PantyHose Fetish

What you need to know about Pantyhose Fetish

A pantyhose fetish is an underwear fetish. Individuals with a pantyhose fetish generally grow to be sexually excited as a result of being dressed in pantyhose, observing other individuals dressed in pantyhose, or even the two.


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They will often additionally come to be excited by viewing somebody slips on or even take them off.

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An individual with this type of fetish is referred to as a pantyhose fetishist.

This Particular fetish is usually typically known just as a tights fetish because tights are the British phrase for pantyhose.

pantyhose picture

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When I started making fetish clips

When I started out creating customized clips for customers, a lot of men requested me for pantyhose as well as nylons content.

These males are extremely particular as to what they prefer.

The truth isa lot of my customers will take a look at a photograph or perhaps a video clip I publish and know very well what brand or make I’m dressed in. Lots of male slaves also request me to put on the darkish tan, glossy pantyhose worn by the waitresses at Hooters as this excites and turns them on and they want to reenact that same feeling.

They usually desire and request to view my feet, as well, They constantly ask me and observe me moving my hands against the pantyhose too.

pantyhose girls, pantyhose fetish, girl sin pantyhose

There are certain submissive males who would like to worship my legs along with the pantyhose, or even those who would like to be humiliated by receiving the pantyhose crammed in their mouths.

A number of males/ slaves consider pantyhose as being attractive and enjoy viewing and worshipping my ass inside them.

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Other people require me to masturbate under the pantyhose — both by sliding my hands underneath them as well as massaging myself personally over them.

Occasionally, somebody requests me to rip them wide open in a customized video clip, however when I actually do, I ensure they order me a brand new pair first of all.

Panty – Hose Fetish Is Very Common & Popular

Pantyhose Fetish is, in fact, a very common fetish for women and men a lot more than you would imagine. The single purpose a guy very seldom admits or even reveals to his spouse is primarily because modern society or even church states it’s a Taboo similar to sin.

Therefore almost all the poor men visiting church sneaking peeks at all those Nylon covered legs are normally getting prepared to pass out!

pantyhose fetish pictures, sexy girls ass in tights

I do know I actually did the church issue for countless years. Howeverin the home, we equally appreciated our Nylon Fetish. It’s entirely common to possess a Nylon Fetish.

It doesn’t turn you into a Weirdo or even Freak, it helps make you an individual that merely so happens to enjoy something a lot more than the average person. Aside from, wouldn’t it be a fairly dull place to be exactly like all the others?

For those who have a Pantyhose Fetish or perhaps a different type of kink or fetish, Have fun with this however it’s much better with someone else. Believe meabout this the World wide web, as well as Social Networking, don’t understand the whole thing.

They sure don’t talk for me personally. Individuals have diverse Fetishes for several reasons.

Is it OK for men to wear pantyhose?

Of course, guys could put on pantyhose however herein can be found the secret of whether it is rational or even for enjoyment !!! I personally used to dress in pantyhose/tights throughout the extended chilly days of wintertime whilst working on my various building sites.

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grew to become quite acquainted with the different gauges of denier and also commonly used my girlfriends used slightly laddered tights. Nevertheless, once springtime arrived I needed to create a conscious effort to write off the need to put on tights however my partner was a bit put out, she really loved to feel my legs while encased in nylon.

man in tights, men in pantyhose

quickly fixed that out by requesting her to purchase a number of nylon garments that might be used by both genders.

Anyhow, I digress, for a guy to put on pantyhose it ought to be his very own decision however be aware if it is merely a practicable undertaking then weather allowing he will probably adjust with the comings and goings of the seasons.

From an additional perspective possibly a guy might be a crossdresser who likes putting on nylons ( certain woollen pairs, of course ! )

And also who will get a little bit of a ‘buzz out of putting them on. From one more viewpoint there are numerous, many, guys who regularly wear pantyhose and in fact stockings underneath their pants and trousers.

men in pantyhose

Once more this really is simply a matter of preference. Essentially, in my opinion, there is absolutely no correct or even incorrect way with regards to pantyhose as well as in fact some other item of clothing mainly worn by one or the other sex.

We just have to reach into our pasts a few hundred years to discover males predominantly being the primary users of tights, silk, as well as shirts as well.

A word of warning, however , maybe you ought to discuss this passion ( if perhaps that’s what it is, and I propose  to you it really is ! ) with you’re significant other for those who have one and also watch out for wearing the pantyhose in public areas, “there’s not as queer as folk” as the Yorkshireman said to his son.

Many people, in truth the majority would possibly consider a male in tights/pantyhose a target for scorn as well as belittlement while in fact it really is they that definitely are the types to be mocked.

In some way I ought to state if you wish to put on pantyhose after that definitely go on and take pleasure in it but nevertheless be aware of, not everybody is really as ‘amicacable’ regarding gender clothing, almost all be it misled, to be objective concerning these kinds of things.

Just do it, knock your self out, put on pantyhose wear whatever you decide to, howeverkeep in mind not everybody else is going to have the same viewpoint as you.

We haven’t actually come that far over the last 3 hundred years concerning ‘his or her’ clothing….

A list of some of the popular questions asked

Are you able to tell whenever someone is dressed in panty-hose?
How come do not guys put on pantyhose?
Will it be okay for guys to put on pantyhose?
Do you really love wearing pantyhose, if so, how frequently would you put them on?
What exactly do pantyhose feel like whenever you wear them?
Is there any adult males who dress in pantyhose as well as tights?
Will it be Alright for a guy to dress in panties and also pantyhose?
Do ladies get aroused by wearing panty-hose??

All these relevant questions were written by guys. You might be shocked? Because I was. 

I’ve additionally read through numerous responses to these types of queries compiled by females – and also those were additionally astonishing. It seems that a lot of women dislike wearing pantyhose.

 A number of them were stunned to learn any desire in pantyhose among adult males because of the problems concerning pantyhose from females :

In hotter weather conditions, pantyhose could be uncomfortable.

I can’t picture exactly what it’s like to always be watching out for runs whilst itchiness from the hosiery I’m wearing.

They Actually Do look great in photographs though :