Feminization story/Cuckold Part 5

They kissed and cuddled again they were loving each other, she said I never thought I would be at my house with my husband now been a girl and I was been fucked by a man I met 4 weeks ago.

I knew from the first moment I met you it would happen, Susan, and I am so happy it did, we have found each other, I knew we would be lovers and your new husband, they were naked lying on the bed.

She moved and went down and put her mouth over his semi-erect cock, she was tasting her own cum as well as his, she said its beautiful Master.

I love the taste of us from you darling, I love it, his cock grew big as soon as she started to suck him, it filled her mouth fully, and he pulled her up, you like to taste female cum darling, she said yes I do, maybe one day we will get you a cunt to lick Mmmm!

He went down on her pussy and said remember this is not a lesbian experience, Oh god Master I know it is a real man, she moaned her pleasure, After a while she wanted him again and he turned her over on her tummy he went behind her and mounted her, he went deep into her and moved nice and slow and went up and down her pussy.

Her passion was unbelievable now babe enjoy this darling remember you will have it often, and your ass hole looks so inviting, soon I will slide in there, did Lisa ever do you in your ass, Susan?

No I never had a cock in my ass, His cock was so big in her it filled her so much Oh yes Master, I need you, she was going to cum again and she said

“oh Master am cumming fuck me hard, fill me, babe,”

he fucked her fast and hard as she exploded he said I am cumming Susan take my seed bitch, I am breeding you again babe, you are my bitch. Yes, Master, I am your bitch. You are babe, he fucked her filling her again, then he said now turn around and suck me clean.

She did as he told her and sucked his cock I love the taste of our cum Master; it even started to grow again, I just realized I had cum at the same time as then I was after wetting the wall and the door but did not care.

They cuddled again and he said I want to stay with you darling forever, you will start to get divorced from Lisa tomorrow, she is a girl now and will never be your husband again.

I am your husband and we will have a wedding when you are divorced. It was unreal when she said yes Master I will find out about it tomorrow, I want to marry you babe, you will slut, and you will be my slut wife. And you will obey me.

I went back to bed and fell asleep, I woke up and just then Susan came into me and got into bed, she said oh girlfriend Lisa, I just want to see my girlfriend is ok did you have a nice wank Lisa , yes I did Susan. I have been fucked so much by Master, it was beautiful.

I needed that so much darling Lisa, I know babe you did need him so much I am happy for you, he has cum 3 times in me already darling I am going to make you a full woman today with the dildo and you will sleep in your room.

We want to get married so darling as you are now a women we will get divorced so Master and I can get married someday soon, she said Master friend is coming in four weeks and I think and hope you will like him she kissed me and said I must go back to my husband and she went back to Master.

I heard them having more sex and went back to sleep For the next weeks, Master and Susan lived as a couple and they slept in the main bedroom and they lived with each other as husband and wife, I was quite happy in the spare room which was all done up as a girly room and every so often Susan would come to me and make me have a wank while she watched and would use the dildo on me.

She would be naked and stand by the bed as I wanked I looked at her wet puffed pussy and sometimes her fingers massaged her clit as I wanked, she did not let me touch her pussy but sometimes would let me suck her breasts until I came, but she never had an orgasm with me.

But I did not mind, she would tell me how she was in love with Master and she was cock mad and wanted sex so much.

Then she got me some butt plugs and told me to start with the smaller one and leave it in my pussy to get it open and every week to move to a bigger one to make my pussy open and ready for my man, there were 3 sizes but I could not think.

I could get the big one in it looked huge she put the first size in my pussy and told me to leave it in for an hour then to leave it out for an hour and to leave it in while I slept and take it out in the morning for 2 hours and every day to do 2 hours in and 2 hours out it felt comfortable in me and I could feel it was stretching my pussy open.

Within a week I was using the second size, and it fitted in nice and tight as the first one had got my pussy open and ready for it, there was just a little pain as it went in for the first time.

One morning I was in bed alone dressed in my little white thong panties, suspenders and stockings and my black shortie nightie, and actually had my butt plug in me, I was asleep on top of the blankets lying on my tummy, I awoke and felt a hand caressing my ass and thinking it was Susan I made no effort to move and left her enjoy touching me, her finger stroked my panties into my fanny crack she was able to feel the butt plug.

I was after getting so hard, then I felt her kiss my little panties on my ass, I moaned and said oh Susan you make me so sexy her mouth kissed my panties and her hand kept me on my tummy, she started to pull my panties down and she took out my butt plug.

