Turned into a Cuckold /feminization, pimped out part 6

I love male pussy more than women, Master, Susan and Trisha excused themselves to arrange some drinks, Pat kissed me again and put his tongue in my mouth.

I could not help but slowly respond and he was caressing my legs and my sexy skirt, I now had an erection and he soon started to feel me, he had a hand up my skirt and was kissing me with passion when Master and Susan came back with Drinks.

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Trisha had gone to her room to unpack and get an early night, “Oh I am so happy to see you two are getting on so well, I knew they would like each other and they would hit it off” Master said are you relaxed now Lisa to which I replied oh yes Master I am…..

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Well, we all sat around and had a few beers, Pat was really lovely, so sexy, lovely slim body and here was I wondering what he was like underneath, Susan said as I told you Pat in the car Master has made Lisa into a real woman last night and she loves it, so I think Lisa is looking forward to having a sleeping partner.

We were a little worried about her being all alone, Pat said well she won’t be alone tonight, he kissed me again and soon we were kissing with a passion and were not aware of Susan and Master as they kissed and touched each other We were like gentle lovers and Pat was pleased with me.

I was looking so much like a woman and where ever he felt me I was silky and sexy, we sat and chatted with Susan and Master for ages stealing the odd kiss, and all the time Pat and I were touching each other, he had a big cock from the feel of it, and as I caressed it from outside his pants Master said, now Pat show Lisa what a lovely present you have for her, take it out she would love to see it Lisa is very fond of cocks.

With that Pat told me to open his pants and to take out his cock, I did just as I was told and out it came and sprang to life, it straightened up to a massive 8 inches at least, it was not quite as thick as Master’s, but the colour was lovely chocolate, Susan said

“Now Lisa shows everyone what a good cock sucking sissy girl you are, let’s see you please Pat.”

I went down on him and licked the head of his long shaft, it was pink going to light brown, and then I let it slip into my mouth it tasted lovely and was so silky and satin, I tasted a little pre-cum from the large head and I sucked eagerly, I heard Susan saying, now, Pat, she is a good sissy girl, she likes sucking you so much.

Pat pulled my head off his cock and kissed me, then said Lisa and I are off to bed, with that he stood up slipped his pants off and pulled me up to him his cock standing proud as we said goodnight to Susan and Master, giving them a big sloppy kiss each, Susan said to me

“Now Lisa darling you are to please Pat very much, remember he is your master now, so do whatever he wants and be a good sissy girl for him.”

Pat took me by the hand to our bedroom he closed the door and I stood in front of the bed Pat came to me and kissed me with passion, he said “Kneel down now and suck me”.

I licked and sucked him, then after a while, he pulled me up again as he removed my skirt and blouse, his hands were all over me caressing my ass and my breasts, he loved my wig and ran his hands through my hair, he told me I was a really beautiful sissy and he was going to love me so much, then he undressed fully and pulled me into bed he was so sexy his skin was a light chocolate colour and so smooth.

I caressed his chest and kissed his smooth nipples I could only feel like a woman then and I was his woman to please him, I saw him as a man, a beautiful male, he said we were to leave my underwear on me, he caressed me more and soon he was pulling my panties down a little and his finger was finding my sissy pussy.

He got some jell from the bedside locker and pushed some into me, his finger was sliding in and out and then he added another finger, he pushed me over on my side with my ass facing him, he wanted me bad! he was searching out my pussy with his cock head and I helped to position myself to take him.

I also wanted him so much, then I felt his head find my pussy and like a snake going into his hole,  Pat started to slide into me, it hurt a little at first but he kept going further into me, he went in and still further, I felt so full this time deeper that Master, his cock was thinner but longer, it did not hurt as much as Master, but went in further, I loved it, the feeling of been filled, the heat of it, and the power of it inside me

“Now darling Lisa, you are mine baby, all mine, I am going to fill you and fuck you, babe”

forever, I am your master. I replied

“ Oh Yes master take me hard, fuck me, Pat, fill me I am your sissy slave do me like a dog, take me like a woman, yes darling, I want your seed deep inside me”

Then Pat held me very tight, his pace quickened, I knew it would not be long now, and yes he tensed and his fingers tightened their grip on my waist as he plunged deep, stopped and exploded so deep inside, “Now babe takes it, Now, fuck you, fuck you bitch you bitch you are my whore” Yes Pat I am your whore.

