Lisa, I said she is Aldin very sexy and she likes you a lot also, I know, Lisa I will be her husband, she will need a friend now Aldin, yes It is hard for Susan to lose her husband but she is happy that she has a beautiful girlfriend instead and she is excited to be free again also, I will be her lover, yes I know she likes you a lot Aldin.

After dinner Susan took me by the hand and took me to the spare bedroom, she had done it up in new pink duvet pillows and curtains, she said its far from finished but wait until you see what I have bought for you, she took me to the drawers and opened them to show me they were full of new panties , knickers, thongs, and the next one had suspenders and stockings, next one was tights and French knickers, as well as some silky nightgowns.

I knew from that moment I was to see Aldin become Susan’s new boyfriend and lover and she was starting tonight, she wanted him so bad, I felt sorry for her to have so much passion that needs to be released.

Now she said tomorrow we are going to get you some mini skirts, and dresses and lots of other clothes, all for my beautiful girlfriend, now she took me to the bed and showed me silky bed sheets, , it was all so sexy, on the dressing table were various lipsticks and other things like perfume blusher etc, now darling you will have your own room and I want you to sleep here from tonight and tell me you are happy.

You will one day have your own man in here with you darling, she was rubbing my hard little cock, Aldin has moved into my bedroom and he will be my husband now and breed me, darling.

I want him to make hard sex tonight, I need his cock deep in me fucking me and seeding me, yes Susan I understand.

Now I am going to dress you and put a little makeup on you darling, she stripped me again and put me in a lovely outfit.

Did a little make up and lipstick, she put a wig on me and I really felt a whole girl Susan dressed herself in nice lingerie she put on a nice mini dress and she looked so sexy, really sluttish and she was dressing for Aldin, her dress was so short when she would sit her panties could be seen quite clearly.

I was a bit shy when Aldin came up to watch TV, he said oh you look wonderful tonight Lisa and so do you, Susan, Lisa you are a beautiful girl so pretty and sexy, we all sat watching TV having some wine, and were quite as there was a feeling in the air of sexual tension, and Aldin and Susan were sitting close together as a couple in love, her panties were quite visible as she sat with her legs tucked under her, his hand on her knee and the other behind her shoulder.

As they cuddled as lovers do, he said its great for me to be with two such beautiful girls, Susan said yes you are so lucky, he then leaned over and kissed her, she responded hard and her hand went on his thigh as he went in front of her and they kissed with passion as if I was not there her hand pulled his head hard to her, his hand went to her panties and his fingers touched her wetness, she moaned loud ohhhh!,

Then they relaxed back on the sofa cuddling and kissing. Oh thank you, Susan, I love you so much, I hope you are happy Lisa, I said its fine with me as long as my girlfriend is happy, Susan said thank you Lisa girlfriend Aldin is now my husband I want him so much.

He kissed her with passion and she responded as his fingers touched her panties, then he whispered something in her ear, then she said I will be back in a moment Lisa, she went to the bedroom, Aldin stood up and came to me and went behind me and holding me said what a wonderful women I looked and I feel so feminine, he kissed my neck and it made me horny, and asked did I feel sexy.

I said yes, he kissed my lips and I could only respond, then it was amazing as his hand found my clit and rubbed it, I panicked as I liked him doing it, he kissed me again and said you will have me soon Lisa, you need a cock so much, Lisa, I will be your first.

And then I sat in the armchair, Susan came back with a lovely new nightie Susan was looking so sexy in a beautiful white short nightie and matching panties, Aldin bought this for me to wear for our first night in bed, our honeymoon. Lisa, he went to Susan and kissed her holding her tight Aldin pulled her to him and said how beautiful she looked

His hands touched her and then he kissed her, she responded and I watched as my wife was kissing a polish man in our front room, then his hand went under her nightie and he was touching her pussy, she moaned and responded kissing him and holding him tight, I was so horny, he had her nightie up high and her panties looked so nice.

I was rock hard, They kissed hard and she was opening his pants it was so exciting to watch and they did not care that I was there looking as they were in a high state of passion.

It was unbelievable I was watching all this passion unfolding in front of me.

