I was once David i am now Davina

I was forced to be a woman – Forced Fem stories

I had met my wife Collette whilst in college and we had dated all through our studies and it seemed natural that we would get married, which we did 12 years ago when we were both in our early 30’s. She has always had a dominant streak and always liked to get her own way and since I was more submissive, I always gave in and let her have whatever she wanted.


It began around six months after we had gotten married. We both worked in well-to-do jobs but she earned slightly more so told me that it made sense for me to give up my job to take care of the house. I thought this odd and protested but she kept on for a further three weeks and eventually, I handed in my notice at the law firm and went from being an attorney to being a househusband. I took on all of the household chores such as cooking, cleaning, ironing, shopping and tidying.

Not long after this she took away my cash card and told me I did not need the money and would instead get an allowance. I said this was not on but by now she had turned from my sweet, loving and likes to be in charge wife to a domineering, cruel and acid-tongued woman and she told me in no uncertain terms it didn’t matter to her one iota what I wanted and that it was happening.

Since then she has removed my driving privileges and forbidden me from watching TV. I am not allowed on the furniture and instead, sit on the floor. I stopped having sex with her years ago when she got sick of my tiny 2-inch dick but she has also since then locked my cock in a chastity cage so I can’t even have a wank to alleviate my sexual frustration.
The next stage involved me waking one morning to find a French maid outfit, stockings, gloves and a dark-haired wig on the dresser, along with a note.

“David, your transformation from my husband to my general slave has come along nicely. I now control every aspect of your life and I couldn’t be happier. The next stage is a big step and I’m sure you will not like it but over time I’m sure you will come to accept your new role and transformation. Put on the outfit I have laid out for you and come downstairs. I will be waiting. Collette”

I rushed to my wardrobe to find it empty. All my male clothes had been removed. I stared at the outfit and gulped. I should have seen this coming. She had been talking for some time about how I was really a sissy and that I was not a real man and that SHE wore the pants in our marriage.

By now I was so brown beaten and so used to obeying my wife’s orders, I barely hesitated as I accepted my fate and picked up the white frilly panties and pulled them on before putting the stockings on and clipping them to the garter belt. I picked up the French maid dress and sighed as I put both legs in it and pulled it up to my waist, wiggling my hips as I did so.

I slipped both arms on and then, after a bit of a struggle, zipped up the rear. Collette obviously don’t her homework. The dress fitted perfectly. I picked the wig up and walked over to the wall-hanging mirror. I put the wig on and straightened it. I looked in the mirror and barely noticed the person looking back. I looked every inch at the sissy maid. I bowed my head, turned and walked out of the spare bedroom where I now slept.
As I opened the door I saw a pair of black high heel shoes sitting. A note was on top of them.

“Almost forgot. Have these on when you come downstairs. X”

I slipped them on, remarking to myself how she had gotten all my sizes to spot on. I walked downstairs, holding on to the bannister for support as I tried to get used to walking in heels. At the sitting-room door, I placed my hand on the handle and took a deep breath before opening it and walking inside. Collette was sitting on the settee reading a magazine.
“Oh my, don’t you look so pretty all dressed up. Like a proper sissy husband. Exactly as I had wanted. Come over here, don’t stand in the doorway silly. Stand beside me”
I walked over and stood beside her feeling utterly humiliated. My cheeks were burning and I wished I was anywhere else but here.
She fluffed up my skirt roughly, causing me to stagger.

“Stand still you idiot” she hissed. When she had finished she leaned back and draped an arm over the back of the settee and looked up at me.
“There. Perfect. How does that feel? Do you like your new look?”

I did not like it one bit. At least before I still felt like a bit of a man. Had a bit of respect left but now? Now I was a humiliated sissy maid to a dominant wife. But I had felt the back of her hand and her studded leather belt enough to know that what I actually thought was not what she wanted to hear so instead I said

“Yes dear, very much. I love it. Thank you”
“Good. Now get on your kneels and kneel over here next to me. I want to tell you something”
I did as I was told and she cocked her head to look at me. After a moment she spoke in a soft yet firm tone.
“Now I have sent the last 18 months gradually changing you from a male attorney to my sissy maid and this is the second to last step. You will now no longer wear male clothing and we will be going out this afternoon to get you female clothes. The last step now remains. What do you think that is?”

I looked at her confused. I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact I would only have this French maid outfit to wear when we went shopping later to think about what she could mean.

“Oh come on silly sissy. It’s so obvious. You are now a total sissified slave so we will be removing your male name and changing it to some thing more feminine. As you know, I am a considerate and thoughtful woman so I am going to make it easy for you to remember. Your name is no longer David, it will now be Davina”

My head was spinning. How had it come to this?

“Ok Davina, up you get. Make my breakfast and bring it through to me, there’s a good girl.”
I got up off my knees and staggered through to the kitchen. As I reached the door, she said
“Oh Davina…”

I turned and looked at her, broken and on the verge of tears.

“We’ll be working on your curtsey techniques this morning.”
“Yes dear” I said

I was now no longer a man. That part of me was gone.
I once was David. Now I am Davina the sissy maid

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