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Welcome to all things sissy cuckold. This page is dedicated to all those who want to read about sissy cuckold stories some with images some without. Are you A sissy husband? Do you have a cuckold fantasy?



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Some cucks enjoy writing about their sex life and knowing it’s being exposed online. These are true stories from real situations. Being made to watch the younger man with your wife or girlfriend. Are you ready to explore your sex life? To suck cock? Enjoy our true stories from an older woman and a younger man

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All of our stories below are submitted by real people who have real situations or those who have a fantasy they want to share, Long time cuckold scenarios to improve your sex life. You can submit your sissy and slave stories and pictures here You can read the sissy stories page here or go right on and check out our cuckold humiliation

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The Dominant Wife Gives Her  cuckold a surprise

Cuckold Husband Learns His place

I can Taste My Wives Pussy From this cock

Leanne’s – cuckold Marriage how it started – Cuckold Marriage

Made to be the fluffer

Feminization leads to being a cuckold for my wife and her Polish Lover

You must make my black boyfriend hard slut

You’re not a real man you have a little clitty I want a real man

My wife found my Cuckold pictures and forced me into chastity

The girlfriend said cause I dribble from my little clitty I must wear a diaper 

How I Became A Cuckold Sissy Maid, by sissy-maid dave


No matter what type of story you are looking for you can be assured our cuckold stories will always be from real situations, real cucks submitting their scenarios and humiliating experiences to the site. From the cock sucking cuckolds to the cum eating sluts, the fluffers, and the little losers.

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We have some of the best true stories on this site from real people who enjoy playing with a huge cock and watching their wife suck cock. Are you ready to explore the kinky side of your sex life? Our cucks drool over hot men with a huge cock watching an older woman sucking off a younger man as you are told how pathetic and small you are.

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Making them wear a chastity device as they watch their wife or girlfriend have hardcore sex with a real alpha male, knowing they have to do the cleaning up afterwards. This is the duty of any little cuck, from forced feminization scenarios to licking the cum from their partner’s pussy.

Our dirty little bitches know their place, they become the cum queens. We are always looking for new dominating and humiliating stories for this site. So no matter what your situation or how long or short the story maybe submit it to our submit page. Make sure you view some of our nude female cams so you can then see what you will never have again as a cuckold

When you mention black cocks to these little cucks they know straight away that the male coming to have sex with his wife is an Alpha male with a huge dick.

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These cuckold stories are stories of some of the best and horniest sex life ideas you will find anywhere online with true stories of older women and younger men who have enjoyed the scene for a long time if the idea of a huge cock intimidating you as you watch your wife suck cock then be sure to explore these fantasies with our ladies now

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This is all about the cuck’s sex life and how they are made to suck a huge cock for a long time, to be humiliated by older women and made to sit in chastity and watch not being allowed to cum this is all part of their sex life now.

No matter what your situation or where your sex life is at, we want to read about it, are you being degraded by a cuckoldrix? Are you made to suck huge cock or black dicks shemales? Does your wife or girlfriend taunt you about your lack of manhood?

A younger man with a huge cock is what women dream of if you don’t have this then you will become her cuckold as part of the sex life you share.

We enjoy nothing more than having our sissy cuckolds in a chastity device and forbidding them the pleasure of an orgasm, we own you and we decide what goes in this relationship.

Sissycuckold is a way for us to humiliate you, own you, and dominate you in whatever way we see fit.

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