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My Dominant Wife Humiliated me As a cuckold

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I scurried around the kitchen quickly with a cloth in my hand, wiping down the worktops. I glanced at the clock. 2250. Ten minutes before my wife would be home from her date with Raoul, her boyfriend. That sounds like a weird thing to say so let me go back a bit and try to explain

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We had married young but through the years Julia had realized what she was missing out on. As a once a night man with a staying power of about 4 minutes on average combined with a tiny 3-inch cock I was no match for her sexual stamina and she needed more so around 5 years ago she had given me an ultimatum.

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Since I couldn’t satisfy her either I gave my blessing for her to have external lovers or she would pack her bags. I loved her more than anything in the world and the thought of a life without her didn’t bear thinking so I reluctantly agreed to her having other sexual partners.

I had tried to ignore it over time but it is difficult to ignore your wife leaving the house looking like a million dollars while you stay home and then for her to return the next morning with tousled hair, streaked makeup, messy clothes, and big beauty queen smile on her face giving away exactly what she was doing.

My ordeal is made even worse by the fact she also didn’t want me cheating on her by masturbating. Her reasoning was if I can’t satisfy her with my cock, why should I derive any pleasure from it, to be honest, it’s hard to argue with that logic.

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She had ordered me a CB-6000 chastity cage that she fitted on me the second it arrived and she only unlocks it sparingly. I can count on one hand (no pun intended) how many times I’ve cum in the last two years but if this is what it takes to keep her married to me it is a sacrifice worth making.
Since I am no longer, in her words, a real man she made me quit my job and become her slave. Again, she made this a stipulation and not a request so I really had no choice in the matter.

I reluctantly handed in my notice and became nothing more than a servant to her. She had also changed from a sweet, pleasant woman with the voice of an angel to a spiteful, acid-tongued, venomous person who belittled, insulted, humiliated, and degrades me whenever she felt like it.

She seemed to take great delight in mocking the fact I had a tiny penis, that I had to beg her to be allowed to cum and that she got fucked by real men on a nightly basis while I stay at home taking care of the cooking, cleaning and general household duties. She gradually made me cut off contact with all my friends and now my life revolves around serving her every command.

cuckold stories, cuckold humiliated
Cuckold Stories


I was also forced to take all my male clothes and bun them in the backyard. A huge pile of smouldering shirts, jeans, suits, and t-shirts in the lot. Her sadistic laughing and cackling as the flames danced and she ordered me to put more gasoline on it still rings in my ears.

The only clothes I wear these days are sissy panties, garter and stockings for my daily chores, a French maid outfit when I am serving Julia and when I go grocery shopping I wear obvious women’s slacks, female flat-heeled shoes and a blouse with frills on the side, obviously feminine. I have also been relegated to sleeping in the spare room.

So that is the background to my story and how it had come to this. How I had gone from an auto mechanic with a knockout wife, the envy of all my buddies, to a sissy husband slave to a domineering woman.
So now here I was, cleaning the kitchen and making sure it reached her impeccable standards.

I had spent all night dusting and hoovering the sitting room and hallway just as she had ordered. She never usually gave specific orders like this. I wondered why but knew better than to question it. I rushed around, finishing off the kitchen worktops. I was wearing my usual outfit of white stockings, white panties and suspenders and my chastity cage were very prominent. The padlock rattled around as I furiously wiped the tops.

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Better get a move on.
I put the clothes in the washer and then went upstairs as instructed. Again, this order was strange as normally she wants me to rub her feet while she texts or calls her lover. It’s extremely humiliating and difficult to take as she sometimes is quite graphic narrating back to him all the things they did to each other so I was actually quite relieved to be sent upstairs this time.

cuckold stories, cuckold humiliation, cuckoldress stories
Cuckold Humiliation, Cuckold Stories

Bang on time. The headlights from the car lit up the room I was in (I was told to have the lights and tv off) and danced off the walls before the brakes gave a slight squeal and the engine was turned off. After a few minutes, the front door opened and banged closed. I heard her throw her key into the glass bowl on the table by the door. And then I heard it. The other voice. A male voice
She had brought her lover back to our house.
I was shocked. Startled. My head spun. Why would she do this? She had never done this before.

“Come on Raoul, let’s go upstairs. He should be where I told him to be”
My heart almost stopped beating and my stomach cramped tightly. What on earth was she planning?

I heard them both laughing and giggling as they climbed the wooden stairs and they had obviously had a few drinks. I heard them pass the spare room I was in and go to the main master bedroom. The door did not close.

“Come through here hubby. Now”

I let out an involuntary cry. My breath was quick and shallow and my heart was beating furiously. So hard I felt it was going to explode.

“I said NOW”

I quickly rose off the bed, steeled myself and opened the door. I turned to my right and walked down the hallway towards the open door. A deep breath before entering and in I went.
They were both sitting on the edge of the bed. Her in her ankle-length black dress with a plunging neckline and a split that went all the way up her leg to give just a hint of the stockings she was wearing.

Five-inch black high heel shoes adorned her feet and her black shoulder-length bobbed hair looked immaculate. A pair of inch-long diamond earrings completed her outfit. He was wearing black wingtip shoes, denim, and a blue and white striped designer shirt. He obviously worked out and his huge muscles rippled through the material. Dark-coloured skin, the Mediterranean in appearance, he was a perfect specimen of a man. I could see why she would be attracted to him.

“So what do you think Raoul? Pretty pathetic isn’t he?”
He looked me up and down with a smirk
“Yep, he sure is. This is your husband? What a loser”
“I know right? I’ve got him totally emasculated. He’ll do what I say”

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She then turned to me and gave me a look that sent shivers down my spine. I was dripping sweat and wanted to die right here. I was so humiliated and degraded. This was my worst nightmare.