I turned and it was Master and not Susan, and his cock touched my ass. I was excited waiting for it to slide into me, but then I thought about Susan and said no Master where is Susan, he had a huge cock sticking out ready for sex, I said oh Master!

What about Susan, oh she is gone to get her hair done, I told her to get it blond for a change, we are alone now babe, I want you Lisa, I was now on my back and my cock was rock hard my panties off, Master said sorry the door was open Lisa, you looked so sexy in your panties I could not help it, and your clits so hard now, before I could move Master put his hand on my cock and caressed it again.

You are so sexy Lisa, do you feel so nice Lisa, yes Master I do, but please stop we are alone, he said I know we are alone, Lisa you are so hard. He bent down and kissed my cock, he took it as his mouth, I said oh no! Master please it’s not fair you know I can’t stop you, yes Lisa darling I know you cant, his mouth sucked at my cock and it was beautiful, then he asked me did I like being sucked?

I said yes Master, of course, I like it but you have to stop now, please stop it now!

Master we cant do this, I am not for you, think about Susan, he said what about her, she is not here Lisa and you know you need this babe, you are now a cock wanting slut Lisa you know you need cock, my cock babe don’t you?

Yes Master but I have my dildo, Lisa, you are the best little girl, before I know it Master had his cock in front of my face, he said come on babe suck that.

No Master please don’t make me, with that his cock went to my mouth and pushed at my lips, I could not stop it as it went into my mouth, suck it, babe.

Now bitch suck it….

I found myself sucking it, he said that’s my Lisa suck it well babe, come on hold it as you suck it, my hands came around it and held it as I sucked it deep, I could not stop and was soon sucking hard.

I was a slut, a fucking slut, his cock head was so big it filled my mouth. He said Lisa you are a bitch and you want my cock, you like my big cock, come on tell me you like my cock Lisa.

I took my mouth off him to say yes Master, and he said suck me again bitch, I did, I needed to have his cock it was so hard and tasted lovely, oh Lisa you need my cock so much, you love sucking me babe you will be my bitch from now.

You are a whore Lisa, you will be fucked by my friend from next week and I will fuck you also when you are free you will be his wife but my bitch, this will be our secret Lisa ok? Yes, Master.

Lisa, you will be a good whore you are mine now and will do as I tell you. His fingers were playing with my clit and my body was responding as my ass opened and was so wet his fingers felt lovely as he moved them in my wetness, he knew I was ready for cock.

He took his cock away and kissed me, that’s nice babe, now he was lying on the bed and he pushed me over on my tummy, I said no Master don’t, please Master don’t fuck me please don’t do that to Susan, you are Susan’s lover, my panties were off and he said now babe relax.

I am only going to kiss your ass. Promise I won’t fuck you, babe, unless you ask me, you bitch, do you like being my bitch Lisa? Yes Master, but don’t fuck me I never had a cock in me I am afraid, you are so big, Master.

I will not fuck you babe not until you ask me and you will babe. He went at my ass and kissed me on my cheeks and then his face went into my crack and he was putting his tongue into my fanny, it was driving me mad and I was pushing my fanny against his mouth.

I was out of control. Then he stopped and said oh girl you want it bad, say yes babe!

And he started to mount me, I said no Master please don’t, you said you would not fuck me, Master, think of Susan, Lisa I know you want me, don’t you, I am ready to go into you, babe, you need this cock, say you want me, come on fuck you bitch say it, say it bitch, he did not go into me but his cock head was touching my pussy hole, teasing me, come on Lisa say Yes!

That’s it, babe, I feel your pussy pushing back to me, you want me.

“Oh yes Master I do”

I want you, I love your cock, good girl you are like Susan she can’t get enough cock she also loves my cock but she is so hungry for cock, she wants more and more, with that he started to move into me he stretched me wide and it did not hurt much as I had the butt plug in me all morning, he started to move deep in me I could not believe his cock was going so deep in me, he went deeper than my dildo as he was bigger, he then said is that nice babe.

I said yes Master, he said oh such a good girl you are all mine now babe, you can fuck with your dildo and fuck with my friend, but think of me babe, you will Lisa.

I said yes Master oh yes.

You need a real man to fuck babe, now babe you will feel me breed you, I know you have been waiting for this, he started to kiss my neck as he exploded in me now bitch you’re taking it all.

I am breeding you bitch, he really filled me up he had so much cum I felt it fill me and it was hot, after a while he pulled out and said come on babe suck me clean, I took his cock and sucked it clean, he was so wet with his own cum.

