Our Cuckold Story – Marriage Real Life

Our Cuckold Story – The Marriage how cuckoldry started

Hi Everyone,

I am Leanne (33) and my Cucky Boy (Husband, 31) is Gary, we live in the West Midlands in the United Kingdom and for the past 3 years, we have been living and experimenting within the fantastic world of Cuckoldry.

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Some of the people that read this might not understand the reasons why or even how we enjoy living this lifestyle however let me make 1 thing vitally clear – We LOVE each other more today than when we first got married 14 years ago.

Cuckoldry is just another form of enhancement of sexual pleasure within our lives, and girls let me tell you it is possibly the wildest sexiest, and the most intimate thing you could do with your husbands, removing the normal issues martial sex can bring to a relationship.

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How Did It Start…
Well in truth it was my husband’s idea and many strange circumstances that finally led us to our wonderful lives today. Like many couples that have children and work hard to build a future; sex started to decline in frequency and even in pleasure, which was quite worrying as both hubby (Now Cucky) and I loved sex and prior to having children we spent a lot of our time discussing likes, dislikes, fantasies and fetishes helping to build a great understanding of each other’s needs.

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Sometime after our first child, sex became a thing of the past and hubby started to spend time surfing the internet for sexual release, often leaving naughty stories printed on my bedside table in the hope I might read them (which I did but let’s not tell him that); after several months of this practice, I was pleasantly surprised that almost 99% of the stories had one common topic … Wives fucking other men for pleasure.

As time passed, I eventually asked Hubby why he continued to print stories based on this topic … to my pleasure Hubby confessed that the one fantasy he had never discussed was that of me getting fucked by a guy with a big cock ( oh yea hubby has a very small willy). For months we had fantastic sex, well foreplay really whilst talking about me fucking other guys.

Role on a few more years and typically like almost any fantasy it either burns out or the desire to turn it into reality happens.

One night hubby and I went off into town and whilst drinking we bumped into one of his work friends who told us that he was off to a local swingers club, suddenly hubby smiled and asked if he would mind me going along with him. What a shock this was for me, however, I agreed and went off to a swingers club with hubby’s mate; whilst hubby went back home …

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Sometime the next morning (around 6 am) hubby’s mate dropped me off at home and I went in to find hubby awake in bed (horny as hell) we talked about that night whilst kissing and playing and then he asked …. Did you fuck my mate, well girls I couldn’t lie, I told hubby I had fucked him and also had my first sexual encounter with 5 fantastic women in a hot tub, as hubby lay there wanking his small willy he asked if his mate was bigger and better than he was … my answer was simply – hell yes

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He smiled, shot his load, and fell asleep happy ….

So what is a cuckquean or Cuckquean?

Since then we have been living life as a cuckold couple.

In short, I get to date and have sex with anyone I want. Cucky works hard to please me, do housework, cooking, and much more and I simply get to relax enjoy my kids, friends, and great sex life with other men whilst sexually denying my husband as well as controlling the amount he is allowed to masturbate (not often) helping to keep his sexual pleasure built up wanting me to fuck more…

Thanks for reading

Leanne xxx

Hope you will stick around and read more … Cucky and I will continue to update you all on our life as a CUCKOLD Couple


So more About Me The Cuckoldress story

Hi Everyone, I am Leanna…

I am a happily married 33-year-old hotwife and full-time Cuckoldress.

Several Years ago my fantastic Husband gave me the opportunity and freedom to explore my sexuality with other men, since then I have been actively Cuckolding my husband ( fondly referred to as Cuckyboy).

I love to dominate and control Cuckyboy in all aspects of life including the control and denial of his sexual pleasure through to making him my house slave; who must do as asked when ordered no matter what he was doing prior ….Cucky is my full-time bitch.

For the past 3 years, Cucky has been denied the pleasure of sticking his small willy into my pussy and has been forced into a submissive slave cleaning my pussy and ass as well as watching me fuck myself with an array of toys.

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Occasionally I allow him to masturbate in the bathroom or if he has been very good next to me in bed; whilst I verbally abuse, slap, spit or deliver pain to his disgraceful body as he jerks his pathetic little boy’s willy until he explodes his dribble of cum into his hand. (normally 45 seconds)

Whilst I love to dominate Cuckyboy I love nothing more than being submissive to dominant Bulls who fuck me hard and deep making my body spasm in pleasure as they use my body like the cock craving slut wife I am.

Over the past 3 years, my adventures have taken me on a wild roller-coaster ride with VWE Bulls (Cuckold name for a dominant man) through to some fantastic fuck buddies I have met online, in a pub, or at local nightclubs. Check out the 

Each encounter offers a new story and I now crave large fat cocks like never before.

On almost every occasion when I return home Cucky is allowed to lick my sore pussy and with my 1 regular Bull who fucks me bareback my Cuckyboy has to clean every drop of cum that was previously deposited in my married and very slutty pussy … he loves it, to the point I now have a pair of PVC knickers that I put on to ensure the cum is wet and fresh when I get home.

In short, both Cuckyboy and I love this lifestyle and we both want and need to take our experiences further.

We hope you all enjoy our Blog and welcome you to experience our adventures as well as travel through our normal everyday life.

A Note To Wannabes and Wives thinking of this lifestyle…

This lifestyle shouldn’t be rushed and every angle MUST be discussed fully between hubby and wife – as you read stories, normally of other people’s experiences you must make sure your goal is to deliver pleasure to both the Wife and Husband.

There are no rules, and you must set your playing field out before starting ….View the live cuckold cams here

Read everything and then remove anything that does not deliver pleasure….

Most importantly – Make sure you and your hubby are strong, this lifestyle can easily break you up as a marriage and that would be something none of us would risk.

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