Sneaker Fetish

Have a Sneaker Fetish?

Sneaker fetish pictures for those with a shoe fetish for female sneaker fetish.

If you have a sneaker fetish you know it is nearly impossible to find these types of pictures on the internet. When you do finally find some pictures you may only find one or two pictures and then you have to go back on the hunt.

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Well, you won’t have to wait much longer to have all the sneaker fetish pictures you could want all in one place. All the pictures of the women on our website will feature women wearing trainers and new and used sneaker.

They will be wearing different types from, converse, Adidas, dirty, messy and wet sneakers and just about any other kind of female shoes or trainers you can think about when you think about this fetish, it makes you hot and you want to just jack off hard to it, so why is that?

Is it related to foot fetish perhaps? You just can’t help but look at peoples feet to see what they are wearing no matter if it is a female or a male the thought of someone in some sexy shoes like that really turns you on and makes you weak.

The shoes become an object of desire to drool over and fantasize about. Some people enjoy destroying the shoe/ air bubbles and filming themselves doing so. Take a trip down Instagram or Twitter or even Tumblr and see all the pictures of many gay men doing just that.

sneaker fetishes

All of the women that will be featured on our website are amateur women that really do have a fetish for wearing a pair of sneaker. They may have a shoe fetish for other types of shoes too but their main fetish is for wearing sneakers. Most of the fetish women are especially interested in wearing dirty, used stained and wet ones.

10 Reasons Sneaker Fetishes are so popular and turns people on

1. They smell good and taste good especially when they have been on a sweaty girls feet

2. You can wear them out in public innocently and still have sexy fun with them on without anyone realizing.

3. Sometimes it can be how they feel, the material, the laces the sole inside, with a sexy girl standing in front of you naked or in lingerie wearing just sneakers can be a huge turn-on for some people.

4. Foot fetish and shoe fetishes go hand in hand so for people who have a foot fetish they also like to look at pretty girls feet in shoes.

5. Sneaker worship – Is kinky and a lot of submissives enjoy licking and kissing as well as cleaning the Dominants sneakers.

6. Being trampled on by a pretty female in converse sneakers is very erotic for some people. The sight of not only the pretty girl but the shoe touching their body.

7. Some men like to have sex with a trainer, sliding their cock in and out of it and even cumming on it. Also known as shoe sex or sneaker sex.

8. They are good for ballbusting scenario

9. Stomping, trampling and eating out of sneakers


This was an Email sent to the site from  fetishist

I’m a 27-year old that has a sneaker fetish. It started around the ages 11 or 12 I would say. At the moment I really enjoy guys sneakers of different types and it is getting out of hand. I’m completely enveloped by this sexual urge constantly multiple times a day.

I originally questioned if I was gay or bisexual. If I am aroused I can not get on porn unless it involves sneakers. I also have a sneaker collection that I do “things with it’s such a turn on. But once this is over I could not care less about having sex with a male.

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I don’t even want to have an intimate relationship with one. I’m very confused on the issue. What are some suggestions for dealing with this fetish?

My fetish is more centred around the idea of me wearing their shoes or them posting mind and sniffing, having sex, stomping, trampling, eating out of sneakers, licking, biting, pissing and cumming!

Grrr or other actions with the shoe. Never really locked down the actual meaning of it. So the sneakers are what really triggers the sexual desire towards any males, what happens if the same male is not wearing a sneaker. what do I do, I want a relationship are people capable of understanding this, it feels like a Taboo. where do I meet people like me and what can I do about this fetish.