I tasted his cum it was different, then he said put your big panties on, do you have a panty pad, I said yes ok he said to put one on you now as I had a lot of cum and you are full babe, your panties will get very wet,

I said there are In the drawer,

He got big panties and a panty pad for me, and I slipped it into my panties as it started to flow out of me, he bent down and kissed me, and said did you like that babe?

I said yes Master,

Oh you’re a good girl Lisa and then he caught my hard cock and pulled it faster and faster, you will cum for Master now babe, you really wanted me, babe, I knew the way you looked at me, and yes I did, he took me in his mouth and sucked me I got quite hard for the first time in a while, I felt it starts

I shot a lot of cum in his mouth and it was such a massive orgasm I really enjoyed it, he swallowed it all, and kissed me hard taking some of my own cum in my mouth as he kissed me, you like your cum babe don’t you, yes Master I do, and he said we are bonded now, babe, you are going to be a great bitch for me.

I have to go now babe, and we will make sure to keep this as our little secret, and if you do we will have it again soon, just think Susan’s husband is fucking you also , that’s good, would you like that again.


Yes, Master, I would find it hard to say no, yes babe you will be like Susan wanting cock so much, he kissed me again and off he went I went back to sleep with my panty pad getting wetter by the second.

The following evening a friend of Master’s came to visit and stay a few nights, he was lovely and very like Master he had flown in and was going to find a job.

I did not know he was in the house until I walked in the front room, I was all dressed in my evening dress and I was introduced to him as Lisa, he said he had heard about me and was happy to meet me.

Susan was there and she was in one of her smallest miniskirts that showed her panties and was very sexy she did not seem to care , she whispered to me Master had told her to dress in her shortest mini she owned, we all had a little dinner and some wine and I went to the TV room leaving Master Susan and Paul in the kitchen.

Master came to me and said did I like his friend Paul? I said he was lovely, he told me that that Paul was only interested in women, he thinks you are beautiful but you will have Pat next week darling so not to worry.

Paul will not make a play for you, he just likes women like Susan, Ok Master it’s nice to know, but it’s ok that I am dressed in my femme clothes? Yes, of course, he is delighted for you.

Ok, Lisa, I will join then again you stay here and watch TV, we will be up later, ok Master and off he went, he said I will bring you up a drink darling and he kissed her hard, saying I want you Lisa, I need to fuck you again. He went and got me a drink and said I will be back again to keep your glass full.

I went outside the patio door to the garden and I walked towards the kitchen and I saw one curtain was not closed and went and peeked through to see them, as it was dark outside they could not see me but I had a full view of the kitchen.

I heard them chatting and laughing and Master saying he had to go back to Poland tomorrow morning as he had to do a little business and would come back with Pat, and how Pat was looking forward to being Lisa husband, he said that Pat loved the photo’s of Lisa and wanted her so much.

So I will be back on Saturday, I have to go early in the morning Susan said get Lisa to drive you, yes he said I will ask her in a while, I could see Susan sitting on her chair in front of the boys and her skirt was so small her panties and her pussy mould was showing fully it looked swollen as she must have been excited, she looked so erotic.

Then Master said oh darling Susan, Paul will look after you while I am missing, Paul said yes I will Susan, and so I went back to the TV and shortly after Master came to tell me he had to go to the airport in the morning and he wanted me to drive him in the morning early.

He bent down and kissed me hard, I said fine, we have to get an early night, and off he went back to the kitchen, I went to bed as it was getting late, and shortly after I heard Master going to bed and I peeked out and saw Susan taking Paul as far as his room, she said good night and I saw him lean down and kiss her goodnight she kissed him and he held her hard against him and his hands were all over her ass and touched her pussy.

She was loving the attention, he put her hand against his bulge and she squeezed him, after a while she walked away to her bedroom to sleep with her husband Master, she really loved all the attention from men and she was such a slut she was cock mad and who could blame her she had been starved of cock for so long.

It was still dark when I took Master to the airport and he was in time for his early morning flight, he kissed me goodbye in the car as I did not go in with him, I drove home then and the sun was just rising, but still a little dark, I did not want to make noise and awake the others so I quietly opened the door, when inside I heard a racket coming down the hall and going to the bedrooms.

I heard Paul saying,

“You’re a bitch a whore”,

then I heard Susan shouting “Yes I am, Harder Paul Harder, Ohhh Yes fuck me, Paul, he was banging her hard and the bed was shaking loud as it hit the wall every time he drove into her, I saw into the bedroom as the side light was on , the hall light was off and they could not see me.

