My neighbor caught me in panties and blackmailed me

I heard a knock at the door.  It was 10 PM on a Wednesday.  Who on earth was at my door?  I paused my movie and hopped up off the couch.  Peering through the peephole,  I could see my neighbour standing on my doorstep.

“Well, that’s weird,”

I thought.  I was shirtless and wearing only my boxers but I shrugged it off and opened the door for her.

“Hey Julie, what’s up?”

I asked her.

“Well, look at you with that manly body.  I never would have guessed your little secret,”

she said with a smirk.

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I yawned.  It was a long day at work and I had no idea what she was talking about.


She slipped past me into my living room.

“Well, that was rude,”

I thought to myself,

“who the hell does she think she is?”

“Did you know that sometimes you forget to close your bedroom curtains?”

Oh crap.  It suddenly dawned on me.  She knew my secret.  She’d caught me.

She reached into her purse and pulled out a large stack of photos.  It must have been a full roll of film’s worth.

With an evil smile, she handed them over to me.  I cringed as I saw the first photo.  It was a zoomed in picture of me…in my favourite red thong.

I could feel my face getting warm and I knew I was blushing hard.  I flipped through the stack.  She had been watching me for a while.  There I was in my silver stripper style g-string.

And another photo showing me in my pink, ruffled booty shorts.  And another in my white schoolgirl panties.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I couldn’t look at one more picture.  My mind went blank and I stared at her stupidly, not knowing what to say.

“You can go ahead and keep those,”

she told me.

“I’ve already made several copies.”

Suddenly I felt very naked and self-conscious in front of this woman who now had immense power over me.  What did she want?  How was I going to get out of this?

She smiled wickedly at me.

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“I suppose you don’t want to see those posted all over our apartment complex.  Personally, I’d love to pin them up on the bulletin board by the mailbox.”

“No, please no.  Don’t do that to me,”

I begged.

“You don’t think that would be hilarious?  I do!”

I cringed, embarrassed and afraid.  “What can I do to make you change your mind?  Please, I’ll do anything!”

“Well, there is ONE thing you can do…”

I nervously waited for her to say more.  I’m sure it was less than a minute, but it felt like hours until she answered me.

“I want to see you up close in those pretty little panties.  I want to see what a sissy you really are.”

My jaw dropped.   Was she really going to make me do this?  I had never been in my panties in front of anyone before, let alone someone who was basically a stranger and blackmailing me with absolute proof of my shameful secret!

She giggled.

“You heard me.  That’s the only way you’re going to convince me not to show these photos to everyone.  Go put on those pink panties.  Those ruffles are just so cute on you.”

I hung my head and went to the bedroom to retrieve the panties.  I slipped out of my boxers and into the booty shorts as instructed.

I returned to the living room.  There I was, baring it all…my most embarrassing secret.

She let out a loud laugh and plopped down on the couch, putting her feet up.

“Now curtsey for me like a proper girl,”

she told me and I complied.

“Not bad.  But I think we can do better, don’t you?”

she asked.

“I…I guess so,” I stuttered.

“Good girl.  Come here,” she said.

She dumped the contents of her purse out onto my coffee table.

  “Have you ever worn makeup, sissy boy?”

I stared at all the various products on the table in horror.

“No…I’ve never worn makeup.”

“Well, that surprises me!  But don’t worry, we’ll make you a very pretty princess,”

she said, laughing.

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She was totally serious, despite her laughter.  I wasn’t lying to her.  I loved dressing up in my pretty panties, but I had never worn makeup in my life.

I honestly couldn’t believe she was doing this to me.  I was already in the most vulnerable position of my life, standing in front of her in only a pair of ruffled, pink underwear.  But I knew I had to let her do whatever she wanted or my secret would be out in a big way.  She was in charge and I had zero choices in the matter.

I sat down in front of her and she grabbed a bottle of what looked like lotion but was tan in colour.  She squeezed a good amount into her hand and started rubbing it on my face and neck.

“This is called foundation, my little sissy,”

she informed me as she covered my face with it.  It felt weird and kind of stuff on my face.

“And on top of foundation, we use powder.”

She took a small, round container and popped it open.  It smelled flowery and she patted it on my face until it was covered.

Great, now I was wearing makeup AND I smelled like a girl.  She continued with various products including eye makeup, lipstick and mascara.

“I don’t think we need to use any blush,” she said.  “Your face is already red enough.”

She laughed heartily as she held up a mirror for me to see her work.

I really did look like a girl.  I didn’t think it was possible but I blushed even harder as I looked at my reflection.

“Now blow yourself a kiss,”

she demanded, and I did.

“Oh, I forgot something!”

“Ugh, now what?”

I wondered.  Could it really get worse than it already was?  As it turns out, it could.

She grabbed a small bottle of perfume and sprayed it on my neck.  It smelled fruity and very girly.

She glanced at her watch.

“Well, I’ve got to run,” she said, “but you certainly make a very pretty girl.  Oh, and good luck getting that makeup off without makeup remover.  It’s all waterproof.”

With that, she gathered her makeup and hopped up off the couch.

“Gee, I sure hope you can scrub that off before you have to go to work tomorrow!”

With an evil laugh, she opened the door and was about to leave when she stopped and turned back to me.

“Don’t forget, I still have copies of all those pictures.  You know what that means?

I own your pretty little ass.  Goodnight sissy girl.”

My heart dropped into my stomach as she shut the door.


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