They kissed with passion both feeling so sexy he lifted her leg to show he wanted to fuck her Then Susan kissed me, Thank you, girlfriend, I am so happy, I need this so much, Lisa, I have waited a long time for Aldin, I love you Lisa and Aldin as well I need him to make love to me I need his big cock Lisa I need to feel his cum in me.

I know you do darling I know. I think you should go to your bed now darling, Aldin give Lisa a kiss goodnight while I go to her room, Alone then he kissed me deeply and his tongue pushed into my mouth, I responded, his hand went to my cock and he squeezed it hard, one day you will be mine, Lisa.

I want you, you will have me as the women you are, now go to bed and have a nice wank while I fuck and breed your ex-wife …goodnight Lisa. Susan came and took me by the hand and we went to the spare room, she said to get into bed now Darling girlfriend you love your new room yes Susan.

Ok Susan go and enjoy your self have some sexy fun, you look so beautiful naked, Aldin will make love to you now Susan, she kissed me hard and squeezed my clit, and asked did I want her to make me cum, she would suck me off if I wanted, I said no Darling you can suck Aldin, just go and have fun, you are so kind Susan, I will make myself cum. Go have fun babe.

You need his big cock Thanks Lisa and off she went I could not believe my ex-wife was going to be fucked by a polish man in our bed that we met less than 4 weeks ago I went to the hall she had gone into our bedroom with Aldin she left the door ajar and the light was on, she said oh you are in bed already?

Oh Susan she looked beautiful in your lingerie, no knickers, take them off please Susan, she slipped them down and off, that’s better, she was by the bed, he took her hand and said ok kiss your master, she bent down and kissed him it got a little passionate and his hand went to her pussy, he said oh Susan you are so wet and ready for me, oh, OH YES Susan, he was naked his huge cock was rock hard, come darling, he guided her down on our bed next to him and kissed her hard, she said, Master!

Her hands went around him and she held him tight kissing him madly her hand to his huge cock and wanting it, his balls bag sack looked full of cum it was so big.

Due to the heightened pheromones that hung in the air and igniting their primal desire. It had reached the point where neither of them could resist the call of nature any longer, and they wanted to fuck with wild, uninhibited, animalistic abandon.

Consequence be damned, they needed this. He held her legs back as far as she could, begging him to fuck her hard and deep, pleading with him to shoot his hot load deep inside her fertile cunt… With the raw energy with which he would pound her ripened sex, she knew he wouldn’t be able to resist, and would soon be flooding her wanting womb with every hot drop of his potent seed.

leaving it entirely up to nature to decide their fate. she caught his cock she guided it to her pussy and said Master fuck me please, I need it so much, yes darling I will fuck you so good, now Babe his cock started to slide into her it had a long way to go and it really stretched her pussy hole, it was so big.

I was watching my wife getting fucked again and pulling myself hard, it was so lovely to watch his cock push down and into her wet pussy it went in so easy she was ready for him, It eventually went fully in to her, he told her to finger her clit, she did, it was nearly 3 times my length and she was moaning loud,her fingers playing with her clit, she moaned and moaned as her fingers and his cock was taking her to a passion she had not experienced before.

He said Shhhhh babe, oh Master its so good fuck me, hard babe, he pulled back and drove it deep again yes he was fucking her hard, he was so strong and fit he was a great lover suddenly her legs went around his shoulders and she shuddered as she exploded in orgasm , yes Susan Yes babe cum babe, she said oh God Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck your big cock, cum in me Master, he said I will breed you without a condom, Susan.

Good Master Breed me, babe, Breed me and with that he started to cum he went very fast pumping her deep , I am cumming deep babe, she was having another multi orgasm, he must have had a lot of cum as he went on and on for ages, then he slowed down, oh Susan darling I have breed you, your egg is been attacked now, babe, oh fuck that was unbelievable, Master, I only met you a few weeks and I love you already you are breeding me, bitch my cock is yours now babe you will have it often.

Lisa is a woman you are all mine, you will have my cum deep in you every night many times, you have a lot of cocks to catch up with. I will make sure you get lots of cocks and sleep as your husband Oh yes darling husband I want your cock every night to breed me, I want your hot love juice in me deep, you will live here in my room I need you as my husband, yes Darling Susan

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