He was behind her as she knelt up and his huge cock was up her pussy he was fucking her very hard and then he said

“You are a whore Susan and you need fucking hard”

with that he spanked her ass and she cried out but said

“YES Paul hurt me you bastard “, “yes bitch I will”

and he spanked her ass a few times she cried out each time, he kept it up and she was crying out in pain, her ass was rosy red, and he pumped her pussy, oh yes babe oh yes and then she cried out Cumming Paul as she had a massive orgasm, he hit her ass again hard and it made her orgasm go on and on, she was bucking back against him as she came, and he said

“Oh yes you are like a mare in heat I am your stallion,

she shouted cum Paul breed me like a stallion, yes he said and he held her hips with each hand and drove into her fast and then shouted he was cumming,

“I am breeding you, Susan, you bitch, are you my whore Susan” “Yes Paul I am a whore,”

he pumped her full deep inside as he stayed buried inside her, he had so much cum I could see it come out of her as he pumped her slowly then he said turn around you bitch and suck me clean like any good polish women, she turned and grabbed his cock and put in her mouth and sucked all the juice from it as it got soft, and then it even started to harden again, good bitch.

I can see why Master is with you, you are like good Polish women, you like plenty Cock and you will have more when I am ready again,

“she said oh yes Paul you are like Master a good fucker, I love your cock

and she held it again and was sucking deep in it, I could not believe she was so mad for cock she just could not get enough.

He said Master told me you are a real cock taking whore, he told her to finger herself, let me see you do it, bitch, she got in a position where he could see her pussy but she still sucked his cock and her spare hand went to her wet pussy and her fingers were working on her clit she was moaning and making muffled sounds as his cock was deep in her mouth sucking away.

He was telling her she was his bitch until Master got back, and he told her to put her fingers in her pussy, work that cunt he said and she moved 2 or 3 fingers in and out, then she had another orgasm as she bucked on the bed it was so intense she left his cock fall out of her mouth, and just rocked in her multi orgasm, she laid down and he laid next to her and said I will give you a chance to recover.

We will be in bed for the morning Susan I am going to fuck you many times this morning, will you be happy with that, oh Yes Paul yes, good girl, I was so sexy from watching I had to get to bed to get into my nightie I went to the front door opened it as if getting back from the airport, then closed it with a bang, I went to my bedroom passing Susan’s room and the light was still on I heard nothing.

I got undressed to go back to bed and I was standing in my bra and knickers when the door opened and Paul walked in, I just stood there as he said oh Lisa you are so beautiful he could see my little cock was mostly erect, he was naked with a huge semi-erect cock hanging in front of him, he came up to me and said, Lisa, I am sleeping with Susan while Master is away and you might hear us making love so I thought I would let you know, just ignore the noise as Susan will be very excited to be fucked by my cock.

He then caught my face and kissed me hard as his hand went to my cock and rubbed it, I responded to his kiss even with the shock, he took my hand and put it on his cock and made me hold it , god it was big, that’s my girl you will have it Lisa…. then he said I think I will visit you before the week is out, Say you would like that Lisa say it, bitch.

Yes, Paul, I would, ok girl you will be my whore before the week is out then he went out. I said god this is only Tuesday and Master and Pat will not be back until Saturday, Susan will be really well fucked by then. Maybe I will too, but it never happened as he was too busy with Susan.

Paul had to go away a day before Master came back and as he was going he handed Susan an envelope after she opened it and it contained 500€ she got a shock and could not understand why.

Susan told me a few days later that the 500€ was payment for the beautiful sex that Master had organised, and she knew then she was a whore and Master was her pimp, he told her she would earn a lot more and have at least an extra 500€ a week, for one-half day.

She was delighted with the extra money and loved the sex. The weekend came quickly and that afternoon Susan helped me to get dressed and do my make up I was the real little girl of 22, I was so excited and yet afraid to meet another strange man, but I needed to have a man to have regular sex.

Pat sounded lovely I heard the car pull up and waited in the front room for them to enter Susan came in first and introduced Master’s Sister Trisha and said Master has a lovely surprise for you Lisa, Master walked in and followed by a lovely looking Black Man, he was slim older than me , at first.

I was shocked and felt venerable dressed as a woman and the biggest shock was he was Black, not that I mind black its just it was to be a surprise. And it was…. I would say about 32, lovely features and he was introduced as Pat, he was Polish his family came from Africa and not really that black, browner.

He came towards me and holding my hands told me I was as gorgeous as Master and Susan had stated, he kissed me gently on the lips still holding my hands, he put one arm around me, and we looked at Master and Susan, he said lets sit down and get to know each other, darling I know it’s a surprise he said but I am really into sissy girls

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