Cuckold Husband Learns his place

Cuckold Husband Learns his place

Anna had everything she had dreamt of. A huge mansion, big cars, countless dresses, precious jewels and whatnot. She had all the riches of the world thanks to her super-rich husband. She also had a fantasy about cuckolds and using men for her own gains

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This man, whose name was John made sure that Anna had everything she wished for. He would rain diamonds on her, take her to the fanciest restaurants and gift her the most luxurious cars, spoil her, pamper her and literally worship her beauty all the time.


It never occurred to John that the woman he was in love with was slowly turning into a lady who loves nothing but his money it felt like financial domination in a way.

Sometimes, she would playfully tell John that she does not need him as she has Steve and Eric, her bodyguards to take care of her, this was her teasing out the whole cuckold scenario and I wondered if she was trying to show me my place.

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John would always laugh it off and give her the hottest kiss a woman could wish for. The couple was common at every big party and they often made it to the third page of the newspapers, thanks to their never-ending appetite for sex in public places. Things were going smooth, the chemistry was hot and sex was great – everything was perfect, just as John liked.

John was the man behind several successful deals that the big shots of the automobile industry of the USA were making. He was a think tank that every company wanted to hire and since he was so popular, it was not a surprise when a leading automobile manufacturer of Japan hired John to help them with some sales stuff for a month.

The money involved was big and therefore, without a second thought, John left for Japan. Anna was fine with his decision. She, anyway wanted some time alone, away from him.

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The first few days went fine but as time passed, Anna grew desperate. She had not realized but John had made her hungry for sex in the past 2 years of their marriage. She never thought she would crave dick but now that it was happening, she didn’t know what to do.

She called John and told him how much she was missing his dick, but John mocked her that she has Steve and Eric to take care of her and laughed it off. Anna was desperate, angry, and pissed off and that is when she decided that she will do exactly what John asked her to do. Perhaps it’s time for him to now learn his place and become my cuckold or my fluffer hmm I could have some fun with this.

The next morning when she woke up, she called in Steve and Eric and told them that she is not feeling good and that since John is not around, it is their duty to take care of her. She ordered Eric to massage her shoulders and asked Steve to sit near her feet. She gently placed her feet in Steve’s lap and asked him for a foot massage

“as a favour.”

Now, Anna was a beautiful woman with a fragrance that could make anyone mad and Steve and Eric were no different. Steve nodded positively and started massaging her foot while Eric was massaging her shoulders. For both these men, it was a treat they were getting from Anna, it was just one of the thousand things she had planned to do with them. This session lasted for an hour and for the rest of the day, nothing else happened.

The next day Anna had her appointment with her masseuse. She was supposed to arrive in the evening but that never happened. Anna took it as another opportunity and asked her two bodyguards to massage her body.

This was the first time that Steve and Eric were going to see Anna naked. They were excited but nervous. Although they had been commanded to massage her they knew that if John found out about it, they would lose their job.

But whatever, neither of them wanted to lose the chance to finally feel the skin of this woman. They had jerked off to her a thousand times and for the first time in their life, they were going to feel her. They came closer to Anna, Eric on the left, near her hips, and Steve on the right near her neck and shoulders.

Both of them placed their hands on her body. She was so soft. The men dig their hands into her flesh. She moaned with pleasure. They moved their hands all over her body. Steve took care of her shoulders and Eric was working on her lower back.

With every stroke they did on her back, she would moan. Eric decided it was time for him to move down and so he started massaging her butts. Anna moaned even louder, taking it as a positive sign, Eric continued to massage her ass.

Anna then turned her face up. Steve and Eric were shocked. She had the sexiest pair of boobs they had seen in their life. She looked stunning. Her smile was amazing and her lips looked delicious.

She asked her men to play with her boobs and they did. They pressed her boobs, sucked on her nipples, and massaged them with all their dedication. Anna then asked them to go to the bedroom and get naked and promised them that since they had done such a wonderful job with the massage, she would fulfill all their sexual fantasies for the next month.

Steve and Eric rushed to the bedroom, got naked, and waited for the goddess to show up. Anna put on her towel, went to the kitchen to get some wine and suddenly the doorbell rang. Who could it be?

She opened the door and John was back. What the hell was John doing here? He was not supposed to come for another month. Anyway, now that he was here and Anna was doing as he asked her to, she decided that tonight was the night when John was going to see her getting fucked by another man.

She hugged John, gave him a kiss, and held him by his dick. She took him to the bedroom where Steve and Eric were already waiting, naked. They were shocked and ran for their clothes but the stern voice of Anna commanded them to stay naked and tie John to the couch from where he could see all the action happening on the bed.

They did as commanded and even though John was the most powerful man in the room, for the first time in his life, he was the weakest one. He was tied to the couch, facing the bed, where two big men with their big black cocks were waiting for his wife.

Anna walked up to John, pulled down his pants and his underwear, gave his dick a small kiss, dropped her towel, smiled at John, and in the sexiest way possible, went to the bed, held the two giant dicks in her hands, and seductively said: “fuck me like your bitch.”

She laughed so hard as she told John these are real men with proper dicks you are just the cuckold know, you are the fluffer and you will know your place. You will lick the cum from my pussy and you will suck these 2 real men’s dicks to make them hard and prepared to enter my pussy. Cuckolds get nothing but sloppy seconds, they get to watch and are forced into a chastity device and not allowed to wank or relieve themselves anymore.

This is the cuckold lifestyle – I have heard about cuckolds going to cam shows to talk to hosts about these types of things, but ti never ever thought that would be something I would ever have to contemplate.

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