I could feel his cock expand in me, I could feel the power as it pumped deep in me, the heat of his cum, his cock now surrounded by his own cum moved easier in me sliding quicker as he still pumped his final cum in me. it went on and on as he moaned, then after what seemed like an eternity he slowed down and I could feel him relax he stayed in me and then slowly his cock shrank a little and he slipped out of me,

“Now clean me, bitch, you are my cuckold now. clean me now,”

I turned and bent down to take his semi-erect cock in my mouth, there were strands of cum hanging and still cumin from it, I lapped his cum covered cock clean and sucked it to clean it, even semi-erect it was still a good 6 inches and was beautiful, I was so happy to have such a lovely cock to adore, all this perfect attention I was giving his cock got it rising again and in no time I had it back to its full glory,

“You are a good sissy bitch Lisa, a good cock sucking bitch”

Pat fucked me and filled me 3 times that first night and once in the morning, I was dripping with cum, If I had an egg in me like a real woman, it would have been attacked by his seed so much it would have been fertilised, he fucked me is so many different positions and filled me deeply each time, he was so full of cum juice each time.

I was naked by the morning and we slept until 3 in the afternoon, I awoke with his cock once again sliding into me as he came quickly again in me, it was nice to wake up stuffed with a cock. before we got out of bed, he said it had been a wonderful night and I was now his bitch and would be his alone and I would do only as he commanded.

He said I was a full woman with a clit, I was to forget about my cock and what it was for, and I was never to consider myself as a man again only a woman, I was always to be a total woman for him when he came to see me….I agreed with him.

A week later Master and Pat went away back to Poland for 5 days holiday; my sissy pussy was so open by the time Pat went I had him so many times. At the time he stayed, I never thought of Susan or Master, It was only Pat, we were like lovers all day and he fucked me all night, always kissing and touching. At one time Susan came to me and said.

“I am so happy for you Lisa, are you so glad that Master and I made you such a beautiful sissy cuckold women” I replied honestly “Yes Susan I am so grateful to you darling and to Master, I am a full woman now thank you”

I love cock so much I owe you……. The boys went away leaving us girls for 5 days, Susan was very clingy and cried at the Airport, we all went home and had an early dinner and sat watching TV, I got dressed in my best lingerie to feel comfortable, Susan and Trisha sat on the sofa, Trisha was beautiful with a full figure, we had a few bottles of wine as 3 girls, and Trisha was having a great time with Susan.

God, I could see an excitement between them and they were touching each other’s knees and legs then Trisha leaned over and kissed Susan and her hand went on the inside of Susan’s knee, they kissed hard and I went out to let them have time alone.

I, as usual, left the door open a little and could see in, I looked in the door and Susan was touching Trisha’s pussy her panties pulled to the side, they were very passionate and were loving each other,

“Oh Susan you need sex so much babe, I wanted you from when I saw you”

let’s go to bed, I went to my room and they went to Susan’s room, in their hurry they did not have time to close the door and I looked in to see them making out on the bed, Susan was in control and laid on top of Trisha.

Then Susan moved down and went licking Trisha’s clit, Trisha moaned loudly and had her first orgasm, and then they went into positions as if they loved each other, they were having orgasm after orgasm and moaning so loud, they had forgotten totally about me, there was so much passion on that bed I had to go to my room to have a wank and after I fell asleep.

When I awoke in the morning, I looked into Susan’s room and the two girls were naked in each other’s arms. I closed the door and an hour later, I heard someone scream an orgasm, a little later they were up having a shower together, got dressed and came to the kitchen to me as if nothing happened, they looked so happy together, and they looked like they had very little sleep.

Joking I said you girls have a nice night they both said yes and leaned in together to have a warm tender kiss.

They slept together until Master got back, and they told him what happened he was very happy for them and was pleased Trisha had satisfied Susan’s demand for sex. Master went to bed with Susan and they had very loud sex, she wanted so much cock.

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