“Look at me” she said “I have a surprise for you. Instead of hearing all the details of my love making session, Raoul and I have decided it might be fun to have you watch from the corner for a change. Wont that be fun?”

For them maybe but certainly not for me. It’s been at least four months since I last came and my balls constantly ached from the frustration. God knows what watching a live sex session would be like for me but I am pretty sure she didn’t care about that.

“Aw what the matter? Cat got your tongue?”

Her voice was dripping with sarcasm and she was clearly enjoying how humiliated this was making me.
Her right hand was rubbing and grabbing his groin. I could see his dick getting erect through the material and he was obviously well-endowed.

“You’re going to see a real man’s dick now sissy.” She said “A real big dick and not the tiny little clitty you have”

With that, she unzipped his fly and freed his member and it sprang up, free to grow and boy, grow it did. It must have been at least 8 inches of solid, thick cock.
Her pupils widened with delight and she licked her lips slightly

“Oh god” she gasped “I’m getting wet just looking at it.” She looked at me “Now don’t you DARE look away or close your eyes”

And without another word, she leaned over his lap, tossed her hair back and took his cock in her mouth.

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I winced as I watched another man’s cock slide in and out of my hot wife’s mouth. She was slurping and gulping and the moans he was making indicated she was certainly experienced and good at cock sucking. She clicked her finger and beckoned me to kneel beside him, not once breaking her stride of sucking.

She released his dick from her mouth with a gasp and grabbed my hair. Twisting my head to the side as she leaned over and kissed me deeply. I could taste his saltiness and feel his pre-cum from her mouth onto mine. It made me gag and flinch.
She threw my head away and went back to giving him what looked like an amazing blow job.

cuckold humiliated, cuckold in chastity
Cuckold in Chastity

After about ten minutes she stopped and stood up, taking his hand and they both got to their feet.
“Unzip me idiot” she barked.

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I reached up to her neck as she held her hair to the side and I gently pulled down the zipper and her dress fell off her shoulders onto the floor. She stepped out of it and they began to kiss passionately.

She had one hand on the back of his head and the other was wanking his cock. I gazed at her with tears stinging my eyes. She had a knockout body. Perfect, flawless skin and she was tanned and toned to perfection. With her matching black bra and panty set and black stockings and suspenders
coupled with her still wearing her high heels, she was every inch the perfect female and every guy’s ideal woman.

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She unzipped his pants and he stepped out of them as she pulled his boxers down. His erect penis sprung back up right away as she did so and she got right back to wanking him.
My own tiny cock was fighting against the confines of its cage, struggling to get erect and it was extremely uncomfortable. I fidgeted slightly, trying to alleviate the pain
“Stand fucking still. Stop disturbing us. Moron”
“yeah” chimed in Raoul “stop moving and watch how a real man does it”
And with that, he spun her around and pushed her onto the bed in her front. He climbed on the bed, yanked her knickers off and grabbed her hips, pulling her onto all fours.
“Oh yes. Give it to me baby. Fuck me good. Fill my pussy with your big thick dick.”
He parted her legs and climbed between them. As he slipped on a condom, she looked at me
“You. Kneel here in front of me”
I crawled over to her.
As he slipped his massive member into her soaking-wet pussy, she gasped. Her eyes widened and she was taking short, sharp breaths. Her face twisted in pleasure and her eyes rolled back in her head as he began thrusting powerfully into her.
“Oh god….Ohhh that feels so good…..oh it feels so good to have a real man fuck me”
This was as painful as it could be. I longed to feel her wet pussy around my cock and here she was, making me watch as another man got what I wanted so desperately.
She grabbed the sides of my face with her hands and looked me in the eye. Her mouth was open and she could barely speak. Her hair and earrings swung all over the place as he had now picked up speed and was really hammering her good from behind.

She was screaming and moaning and panting like crazy. Her face contorted in ecstasy inches from mine. A look I never ever gave her and sounds she never made with me, during the times when I was allowed to have sex with her.

He was grunting and panting and she was screaming loudly. They were both obviously close and then it happened.
They both came together. The thrusting became slower as he pumped his spunk and she was milking every last drop from it.

They were both gasping and out of breath and sweat glistened from their bodies.
They got off the bed and stood in front of me. His cock was still half erect and the condom was hanging off the end, filled with thick white gooey cum.

She casually reached down to it and took it off. She looked at me and smirked.
“Open your mouth dear”

I gulped and my mouth was dry. I kept my lips closed and looked at her pleadingly
Her lips pursed and her eyes narrowed. Through gritted teeth, she went
“I said open your goddamn mouth”

I dreaded thinking what would happen to me if I refused or hesitated so I slowly opened my mouth.
“Now, we’re going downstairs to have some wine. You can stay here and think about what you just watched”

She put the condom in my mouth. I felt his spunk dribble from it and the rubber taste was disgusting. I could feel it begin to mix with my saliva and fill my mouth.
“Keep that in there till I come back later on.

Think about how it came from a proper man who can satisfy a woman. And don’t you be playing with yourself while you think of it either”
“Oh, that’s right” she giggled as she tapped my chastity with her stockinged foot “you’re all locked up with nowhere to go. Haha haha”

He threw his arm around her shoulder, she put hers around his waist and they both walked away laughing. They flicked the light off and closed the door.
I could hear them laughing and giggling as they went downstairs, leaving me in the dark with another man’s cum filled condom in my mouth.

The other man who had just fucked my wife right in front of me

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